Penang Famous Street Food Fest Photos

19 12 2007

I intend to post this on Monday but Streamyx was pretty nasty to me :/ Jian and I went to check out the Penang Famous Street Food Fest at PISA held in conjunction with The Star’s Starwalk. There were at least 30 stalls offering local hawker’s delight. Here are the pics :)

Satay grill

Satay stall


Thumbs up for the satay! Juicy and tasty, but the peanut sauce was a slight let down.

Apom manis

Yummy apom manis


The famous pasembor Edgecumbe


The crowd

Line dance

Line dance performance in between session


The nyonya kuih talam was exceptionally delicious.. just the right amount of “bounce” and almost melts in the mouth. They gave out free samples which enticed us to buy :P

Chinese pancake

Ban chiang kuih (Chinese peanut pancake)

Fruit rojak

The aunty performing her shrimp paste pulling technique at the fruit rojak station. Wah ^_^


Long queue at the famous Penang Road cendol stall


Overall, some vendors retain their quality while some are just not up to expectation. But it’s a great event for tourists who can sample everything unique to Penang at one hot spot.




7 responses

20 12 2007

wow… incredible experience!
a food fest! have always like hawker foods! :)

20 12 2007
Big Boys Oven

Fantastic and awesome…….so many food, a real true malaysian street food!

20 12 2007

hahaha terlupa about it…the best of penang under one roof : )

21 12 2007
Steven Goh

When the time I was there the longest queue is on the Sister’s Char Koay Teow

21 12 2007

Eh… not fair ler. Why Penang always have such event?? :(

21 12 2007
ai wei

wow!!! u went to the food fest! Cool. i wish there is a food fest in KL

27 12 2007
New Kid On The Blog

hahaha… you went… I didnt get to go due to the massive crowd

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