Taman Connaught pasar malam

6 01 2008

Last week my parents were in KL with me for a holiday. But it ended up to be more like a gastronomic holiday. I introduced them to foods they never tried in KL and made them reconsider their belief that KL does not have good food :D Before I started reading food blogs to make good makan place decisions, we would always patronize food courts in mall. Not that they are bad, but there are so much unusual and delicious foods to explore out at the streets.

On Wednesday, I knew we had to make it to the Taman Connaught pasar malam even the sky was showing signs of rain. With the help of Jason (I sms-ed him, but he called and explained the direction. Thank you so much!) we found the night market with ease. The sky has turned a deep grey when we got out of the car but we persisted.

First, 6 Tokyo pancakes for RM2 to start. This stall sells Bangkok biscuit as well, which is the crispy version with coconut, and Tokyo crepe with many flavours to choose.

Tokyo pancake #1

Tokyo pancake #2

We also pass by a stall promoting hairy crabs, which is left steaming in a bamboo basket set on top of a wok. Sadly nobody is buying from him.

Lok lok

I saw a couple of Fatman Steamboat vans. I think it’s a franchise business, because there is one behind Sg Wang and some other places.

Grilled cuttlefish

This man is preparing dried cuttlefish to be grilled. We bought grilled tofu from him which is really yummy.

Put chai ko

After walking for what I felt like a long time, the end was still not to be seen. I could have rounded any Penang pasar malam twice already. Then I saw rows of cute red bean put chai ko (I learned about this snack’s name from Jian ^_^) at this stall, hygenically wrapped in plastic. There are also pandan and corn flavours. We had red bean and pandan but I personally prefer red bean, it’s not too sweet and melts in the mouth. So nice!

Nyonya kuih

I was attracted to the colourful nyonya kuih but decided to leave my stomach for something else. Looking back at the pic, I should have bought the kuih talam ;)

Taiwan pizza #1

Then I came to this pizza stall? It looked paper thin to me.

Taiwan pizza #2

Apparently it’s Taiwan pizza! My sis with the Taiwan fever had to buy it ;D It’s savoury, unbelievingly crunchy and I loved it to bits! Wished I can dial 7552525 to have them sent over any time n.n

Stinky tofu

Finally, the one and only chow tofu in KL. It stinks so bad, they proudly claim the title aroma across a thousand miles. Lol. It began to drizzle and we had to stand in line while waiting for the stall to start deep frying the fermented tofu. I cannot describe the smell, it is so not pleasant at all and I stood there inhaling it for 15 minutes @_@

Sorry I didn’t take picture of the tofu. Had to balance between pinching my nose and holding the camera :P It simply looks and tastes like deep fried tofu. IMHO, nothing special except its thousand miles smell. At least I can say I tried it.. hehe.




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6 01 2008

You have so fantastic street food where you are and the variety is astounding.

6 01 2008

yayyy!! You finnaly visit the Taman Connaught Pasar malam! The chow dau fu was visited by Ho Chiak before…haha indescribable stinking smell…Aiyer endless of food la…

I have to agree that KL has so much to offer and could be more than Penang. Aiyer I want that taiwan pizza!!!!!Give me!! give me!! *bergolek di atas lantai*

7 01 2008

everytime i went connaught psr mlm for sure i will eat chao tafo!! omg! delicious! yea is pretty bed smell but wif the spicy sour picklet that perfect! juicy smelly tafo! yammmmmmmmmmm~

7 01 2008

Taiwan pizza? Sounds unique; how does it taste like?
What are the ingredients?
I am sure you must have had a great time with your parents; it’s nice to have them visit:)

7 01 2008
New Kid On The Blog

hmmm… hv not been to pasar malam for awhile already….. the pics look good!!!

8 01 2008

You’re welcome, glad that you had some great food there as I remembered it started to rain around 6.30pm. ;)
But cannot lah, I myself haven’t been there before yet! >_<

ps: I think the hairy crabs are immitations.

8 01 2008
ai wei

nice post! u capture photos from stalls to stalls?! connaught pasar malam really have lot of snack. i fancy the ‘chow’ tofu but still find it not as good as those in china. hehehe.

12 01 2008

i miss hanging out at pasar malam!
and… i still can’t stand the ‘aroma’ of the smelly beancurd :P

13 01 2008
team bsg

pasar malam food rocks !
at last , cheap and damn good
can wear slippers also and sarong too

19 01 2008

Hurray! You made it! This is one of my fave pasar malam, though I don’t go there often. I posted lots of pics of the stalls here too in my blog. So many stalls around, it’s so fascinating.

30 01 2008

Heya just seeing yr photos give a good idea of the pasar malam. well taken :)

5 02 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

10 02 2008

Hey, there s’thing different in town.
U may wana check out this place called “sbread” at Midvalley Gardens (Lower Ground Floor, in between the Old and New wing). I’ve sorta tried it in Bangkok before. Really good old fashioned toast with a generous topping of Kaya (that’s really out of this world!!). The kaya has 3 flavours. My favourite is the Yam coz it has REAL yam chunks in it and it’s served hot on your toast. The other one is pandan and vanilla kaya. Apart from kaya, they also hv other interesting spreads like chilli paste with shredded chicken floss. Very unique.
Worth checking it out! I ordered one and one was definitely not enough!

11 02 2008

hey I did checked out sbread…

the breads & kayas are very very good & very different! not like the ones we get at all the kopitiams..

tried the “Charcoal bread” with Chilli & floss…. yummy!!!!
couldn’t resist the Milo+Condensed milk on toast too….

sampled the kayas… will go back for them next trip to Gardens.

20 02 2008

i did try the kaya there. its massive good.
i have to confess. the butter and sugar remind me of the old ways of eating bread. i did try the “black bread”. as i was so shock to find the color so kinda frightening at 1st. yes its black. and from the look of it. its horibble but the manager there seems so patiently tryin to convience me to try it out. kudos baldy. you done a good job introducing me to your charcoal and convince me to take 2 loaf home. (that guy is really good in conviencing people).. will come over again once i had to chance to dropping by to kl. worth it. well done. nothing can take me away from my charcoal and pandan kaya.

3 03 2008

WAH! DAmn good kaya. I stumbled upon it just recently while trying the famous curry puff just across from where SBRED is. Stuff the curry puff, eat the sambal chicken floss instead. It was SOOOOO good. They ran out of the YAM kaya which was a shame as it tasted really good on the sampler plate. I will have to make another trip to THE GARDENS again this week. I also enjoyed the pink barley water which was very refreshing. I tried this type of Kaya in Thailand last year. I am glad that they finally have it here in KL.

10 03 2008

wow SBread is getting such good review here. Lol. I have to try it out myself then

30 08 2014
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Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4!
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Carry on the fantastic work!

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