Beef patties

14 11 2007

Beef patties in the making

This afternoon I was experimenting with making my own beef patties ;D

I didn’t have any recipe in hand, so I simply threw in whatever I can find in mom’s kitchen. I had 200g of beef bought the day before, half an onion, some corriander and about half a cup of breadcrumbs. I added Heinz bbq sauce to bind all the ingredients and a dash of salt and pepper.

After shaping them, the patties are grilled on each side until browned and thoroughly cooked. When the patties are almost done, I slice a burger bun into half and lightly toast it on the grill. When both are done, lunch is served!

Burger with beef patties

The patty is less compact, crunchier and you can flavour it with other herbs and spices as you like. You can make them in advance and store in freezer, pretty much like store-bought. On the health side, you know what goes into the patties and less calories laden :3 There aren’t much preparation involved. Took me less than half an hour ^_^ (after deducting the time for photography).




3 responses

15 11 2007
New Kid On The Blog

ai ya…. can i replace with pork meat or chicken meat?? i dont take beef….

16 11 2007

Yes you can. Probably need to adjust on the seasoning to suit the flavour of other type of meats :)

19 11 2007

:) you can add in spring onion heads (the white part) and some LP sauce also…haha add la apa yang lu suka…

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