Cecil Street Market Fried Sago

16 11 2007

Dessert stall

Cecil Street Market or to the local, is better known as chhit-tiau-lơ pasar (7th Street Market). It’s a late afternoon market selling dry goods, fresh vegetables, seafood, chicken and pork, roasted meats, clothes and household items. Where there are fresh ingredients, there are great hawker fares within the market. Good food to be found there are pasembor, duck meat koay teow, char mee suah (fried rice vermicelle) and char koey teow.

Not to be missed out is the dessert stall which sells excellent tong sui. It is located at the edge of the market, nearby the fruit stalls and open from 1pm onwards.

Dessert pots

Pots of labour work surround the two aunties’ tiny stall. They sell sweet dessert soups like bubur cha cha, red bean soup, bubur pulut hitam and bubur gandum. In addition, there are economy fried noodles and…

Fried sago

*cheng cheng cheng* fried sago! A plate of gooey sago fried with bean sprouts and dried shrimps, seasoned with perhaps the same seasoning as char koay teow as they taste almost similar. It’s different, unusual and good! Each bite is slightly chewy but not starchy. Everything sells for RM1 from this stall.




7 responses

17 11 2007
Rasa Malaysia

Hi there, another Penang blogger. I am from Penang and constantly miss Penang food, so am looking for Penang food blogs to “satiate” my Penang craving.

Anyway, just came back from Penang so check out my Penang posts there. :)

17 11 2007

fried sago ? dun remember if I have even seen it ! Got or not in KL ? then must try for RM1…RM1.99 also never mind hahaha

17 11 2007
big boys oven

That fried sago really look interesting and delicious!

18 11 2007

Rasa Malaysia – Thanks for commenting! I miss Pg food too everytime I go back to my uni in KL

toxine – I have not seen fried sago in KL. Perhaps your gastronomic adventure will bring you to discover the undiscovered fried sago in Selangor!

big boys oven – Yup I was intrigued by this dish too

19 11 2007

>< haha it taste like ckt…lolz…with dried shrimps…

20 11 2007

Ohhhhh…I know this place!! And I love the desserts from this stall; the sago and red bean dessert:D
I didn’t know they have Fried sago too…I must try it out next time…been some time since I went there!

21 11 2007
Ai Wei

fried sago?! heard of it for the first time… interesting. wanna try some but dun think can be found in KL wor!

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