Ramadan Bazaar Taman Sri Serdang

4 10 2007

10 minutes walk from my student’s residential, Taman Sri Serdang’s ramadan bazaar boasts a great number of about 200 stalls (according to the list published by The Star). There are 2 lanes with stalls on each side, so in total, 4 rows to browse for your favourite food :>

Kuih #1

Walking in from Boo Long coffeeshop’s side, this stall caught my eye. The common kuih like onde-onde, pillow-shaped karipap and kuih ketayap are sold along side the less common one, like the red and cyan coloured lap chup as well as watermelon shaped agar-agar. Similarly, boolicious saw nicer ones at ramadan bazaar Taman Melawati.

Skewered chicken

This stall sells ayam percik of various parts which you can choose. There are drumsticks, wings, breast and liver. Then they take your picks and smother them with spicy chili sauce.

Beef parts

Sup tulang lembu, very flavourful. I’m not sure how you eat it, probably with just a squeze of calamansi juice, some fresh beansprout and a few dash of cili padi and shallots, as seen on her stall.

Briyani stall

I bought from this nasi briyani/tomato stall once. For RM3, it comes with a big piece of grilled chicken in sweet chilli sauce with peanut fragrance, a packet of acar and a packet of dhal curry. Acar which is a salad of cucumber, pineapple slices and julienned carrot is good; sweet and sour making the meal very appetising. The potato and french beans in dhal curry is very tasty with nasi briyani too. However the chicken is quite hard while the briyani rice is not very fragrant.


Spoil yourself silly with the choices of drinks ;D Yam, honeydew, mata kucing, coconut water, cendol, bandung cincau, lychee, watermelon, soy bean, soy bean cincau… They sell a huge packet fit for 3 to drink for RM2. Some drink stalls also sell tau fu fah (soy bean curd).


This is the kebab stall I like. The slab of chicken meat on this metal pole is slowly grilled until crisp. Then it is sliced and thrown on the flat plate grill and tossed with vege mixture of cabbage, lettuce, carrots, etc and a dash of pepper sauce. They are generously filled into either pita pockets or normal hotdog buns before adding a squirt of mayonnaise and ketchup. Delicious! Besides chicken, there is beef but it’s processed minced beef which tasted artificial.

Chicken wings

Barbecued chicken wings with honey.

Roti John

Roti John.. the cheaper version of foot-long subs ;D Brushed with egg and meat mixture before being grilled face down. Some stalls are selling Roti John berempah, adding some spices into the mixture for a change.

Kuih cara berlauk

Kuih cara

Kuih cara berlauk and kuih cara manis. Very nice and slightly creamy inside. Jian, you still keep the kuih cara recipe we had to prepare in Form 2 KH? Can sell RM1 for 3.. untung manyak oh~

Chicken rice

Chicken rice ala Malay style. The chicken is marinated with spices and deep-fried. This stall and another one opposite the lap chup stall fries them at the spot, ensuring fresh and sizzling hot chicken.


The only lemang stall here and he sells beef rendang that goes along sumptiously. The lemang he brings is still intact in the bamboo tube. Upon order, he splits open the bamboo to reveal a cylindrical leaf wrapped glutinous rice and cuts it into smaller portions. Each portion is sold for RM2.

Roti jala #1

Roti jala #2

Roti jala #3

Roti jala. I love it! It goes so uber-deliciously good with the tangy curry. The curry has bits of candied nutmeg in it.

Ikan bakar

Ikan bakar. Banana leaf is used as the base to prevent burning the flesh of seafood while giving a nice aroma and flavour to it.

Kuih #2

Assorted kuih which I never fail to buy :3 Sedap, sedap! I always end up choosing onde-onde and kuih ketayap.

Nasi kerabu stall

This is my ultimate favourite, nasi kerabu Cikgu Zanie! They have two stalls, one on each lane. A pack of blue tinged nasi kerabu with all the fresh greens and some crispy keropok ikan cost RM2. Once I added beef slices (+RM1) which is very hard to bite. They’re marinated in satay marinate and grilled, so tastewise kinda like satay.

Nasi kerabu #1

Solok (grated coconut and fish paste stuffed in green chili +50¢) is a must for this dish. There is also a whitish chicken cooked in coconut milk. If you add that, they drizzle a spoonful of coconut cream into your rice. Nice :)

Nasi kerabu #2

There are two sauces, one is this thick peanuty sauce that I can’t get enough of. But the true sauce which gives that kick is the sweet cili padi infused sauce with bunga kantan. Your mouth is a wonderful explosion of flavours from the beansprouts, corriander, long beans, kerisik and the sweet sauce. If you are to ta pau for later, ask to separate the keropok ikan else it turns soggy.

Ayam percik

Ah, another glistening ayam percik.

Ayam golek

Ayam golek. There is one stall at the far end, opposite the lemang stall, is doing very brisk business. My friend recommended that their sauce is very good.

Kuih akok #1

Kuih akok #2

Kuih akok, a custardy kuih that’s very delicious! Outside it’s baked but inside is oozing with eggy custard. This stall wasn’t open that day, so I took the photo from last year.

Tonight I’ll be heading back to Penang for my raya break! *happy happy 123* Dunno why this University Penuh Muslihat decide that the holiday falls one week earlier. Probably to ease balik kampung traffic congestion which may be caused by Universiti Penuh Manusia. Anyway also, it’s a win-win situation for me :] This means I’m in time to visit Penang’s ramadan bazaar! Posts will continue from home sweet home.




10 responses

4 10 2007

Wow, looks like a great Bazaar. I was contemplating going here since I saw the 200 stalls number in the papers too. Thxs for the pixs! Have a good holiday back home.

4 10 2007

Hahaha great makan-makan ! enjoy ! so so so much food wow !
sure cannot starve one during fasting month … burb burb blurp !
( dun show our feasting comments to people ah ! make sure u know )
see you halfway to Pg ok !

4 10 2007
New Kid On The Blog

now I see chicken, it makes me think of Jackson’s lover!!!
see how they grill Jackson’s lover… omg!!!

8 10 2007

I’m so near.. yet I’ve never been to this bazaar! *oops*

8 10 2007

Arrgghhh…I still yet to go to any ramadhan bazaar!!! :O

10 10 2007

i love my nasi kerabu with salted egg yolk, feel so healthy after eating this non oily rice with lots of raw greens

10 10 2007

Aiyah, puasa month is ending but I still yet to go to any bazaar!

10 10 2007

Same as jason..I have not gone to any Ramadan bazaar yet and I am planning to soon…to take pics!! Haha..not to eat…
Btw, these pics look really GREAT!!

11 10 2007
ai wei

har~ all yummilicious local delicacies. have nv been to any bazaar before


15 10 2007

T.T the only bazaar i’d been to is the one opp my uni…aih…wei din ajak ppl go bazaar pun…raya pun dah nak over…

the putu no good? I discovered another 2 stalls selling putu…still i takda chance to try it. I really want to try the putu sold by the old indian uncle at jelutong. Near maybank. lolz…no matter how good also wont be as good as the one we tried last year.

Tomorrow me going to eat Crab moi….whoohoo…

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