Nuts With Donuts

15 03 2008

Once upon a time, when I was a murid sekolah, me and mom used to frequent the bakery at Cosmart in Bukit Jambul shopping mall after 9.30pm for the end-of-day offer. I will make sure she includes the doughtnuts on the tray which is only RM1 for 5. Sometimes, I choose the classic one with the hole, but often times I prefer the round and small ones hold together with a satay stick. The next day in school, all boring classes are forgotten when I munch on the soft, sugar coated buns during the 10.10am break n_n

Mom never fails to shake off the excess sugar on the doughnuts, leaving me with a sulking face. Of course, I am grateful now that she did ;D But with these Gen-X breed of doughnuts, all moms can no longer do that. Ahh yes, they are glazed.

J.Co #4

Nevertheless, worry not, moms. Most of them are not sweet. That is what I like about the doughtnuts at J.Co. Since everywhere refers to them as donuts and it is much shorter to type, I will call doughnuts donuts from now on.

J.Co #1

Everybody is crazy over J.Co~ I lined up for 20 minutes before my turn to pick and point to the donuts I wanted. The aroma of the donuts is so captivating~ I notice the same aroma at Big Apple Donuts as well, but never at Dunkin Donuts :b Perhaps it has to do with the specially imported premix flour from the US to make these wonderful soft donuts.

J.Co #2

Eek! Looks like milking action :P Hee~ This is how they fill chocolate cream into the naked donuts. Poke the donuts and poosh! In less than 1 sec, 2 donuts are ready to be glazed with whatever flavour they belong to.

J.Co #3

While being so near, yet so far, I enjoyed watching the production line from here and still trying to decide the top 6 donuts going into my mouth.

J.Co: Heaven Berry

The moment fresh donuts are placed on the pretty glass trays, in a split second they are gone into 1/2 or 1 dozens boxes. These cute swirly pink ones are not so popular though..

Having not been here before nor read floggers’ recommendation (big regret!), I based my order on snooping at customers’ picks and accidental eavesdropping on the lady behind me. Heehee ^o^

J.Co: Berry Blue

Berry blue – not a good choice. The blueberry jam in the middle is too sweet.

J.Co: Al-Caponne

Al Caponne – the most popular choice at J Co. I can understand why! The almond flakes are so crunchy! The creamy Belgian white chocolate underneath provides just a hint of sweetness to balance it all off. Delicious pairing~

J.Co: Cheese Me Up

Cheese Me Up – you definitely did! It’s a savoury donut with melted NZ cheese and bits of herb and more cheese! n.n

J.Co: Jacky Chunk

Jacky Chunk – covered in chocolate, and rolled in chunks of peanut. Not related to Jacky Chan. Its yumminess is a family of its own.

J.Co: Miss Green T

Miss Green T – bursting with real matcha flavour! I love this second to Mr Almond!

J.Co: mochino

Don Mochino – chocolate cream filled donut with more chocolate glaze and a touch of hearts, latte-art style. The cream tend to be a bit sweet, but the glaze was a delicious mocha flavour. *hearts* ^.^

J.Co: machiato

A cup of machiato. Nothing extraordinary, but there are vanilla and cocoa powder near the counter which you can dust to your heart’s content :> I have a little too much fun with cocoa powder.. Every order of drinks come with a free glazzy donut.

J.Co #5

1/2 dozen donuts – RM 10.95
Machiato + special brew of the day (Sumatera coffee) – RM11.90
Total – RM22.85

They only charge 5% gov tax. No service tax.




11 responses

15 03 2008

I like their peanut butter with white chocolate glaze on top! (lupa nama ler)

15 03 2008

I think it’s Why Nut. Should have ordered that 1! :]

15 03 2008
Jackson kah

Yoo…i just stuffed myself with 3 J.CO donuts and a cup of iced blended cappuccino this afternoon. The donuts is good but the coffee is bad…

15 03 2008
ai wei

i love the Don Mochino with the very creamy choco filling. yum~ i need some sugary food now…

u got pictures in J.Co?! i tot it is not allowed to pic in it. >_<

16 03 2008
Nic (KHKL)

i still refuse to succumb to the hype though my mind is begging to differ. and now, it’s already available in singapore…i guess i’m calling for sweet surrender soon…hehe…

17 03 2008
Big Boys Oven

I sudah lama tak makan! hahahahah! I am so worry of the long queue! lol!

17 03 2008

the long Q is itself a novelty and for food photographers a real delight coz no need to rush and then can focus properly right ? for young men and younger ladies can also star gaze casually so its perfect !
Back to the nuts its really soft and sweet and can go down in a few earnest secs. Very excellent packaging and a marketing marvel but mostly for “come see us do it right here” live concept , tho seriously its a ladies’ kind of thing reminiscent of those upper crust elegant peoples’ wives’ gatherings in the semi-Ds round the corner ( din say amway lah)
. Makes a nice gift pack also hahaha

18 03 2008

Really don’t remember the name. Hey, wanna do foodcrawl someday on weekend?

19 03 2008

I like the cheesy one!

19 03 2008
Jian aka Cokeworld Citizen

O.o u eat half dozen donuts??? The gen X donuts are great but somehow the classic ones are to stay in my heart : ) especially the ubi ones.

Once I was in NS. They serve donut ubi for afternoon tea. Instead of having makcik to shake of the extra sugar, I made sure the chunk is white in colour : )
I miss the sugarly highs *swoon*

19 03 2008

Jackson – Haha.. it’s fine to stuff oneself if the food is yummy!

ai wei – I guess they were too busy that day to notice me! In fact my flash was going off where I sit

Nic – Yes surrender to the dark force of J.Co donuts.. hehehe

BBO – You can whip up any yummy cake and pastries that surpass these donuts anytime! Dun need J.Co

Toxine – Lol! I dunno about star-gazing… the donuts are earning my drool-worthiness along the Q ;)

Jason – Yeah yeah! I never done it with floggers before. Sounds exciting!

wmw – I like the sharp contrast of cheese and the donut! Nyam~

Jian – Hoho no lar. That’s a lot of consequence to consider about my waistline! Shared by 4. Hehe someday I will tar pao back to PG and you can taste how good it is! Unfortunately this time around I’m taking flight back. I always buy ubi donut from my canteen also! Haha love it so much too!

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