27 10 2007

Apology for the lack of update. I didn’t visit any ramadan bazaar back in Penang as daily routine is sleeping late into evening. Much time was spent watching AFC and Travels & Living (both are rocking channels!) as well as baking at night ;)

One of my baking experiment is tiramisu. Inspired by Bigboysoven, of course. Thank you for the detailed steps but I didn’t follow them thoroughly :P I skipped the sabayon step, something which I can’t even pronounce n.n;; For the first time I actually notice mascarpone cheese are easily available on supermarket shelves. But I substituted with cream cheese because it’s quite expensive. RM18/250g wor…

Tiramisu #1

I went to a baking supply store in Jelutong and guess what?! I found savoiardi sponge finger! n.n (Another term I can’t pronounce). The thought of being able to use the original classic ingredient makes me feel extremely happy~ Moreover I’ve never tried tiramisu that uses this Italian biscuit other than chocolate cake. Costs RM2/packet.

Tiramisu #2

Secondly, the liquid ingredient…

My short-cut version of tiramisu is simply:
1) Dip sponge fingers into coffee liquor & coffee mixture
2) Layer them on loaf tray

Tiramisu #3

3) Cover with a layer cream cheese & whipped cream mixture

Tiramisu #4

4) Sprinkle with chocolate shavings
5) Repeat for another layer

Tiramisu #5

5) Sprinkle with cocoa powder to finish off the top!

Instant yumminess in 20 minutes. How convenient! n.n Chill in the fridge overnight if you can keep your/family members’ hands away (didn’t work in my case).

Tiramisu #6

Hehe. Quite messy as you can see but it tastes soooo good when the alcohol hits in each bite. And the leftover coffee booze makes a delicious ice shake ^.^

Sorry, I don’t have time to look through all my beloved food blogs and leave a comment. During my break I had to do assignments. Final exam is next Thursday and panic mode has set in. 6 subjects yet so little progress in my revision :o Eeek~!!




11 responses

29 10 2007

Omg.. sounds easy! Your cake looks nice ;P
I think I can manage this as well…
Well.. maybe!

29 10 2007

hahaha! yeah quite easy. I also got a 20 minute Tiramisu recipe, they use sponge cake and finger biscuit : ) i no kah lua la at home. Mascarpone and cream cheese is differrent. If u use cream cheese the flavour wont be as light as mascarpone. Tot got prepacked ones?

Another batch of great tasting dessert and lovely pics! Salute!

30 10 2007

Messy or not, it is the effort that counts!:D
And I am truly amazed at the time and effort you put it! ;)

30 10 2007
Big Boys Oven

This is really cool……! We are speechless. We are overwhelming! You make us so proud of you…… great work! Isn’t it easy! :)

30 10 2007

Wah… *clap clap clap*
Sounds so easy leh. Anyway, all the best in the exam ya!

3 11 2007

bake more sure pass exam finals with fragrant bakery colors !

6 11 2007
Ai Wei

wonderful!!! this is much easier~
i will try on this ^.^

9 11 2007

wow this looks really good and sounds really easy…what’s the name of the shop in jelutong where you bought the sponge fingers? i only know sim company in town.

14 11 2007

Christine – Go girl! I’m sure you can manage it and better than mine n_n

Jian – The classic recipe uses Marsala liquor or something like that. I use Kahlua since it’s the only alcohol beverage at home ;) You also can make ar… try with Guiness stout. Haha :P

Christy – Thx! The effort was born from the crave to eat tiramisu ;D

Big Boys Oven – Thx! Your recipe is the root and inspiration of this yummy dessert!

Jason – Yep, very simple. “Now everyone can make tiramisu” :P

toxine – Lol… thx for your hilarious comment!

Ai Wei – Yep! Try it and make a huge batch to share! ^_^

Lingzie – Yep, it’s the simplified version but good enough! :) Sorry, I forgot the name of the shop. It’s on the same row as the Pos office in Jelutong, slightly before the morning market.

16 06 2008

i’m wondering where did you buy the Kahlua liqueur in Penang??

23 06 2008

Bought in Langkawi. Duty free cheaper ;)

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