Mid-Autumn Festival Green Tea Obsession

6 09 2007

With this 1 week holiday, I will not let it pass quickly by revising for test 2… um, I mean lazying around at home. I am experimenting with recipes I found in the internet. Yesterday, I made ping pei (snow skin) mooncake :D

snow skin mooncake

The steps are easy to follow but sometimes I doubt the outcome because I’ve never seen the process. I made a number of mistakes but thankfully they can be overcome. I don’t have mooncake mould so I used muffin tins :P

snow skin mooncake cut

Strictly for own consumption because they don’t look nice, has uneven thickness and quality is debatable. Hehe *paiseh* The skin is green tea flavoured, inside is red bean paste. The green tea powder I bought at a bakery store has an intense flavour. Thus, the result of the snow skin tastes like real green tea, nice :)

Flawed snow skin mooncake

Broken money bag filled with ground peanuts, and a bruised mooncake. Keke

HYT mooncakes

Last Sunday, we also bought “rea”‘ mooncakes from Hei Yue Thong. Jusco card holders receive 10% discount and on that day, they have additional 5% discount for a few selected mooncakes.

HYT green tea with milk mooncake

We chose non-traditional flavours though, like this Japanese Green Tea with Milk mooncake. Very very yummy! ^.^ Also bought Chocolate Cream Cheese, Tiramisu, Pu Er Tea and Pandan Lotus flavour. Everything cost approximately RM39 only, and they give really nice boxes.




13 responses

7 09 2007

ahhh! moon cake moon cakesss! i like that brand’s mooncake, escpecially the one with lots of nutsss ^^

7 09 2007
New Kid On The Blog

salute your creativity!! no moon cake mould, but you use this cup cake tin… hehehe.. :)

10 09 2007

Creativity! :)
At least your first experiment produced something which shapes and even looks like a mooncake…it’s really a good start:)

10 09 2007

oohh…the moon cakes skin was so so so thin!!! Im drooling over it now

10 09 2007
Big Boys Oven

Great to try…success will always be at the round corner… well done….

10 09 2007

Recipe please..am tempted to try.. can i buy ready made lotus paste or red bean paste?

10 09 2007

making ur own mooncakes? *thumbs up* for u… can I try?
hehe.. Don’t only keep it to yourself ler.. Hehe..

10 09 2007

Yay, mooncakes!

13 09 2007

nice..home make mooncakes..!

15 09 2007

haha i cant finish the mooncake ler…more green tea flav! lolz…hm…very long din make mooncake ady…green tea skin with red bean paste…only japs can come up with this combo…why din u try with banana flav skin with choc paste? Wahahahaha…or the other way round? hwehe

18 09 2007

aiwei – This is my first time buying that brand and I find they are inexpensive and pretty good :)

New Kid On The Blog – Hehe, it’s the only decent sized mould I have at home.

Christy – It looks like a mini couch pillow :P

Jackson – I purposely made it thin but when I fold over, the bottom became too thick. Still lacking skills ;)

Big Boys Oven – Thanks! Hopefully have a chance to try baked mooncake

citygal – I got the recipe from http://wlteef.blogspot.com/. Yup I believe ready made paste is available at bakery stores, especially when the mooncake festival is around the corner :)

Christine – Still at experimental stage, need to improve on the taste and texture. Very paiseh to give people (though I gave to Jian) :P

Jason – I love mooncakes! I didn’t get to eat much last year while spending my first year in uni

lotsofcravings – Tq, they are my experimental mooncakes :)

Jian – Hayoyo banana and chocolate? Haha. Maybe banana and coffee? Coffee and milk? Satay and peanut? Heehee.. maybe can try next time.

19 09 2007

ok the recipe is diff from dad’s : P
i cant remember wat flour I use but its for ping pei (maybe koh fun, dunno)…then the ungluten wheat starch i forgot must put anot but kenot put too much or else u end up with rock hard dough XD…i use icing sugar instead…some vegetable shortening was used. No oil, no milk, no coconut milk. No need boiling water …i used hot water oni. oh yeah…remember to add in flavouring essence before u knead the mixture into dough.

PS: hope u dun marah…ur mooncake turn into batu the next day XP

15 12 2008
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