Jonker Walk

21 09 2007

*paiseh* n.n I have no time to write an entry. So, I’ll just post some pictures of my favourite night market by far, Jonker Walk in Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka. Enjoy!

Dim sum #1

Dim sum #2

Take & go dim sum

Jonker Walk night market


Tokinado, with fillings (kaya, red bean, peanut butter or chocolate) sandwiched between what looks like two pancake cakes :P


Assorted seaweeds

Candied fruits

Candied fruits

Put chai ko

Woo.. Jian.. put chai ko Hongkee style wan :D

Tok tok #1

Tok-tok tong. The “ting ting tok tok” sound drew a lot of curious passer-by’s as it can be heard from far away. He sells this hard peanut candy for RM2 per small packet. It is not very sweet, with minty-flavour and extremely hard to bite ;)

Tok tok #2

The vendor is helped by his wife and his cute daughter.

Wooden clogs

Melaka’s signature wooden clogs


Lots of trendy bars housed in pre-war buildings in these area




12 responses

21 09 2007

oh myyy~ there are so many local delicacies on this street. hope to fly over there! i have nv been there before! aw~

21 09 2007
New Kid On The Blog

eh, they have ‘tok tok tong’… wow, that’s my era la!! :)

22 09 2007

I used to buy gula ketuk when I visited my uncle in Port Klang. The gula ketuk man used to cycle around and do his tok tok tong. But that was many many and many years ago. :(

24 09 2007

aiwei – Yeah, lots of delicious goodies to try. And food aside, there are plenty of stalls selling cute and unique knick knacks for souvenirs. Should make a trip there soon! Only about 2 hours drive from KL mar :P

New Kid On The Blog – Lol! But I think they are different from the traditional ones already…

flower – Hi flower, nice to have your comment ^.^ Wished I could capture the really traditional one like you said, cycling around and ‘tok tok tok’

24 09 2007

while u were busy taking the pixs , did you feel like 500 years ago my dear ?

25 09 2007

Missed this place! must visit again before year end :)
Lotsa nice food!

25 09 2007

Tokinado? I want with peanut butter :)

1 10 2007

toxine – Lol. I do actually, in the day time. Night time is hip and happening with all the bars operating.

Christine – Yeah I wish I could go there weekly just for their cendol :P

jason – Haha.. I didn’t try it, so I can’t tell you how it tastes like. But it looks fluffy and nice.

10 10 2007

NICE pics!!!
Oooo…I went to Jonker Walk with my uni friends (gathering) when we went back to Melaka for our convo…haha…really lots of stuffs to see…
Too bad I didn’t have my camera at that time!

25 11 2007
Rasa Malaysia

Haven’t been to Melaka for a long time, this pasar malam seems to have lots of characteristics and good food…love the various pao varieties. :)

14 08 2009

I plan to travel to Melaka on Sun. Is Jonker’s Walk night market open on Sunday night?

15 03 2010
your beauty sleep @

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