Food Loft, Gurney Plaza

5 11 2007

This should have been up a few weeks ago ^_^
Me and my sis were gapping at the extensive list of cuisines in front of Food Loft and then, *tada!* a good samaritan handed me RM10 vouchers to dine there ;D We are very grateful to this couple who are not local, hence they found us to dispose um .. give the vouchers to. Tq tq~

Food Loft #1

We return to Gurney Plaza on another day to eat here, since we already had lunch. For every RM10 spent, a voucher worth RM1 is given to you which you can redeem at the next dine-in. I think most would already know the dining concept at Food Loft as it has been featured in a few blogs. There are Cantonese, Japanese, Western, etc stations where you can order your food and it will be recorded in a card. Then you pay them on your exit.

Food Loft #2

The Italian/Western food station.

Food Loft #3

The posh seats. So nice to sit…

Food Loft #4

Which is why I brought laptop along, so we can spend long hours on the plush cushion. Keke. They provide excellent wi-fi service, and we managed to watch Hell’s Kitchen and X-Family alternately, 4 episodes total!

American Roast

Moving on to food now, we had the American roast chicken with bland boiled vege and yucky rice but delicious chips. The chicken was okay, very typical RM8.90/bird sold at hypermarket that kind of taste. It’s a big plate though.

Spaghetti vongole #1

Then we had the spaghetti vongole. It tastes very chinese? Like soy sauce, oyster sauce, dried local chili flakes that sort of combo.. then they throw in olives and olive oil. The dish is quite nice, but it’s not fusion, it’s confusion.

Spaghetti vongole #2

Two pieces of mussel, but tiny tiny compared to Italiannies! :P


After contemplating for sometime, we decided to have cendol as well. And OMG! What a mistake.. it’s huuugggeee! It’s one complete meal bowl ya know. The size they use for ramen? Makan until scared. Not enough gula melaka, while coconut milk is too overpowering.

The total came to about RM40 but fortunately got voucher :P All in all, the price we paid is more for ambiance than food.




8 responses

6 11 2007

You should try their Ice Kacang…that was also HUGE!! With endless scoops of red beans, grass jelly, cendol, sweet corn and attap chees!!:D

6 11 2007

So wanna try that Vongole! *slurp* Anyone wanna hand me some vouchers? ;)

6 11 2007
Ai Wei

the cendol is attractive! i wan a bowl pls!~

6 11 2007

Wah… super size cendol??

7 11 2007

the place do look posh , too bad that the food is not nice

7 11 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Hmm, this reminds me I hv one outstanding post on Food Loft.

8 11 2007

it has been ages I didn’t visit Gurney Plaza, seems some changes already ya.

8 11 2007

haha had their bento once…ekks dont like…and its expensive >< wow u brought laptop everywhere?…patutla…One of my friend assignment punya pattern is something like ur desktop’s…yer rupanya copy er modified….

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