Melaka Fresh Spring Rolls

18 09 2007

A mobile stall by the roadside and a long queue of people. Hmm.. good food not to missed out XD Hehehe..

Popiah stall #1

Stepping closer, I was hit by a strong yet pleasant aroma. It’s a popiah stall which smells so different from Penang popiah stall! With HoChiak!’s stamp of approval too…

Popiah stall #2

Wah, look at the ingredients *drools* Must buy the big big one!

Popiah stall #3

Efficiently, the man stirs a mountain of yam bean that is slowly being cooked in some dark sauce to coat and heat them evenly. Instead of the clear and almost translucent julienned yam bean, here you get dark ones but full of bursting flavour. After some research over the internet, I found that this stall is a popular popiah stall in Melaka. His father started the business but he has since taken over.

Popiah #1

A fat roll of popiah with sweet yam bean, beansprouts, tofu, egg and the secret ingredient – generous amount of crispy deep-fried pork lard :o The filling is slightly different from the usual popiah (no lettuce wan…).

Popiah #2

One bite and it was heaven! ^_^ I actually ate it the next day for breakfast and it was still good and orgasmically delicious.

Popiah mobile stall in front of Madam King’s Department Stall
Jalan Bunga Raya
, 75200 Melaka

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Aunty popiah stall

The next day, we went looking for it again but he sold out earlier due to it was Saturday. So we returned to the street where we had yu kau meen for this aunty’s popiah.

Aunty popiah

Compared to the former, aunty’s popiah is less flavourful but not bad too. Again, there is some deep-fried pork lard and a dark sauce is used to cook the yam bean.

Another must have in Melaka is definitely their version of popiah. *double thumbs up* :)




6 responses

19 09 2007

Wahhhhh!!! Thats the stall lar!!!! I saw in ho chiak but i tot its in KL!!! Wah lao…crap ass program lar Ho Jiak…always show the add so fast.

The popiah is 3 times the size of our penang popiah…wei when we go melaka makan makan?

19 09 2007

I love popia and that famous stall is my all-time fave! Too bad it’s in melaka and not KL.

19 09 2007

Yorr… I want! Ever since saw it at WMW’s blog, I’m drooling over it!

21 09 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Wah!! My favourite popiah!!!!!!

21 09 2007

nice post! i always love popiahhh… seems delicious

24 01 2009

tat aunty 1 not bad leh~very nice~at jalan Kee Ann ~it pork lard very very crispy de…just RM1.80~very cheap 1…

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