Satay Celup Melaka

5 09 2007

This is the continuation of the holiday with my parents 3 weeks ago. We arrived in Melaka at around 3pm. After some rest in the hotel, we headed for satay celup before 6pm to avoid crowds :) Round here, round there… we found Ban Lee Siang before Capitol. So we decided to just drop in.

Ban Lee Siang #1

Ban Lee Siang #2

A vast selection of food items skewered with bamboo sticks to choose from the fridge. Each stick costs only 50¢ so be careful of getting carried away :P

Satay celup skewers

We had oyster mushroom, okra, assorted fishballs, meatballs, squid balls, crab paste, tofu, etc.

Satay celup bread cubes

Additionally, we ordered bread cubes to soak up the spicy sauce and coat with chunks of peanut *slurp*! 50¢ a plate also.

Satay celup

Dump in everything and watch the skewers dance in the bubbling pot of peanut sauce. Once a while, the shop owner’s maid cum servant will interrupt and stirs the pot to prevent peanut chunks from burning at the bottom of it. Occasionally, she’ll pick up lose pieces from the skewers and put on your plate. Hehe

Lorong seafood #1

Lorong seafood #2

After meal, we walked around the area in Jalan Bunga Raya. We came to this dainty lorong that serves up fantastic seafood as blogged by wmw and has been visited by HoChiak! and Taste with Jason programme hosts.

Fish paste noodle

Off Jalan Bunga Raya, a few blocks down after Madam King department store is a road that’s closed at night for a few fruit and food stalls to operate. We had yu kau meen (fish paste noodle?) at a stall in front of Nam Seng coffeeshop. Assorted fish balls and fish paste topped with crispy fried beancurd skin in a bowl of yellow noodle and bee hoon. YuM! RM2.50 a serving.


A bottle of chili sauce to add to the noodle… up to your liking or tolerance :)




14 responses

5 09 2007

I was in Melaka for a year too; my foundation year in uni and this Satay Celup was the trademark of Melaka!! Haha…..basically it’s just Lok Lok…but your pics are really nice!!
Did you go to Jonkers?

5 09 2007

Christy – I went to Jonker’s Walk on both nights we stayed there! :D Will post that up soon. Yup, but it’s nice to watch bubbling red broth which brings a different experience for me. Hehe

5 09 2007
New Kid On The Blog

I hv never been to Malacca… can anyone tell me what’s good down there and what to look for?

6 09 2007

Hmmm..New Kid, if you’re in Melaka, there’s a couple of famous food like Chicken Rice Ball, Satay Celup as featured here :)
Do take a walk down Jonkers’ Street…famous pasar malam street…
Ooo…and also try out their Baba Nyonya food..
I am no expert and I don’t really eat all those but I do know a few famous places…
Another one would be Portuguese food…try their Devil Curry;)

6 09 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Thks Christy!!! That’s good enough!!

6 09 2007

You did pay the uncle a visit! Ah, so jeles la. My friend kept asking me go over for holiday but he’s only free to entertain me on weekdays :(

6 09 2007

New Kid On The Blog – Just as Christy said, must tries are Melaka chicken rice ball. Go to Hoe Kee’s in Jalan Hang Jebat. They also have nyonya assam fish. Cendol mustn’t be left out! The one along Jonker St at Jonker88 cafe. Yum! Nyonya dumplings, nyonya pineapple tarts are sold at Jonker Walk pasar malam. My mom mentioned Tai Bak, a type of nyonya dessert which is hard to come by nowadays. If you can find it in Melaka, try it :)

Jason – When I saw the yellow lit lorong, my heart tells me to take a look and it really is the uncle! The sitting area is simply intriguing… low table and stools but the patrons don’t really care, as long as he serves great seafood with amazing sauces ;) I missed out the chance to try as my parents are not comfortable with the settings. And you got friend ajak… quickly take a day off and food crawl in Melaka :P

10 09 2007

aisey… i just heard of this satay celup place last week from a bloggers n now u review about it… any direction map ?

18 01 2008
Malacca Trip - Part III | Food Cookies

[…] The Gastronomic Diary […]

22 07 2008

Looks great, Satay Celup. I love it too.

10 11 2008
Roger Loh

I love the food in Melaka… especially the chendol and the celup :-)

My mouth is already watering as I write this – click here for more info…

20 04 2010

Has anyone visited the Satay Celup Nyonya along Taman Melaka Raya, along Dataran Pahlawan towards (before/near) Plaza Melaka Raya. It’s “SUPERLICIOUS” with its unique Nyonya-style mouth-watering satay sauce with over 80 fresh ingredients for you to wet your appettite. Their tagline speaks for itself, “Good Feelings, Great Taste, Best Value”. Cheers

21 04 2010

I love satay celup and I have my fix at least once a week … I have tried all the shops, Capitol, McQuek and Ban Lee Siang and I used to think Capitol was great until I chanced upon a new shop called Satay Celup Nyonya at Taman Melaka Raya, towards Dataran Pahlawan. Their sauce is a little tangy and sweet and it taste just great. Looking back, I think all the other shops’ sauce taste bland in comparison to this nyonya style. Go try and judge it for yourself … and check out their website (I had a hard time to suss their website out)

19 07 2010

Satay Celup, i like very much! too bad never got chance to eat at Capitol. Always so long queue. Went Ban Lee Siang instead but noticed they kept the same pot of sauce on the table after customer left for the next customers. Eww!
Last weekend found one new satay celup shop somewhere near Melaka Raya shopping complex. Nyonya style. Sauce is slightly different from Ban Lee Siang and McQuek but quite nice.
New shop, very clean and only cost RM0.50 per stick :o) compared to Capitol RM0.80.
Next try … besides the Famous chicken rice ball shop, can anyone recommend other nice chicken rice ball shop pls?

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