Sri Serdang curry chee cheong fun

27 03 2008


I love coming here for breakfast :) It’s about 7 minutes walk from my residential college. The two friendly ah poh who operate this stall will surely make your day with their smiles and greetings… “leng chai, leng lui, you sek meh ye“? ^o^ (handsome boy, pretty girl, what would like to have?)

chee cheong fun

Their curry chee cheong fun is the best in my opinion! It’s very tasty and full of flavour, not too spicy either. It is like grandma’s homecook curry – with a touch of love and care put in n.n Top off with a sprinkle of crunchy dried shrimp and white sesame. Yummy yummy~ You can add fried beancurd sheets and a few types of fishballs to the chee cheong fun, with each piece costing 50¢.

red bean tong sui

Roomie says *yeah! sedap ohh*

I love their red bean tong sui too! And I never eat hong tou tong unless I’m forced to :P They add in just the right amount of coconut milk to my liking.

Jalan 18/32
Sri Serdang
43400 Seri Kembangan
Open from 7am to 12pm-ish (until sold out)
Close on Sunday




15 responses

27 03 2008

You are so lucky!

27 03 2008

WMW will love this! ^^

28 03 2008
wenching & esiong

Sounds cheap and delicious! Craving for curry chee cheong fun at the middle of the night now! Haha!

28 03 2008

eh, u study at at UPM or mmu?

28 03 2008
Lyrical Lemongrass

I like how you’ve described it. I love CCF…in fact, I have curry CCF every week. If I’m ever in your part of the world, will drop in.

29 03 2008

Cynthia – Hehe.. but if I could have any dishes that you cooked, I’ll be over the top lucky

Jason – Yah! And maybe can request 1 day ahead from the aunty to specially add pork skin *lol*

wenching & esiong – Hehe sometimes I do to ^.^ If only got instant ccf

kampungboycitygal – UPM :) If I was in MMU would I have bump into you both? hehe

Lyrical Lemongrass – Yup I like the lightness of ccf, doesn’t make you feel too full for morning breakfast. I try to eat at this stall every week but I have classes in the morning and couldn’t wake up early on weekends ^.^;

29 03 2008

wah wah red bean soup! hehe i havent try curry ccf b4. So many ppl study in MMU eh? Even my yim chim lecturer also come from there : P

but still i like my ccf with soy sauce and oil. haha classic ccf

29 03 2008

Very nice! I can see a nice dollop of sambal on your plate as well. Do they do “tim cheong” – sweet gravy” as well?

31 03 2008

Alamak! Curry CCF! I wanttttttttttt……….!

31 03 2008
Simon Seow

The kopitiam out side my taman also sell Curry CCF but their version is thicker. Not too bad also.

2 04 2008
little inbox

I thought coconut milk is only added to black glutinous rice tong shui. That means I’m wrong. I never know coconut milk is added to red bean tong shui also.

3 04 2008
ai wei

i wan CCF too! really that sedap?!?! gonna ask chrisitne bring me over after my ‘tough days’ —exam arrr

6 04 2008

Jian – Haha I used to dislike curry ccf but my mom is nuts over them whenever we’re in KL. Somehow these aunties’ curry tastes very homecooked, that’s why I like :]

Hazza – Oh yes! A bit of extra chilli to spice it up a notch for those who love it :)

wmw – The temptation of curry ccf is always overpowering ;)

Simon Seow – Wah, so you can go eat whenever you like lo? In Pg we can get them at almost any coffeeshop, but it’s not the same in KL.

little inbox – Yup coconut milk can be added into red bean tong sui! Those sold at road side stalls usually add them (back in my hometown).

ai wei – It’s up to your personal tastebud but really I like the “homecooked” taste of the curry! ^.^

6 01 2010

When i tried searching for food in sri serdang your site popped up. U see i am a KL guy stuck in a of KL area i never wandered to before. I am posted to the nearby hospital recently and everone told me that i am gonna die becoz no food in the vicinity. I hope i can find more breakfast / lunch quality food in the area. Thanks for sharing :)

5 06 2010

Hi, may i know where is it located?? any special landmark nearby?? thanks..

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