Dateline, Dateline, Deadline

6 04 2008

I have been so loaded with meeting projects dateline and presentations this final week of lecture. Next week is final exam oledi – 5 papers, 0 revision. Consequently I told Jason that I had to give a miss to Jackson‘s opening of Pick & Brew in 1Utama :(

DES cracker simulation

Wah! It worked le! Miracle ^.^

Cyclone II

Didn’t work in the FPGA implementation T.T

Another look at Digital System Design is going to make me sick. I spent 10 days looking at laptop screen writing modules that can crack DES (a form of data security encryption). In the beginning I thought is that even possible?! On the last day of submission, I finally did it and simulated it.. *phew*! I need that 25 marks.


Now it’s time study while burning the midnight oil but my heart is somewhere else wor…






6 responses

7 04 2008
Nic (KHKL)

“Next week is final exam oledi…”….arhh!!!! the tense is building up…mine’s coming up too!!! nice pic of the FPGA (i guess that’s how we call, or not?? haha)…

8 04 2008

omg wat the hell is in the print screen??? O.o lolz i also worked to the last minute. My digital portfolio crapy la wei T.T

9 04 2008

Oo… exam pressure everywhere.
*splash water*
Cool down abit and ganbatte!

10 04 2008
team bsg

some nice touches of playful ordeal , only the last small hurdle to clear ( think sushi in front , shud be fine )

10 04 2008
Sugar Bean

Good luck to you in your exam, add oil! Cute animations and photos!

13 04 2008
Simon Seow

You should eat some crackers while you’re cracking.

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