Happy 50th Merdeka

30 08 2007

I am Chinese…


Dim sum

but I am Malaysian…

I love…

Roti canai
Mamak roti canai

Indian tandoori

Indian-Muslim murtabak

Banana leaf rice
Indian banana leaf rice

Ayam percik
Malay ayam percik

Nasi lemak
Malaysian nasi lemak

This is me…

Like a plate of pasembor…

Or a bowl of ice kacang…
Ais kacang

I’m rojak and proud of it :)

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!




15 responses

30 08 2007
New Kid On The Blog

hey hey… may i know where is the popiah stall or not ah???

31 08 2007

New Kid On The Blog – It’s in Ipoh, at a coffeeshop near Padang Ipoh if I’m not mistaken

31 08 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Hey, is it Kong Heng @ Ipoh old town???? If yes, then, that’s the famous popiah la!!! Their popiah really nice!!!

1 09 2007

Ah. Malaysian food :P Reminiscing what Malaysia offer us right now! Can see it all in ur post! I love them all! :) I’s great to share a post on Malaysian specialties on the Independence day….

2 09 2007

all are my favourites ! they look so good, esp the nasi lemak n ice kacang! the cendols and the red beans, cant resist them =D

3 09 2007

Very nicely written! :-) Malaysia buuuuleeeh (makan manyak manyak)! Kekeke…

3 09 2007

oooO! all these yummilicious malaysian food are my favourite! the cendol n red beans are so lovely!!! *saliva dripping*

4 09 2007

I still remembers the aunty invite you to take pictures!

4 09 2007

Proud to be Malaysian too…:D

4 09 2007
Big Boys Oven

Ohhhh those lovely food……truely malaysian

5 09 2007

New Kid On The Blog – I’m not sure of the name of the coffeeshop… Jason brought us there! And I’m so glad as we had a very unforgettable and tasty popiah :)

Christine – There are so many varieties of Malaysian food I can never finish taking pictures of them! And I’m still discovering new ones ^_^

IronEaters – Cendol and red beans seem to be a match made in heaven. Love them too!

tankiasu – We have big makan spirit don’t we? Hehe

aiwei – I drool at any food that’s made in Malaysia ^_^

Jason – Yeah the 2 aunties are so friendly. I’m so lagging, still haven’t post up the trip :P Also, I can’t be more grateful to you for bringing us to this delicious popiah

Christy – Yup, that’s the spirit! ^_^

Big Boys Oven – Truly Malaysian, even though they are a wonderful mix of various races :)

5 09 2007

we only need 10 % of them to think a little like you then semuanya ok !

6 09 2007

You’re most welcome. I might need to rely on you girls back if I stepped into Penang one day ;)

10 09 2007

wow… Malaysia is really a real heaven!! u remind me of the Malay Ayam Percik… and buka puasa is coming soon… im gonna eat that

13 09 2007
Honey Star

Hey love your entry! :) Great pics!!

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