Going Pakistani

10 03 2008


So, did everyone went out to vote last Saturday? I sure did, uh.. grab the opportunity of uncongested KL traffic and rode a bus to Merdeka Square. The cloudy sky and empty street made perfect condition to shoot some pics ^_^ Not that I’m evading responsibility, but it’s the fact of having to travel between PG and KL. RM54 for bus tickets can earn me 3 dozens J Co Donuts oledi. Jian also laksanakan kewajipan by rolling on the bed hugging her blankie. Akeke *high-5*!

When I came back and post-processed some hdr images, they all turned out looking grim and rather terrifying! Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad resembles a haunted mansion! Probably has to do with the day the coalition party marking their biggest downfall in history :P And right here 50 years ago, they officially became the ruling party for this country.

Sultan Abdul Samad building

My gift to BN – mourn…

What is going to happen next? Does this change bring uncertainties? How will this political move affect the equity, the share market and business? What happens to all the ongoing development projects? I don’t know, I never pay attention in Sejarah or Pengajian Am. But it should be interesting. Go blogger Jeff Ooi (future Jelutong MP)!

I was looking for more buildings to snap some photos when I inadvertently walked into Jln Masjid Jamek. What else to do now but look for food! Yes I remembered the Lahore post in EatingAsia. It is situated at the beginning (or the end, depending which side you are on) of a stretch of Malay food stalls along a backlane. It was morning, the friendly Pakistani owner recommended his paratha as other dishes are not available yet.


Paratha & dhal

The paratha is simply delectable. It tears away better than tissue and the combination of margerine, flour and perfect cooking technique made this tastes much better than any other paratha. Eaten with dhal, it’s a marriage made in heaven~ n.n


Milk tea

To accompany this typical breakfast, Pakistani tea. Which in my humble opinion, is pretty much like teh tarik except the sweetness is controlled and no tongue-biting after-taste (I get this prickly feeling in my tongue with mamak’s teh tarik). All for RM2.50 and lots of smiles from the man. I will definitely come back to try the mutton curry and kheer and all their specialties that are of Pakistan origin!

While I was off exploring, I came across this breadhouse which looks as old as Malaysia. It reminds of me Pg’s Continental Bakery. I wish I had gone in to have a look but it looks scary from the distance.

Federal breadhouse

Hdr is my latest obsession :) Meanwhile, have a look at my Merdeka Square series. I will be posting more at my flickr as I’ve done editing.




12 responses

10 03 2008
Jian aka Cokeworld Citizen

Hehehe hebatnye….dun think can do that with a point and shoot camera…watever…dah pokai…takda duit…

hehe i will buy more newspaper to read probably everyday also berita besar for penang…wahahaha

10 03 2008

Your pics look good!Esp the Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad, look as if some special effect.HahaA!

Yea, M’sia will change for the better.

11 03 2008

Why do you say it looked scary from a distance? :)

11 03 2008
Jackson Kah

Pakistani tea?? Sounds new to me! U know, a simple pratha and a teh tarik is just a perfect breakfast for me…hehe

11 03 2008
Gifts to Pakistan

Wow ! It looks so delicious. These pranthas are my favorite dishes.

11 03 2008

Em.. what is HDR ah?
Wah, the building sure look scary with all those dark clouds hovering it.

11 03 2008
Nic (KHKL)

first time here….stunning photos!
i’ve read the lahore article in the klue magazine. interesting, i must say.
oh, kedai roti federal has been there for ages! remember munching them colourful cream buns when i was young :)

12 03 2008
Jian aka Cokeworld Citizen

wow nic….no wonder xlb call u…pakcik XD

14 03 2008

Nice pic of the building and dark clouds looming overhead!

15 03 2008

Jian – hehe, actually can do with P&S but gotta put in more effort. Heard that they want to review PORR & PGCC projects. And I read in NST a politician (not sure BN or Gerakan) says that Pg people dun wan development for always protesting new projects -_-;

JoJo – Yup got special effects.. by combining 3 pics of different exposures :)

Cynthia – I guess because it’s old and dark inside. lol~

Jackson – Me too! Hehe

Gifts to Pakistan – Is paratha a staple food in Pakistan? It’s delicious! The taste varies with the person who makes them though and this stall serves the best I’ve had

Jason – HDR – high dynamic range. Combine 1 properly exposed pic with 2 other under and over exposed pics to create surreal pic. Usually they turn out very beautiful. Mine came out unexpectedly scary ;)

Nic – Oic… I must go back to the federal bakery and check it out! I’m curious with shops/eateries that come from a long line of history :P

WMW – TQ! But the cloud wasn’t dark that day… the hdr effect somehow turned it like that

31 08 2008
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27 07 2010

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