Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant

18 11 2007

The name Kampar fish jelly for certain doesn’t ring a bell. But this restaurant actually specializes in yong tau foo. It could be due to the origin that it’s named differently.

Stall front

The place is very tidy and hygenic. Cooking and plating are done in front of the restaurant.


A variety of yong tau foo you can choose or just tell the taukeh how many pieces you want, they’ll pick for you.


They also have herbal chicken in aluminum foil.


Chicken feet and tau eu bak (pork meat in soy sauce).

Full house

It’s usually full house during lunch hour. People will also queue up for takeaway. So, come early or you might have to wait a little while.

Yong tau foo

Their yong tau foo has a cleaner taste and less oily. Their fish paste stuffed vegetables and fish balls are delicious and come in big portion. The vegetables are mostly green veg, I have not seen aubergine or red chili ;D


The fried stuff are not very oily so you won’t feel guilty after eating :) Chui-chui pok (deep fried beancurd sheets) is highly recommended! Crispy and the slightest tinge of saltiness to spur your appetite.

Lou shue fun

To accompany your yong tau foo, you can order noodles or rice. This is dry lou shue fun drenched in a sweet salty soy sauce with plenty of bean sprouts and minced meat for topping. They don’t skimp on ingredients!

Yam rice

Yam rice is also good according to my dad.

Hakka mee

The hakka mee is recommended. Handmade egg noodles topped with minced meat. It’s not drenched with soy sauce like the lou shue fun, I prefer this.

For 4 persons, it only cost about RM28 including drinks. Definitely BCG – big, cheap and good. Their yee mai (barley) is homebrewed and concentrated. Do order as most 90% of the patrons do ;)

I didn’t get their address but the restaurant is in Pantai Jerjak, Sungai Nibong. Just before the overhead bridge to Queensbay Mall.

Operating hours:
Tue to Sun
Morning: 10.30am-2.30pm
Evening: 6.30-9.30pm




8 responses

19 11 2007

aiks….pernah review…lolz…luv the yam rice…but i think the yam rice at Trenganu Road is nicer….the fu chuk yi mai is yum yum licious :3

19 11 2007
Kelly Mahoney

I’ve never had yam rice, sounds delicious.

20 11 2007

I didn’t know about this restaurant near Sg Nibong which had Yong Tau Foo!!:p
I have always liked yong tau foo which use fish paste instead of mixed with meat…

20 11 2007

BCG… lol!
Injection time!

21 11 2007
New Kid On The Blog

This is the place I mentioned about, not as good as the one in Bawasah Road.

23 11 2007

Wow, yet another must visit when I come to Penang next month! ;-)

25 11 2007
Rasa Malaysia

I loooooove YTF…and this place looks promising…yummy, next time when I go home to Penang, will have to try it out.

Thanks for this post.

10 04 2008

DBerry….Check this out, I think some of your photos and words were stolen and pasted on her blog.

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