IKEA’s Swedish food product

1 03 2008

I am not to promote IKEA’s product, but simply to state how much I enjoyed these cookie thins! I bought two 150g boxes for RM8.50 at IKEA’s food section.

Cookie thins

Foreign words on a packaging threw my thrifty-spending-caution out the window! I still keep the empty box of one of them that I’ve finished ;D I bought the almond and cappuccino flavours.

Almond thins #1

Leaning cookie tower of Stockholm.. hehe

Almond thins #2

Despite how thin it looks, munching each cookie is like biting on solid concentrate. It’s packed full of taste! There are also ginger and orange flavours. If you can’t decide, just dip your hands in the individual cookie jar they place in the store and try ;D




9 responses

1 03 2008
ai wei

Yummy!!! i like this a lot too! and the other cookiessss from IKEA!

3 03 2008
Simon Seow

Didn’t buy any cookies. Not a cookies person I guess. But have yet to try their famous Swedish meatballs. Grr…

4 03 2008

OMG, yes, these Ginger Thins are my favourite too. I normally buy it every Xmas and it makes good snacks for guests.

5 03 2008
Jian aka Cokeworld Citizen

wah wah! ada tinggal 3 keping bagi gua?

6 03 2008

aiyah, I missed this on my last trip there…. too busy makan ice cream :(

6 03 2008

Ikea is a master in transforming something mundane into a work of art , even in food packaging ! Their food section in DP is usually filled with Malay crowds …

7 03 2008

I usually head for the hot dogs (especially the chilli hot dog, wonder if they still have them???) or curry puffs or both! Hehehe…

10 03 2008

Ikea, I love.

29 03 2008

IKEA food! funny but the main reason i love going to Ikea is the FOOD! fish and chips, meatballs, pastries, FREEFLOW coffee etc etc. The orange flavoured thins is very nice! as is the raspberry jam cookies. Hehe … and the deadly curry puffs! miss KL la… :(

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