Lam Kee wantan mee @ Taman Muda

12 04 2008

Taman Muda folks are lucky! And I repeat that 10x!
Lucky, lucky,
hungry, hungry,
cari makan, sini sana ada lagi!

There’s a nice morning market there and a double stretch row of stalls selling different food. At least to my observation, none of them repeats!


I was craving for wantan mee so we dropped by this stall, hoping the price has not increased too much due to the recent hike in noodle prices. A pan mee stall is just beside, with the word PAN MEE screaming at me but I couldn’t read the varieties they offer there as they are written in Chinese.

Making wan tan

We stucked by wantan mee although the stall seems almost going to close up for the day. The reason is because of this ah pak (uncle) :P Not to say he’s handsome but I just want to watch him wrap fresh handmade wan tan ^.^ Hehe

Wantan mee

Yummy looking wantan mee is served. If you are wondering, “eh, where the char siew slices go missing?”. Apparently they are sold out already by 12pm! They have some spare ribs left and they have wantan mee with chicken feet and mushrooms. Since me and my friend don’t eat chicken feet, we asked him to make us a vegetarian wan tan mee. Hehe. Oh btw, pai kuat wantan mee? I never knew! It looks dry and not much are left, so we were not bothered to order.


The noodle is excellent (springy enough!) while the mushrooms are delectably delicious! Must have been braised for a long time in a vinegar and soy sauce mixture to obtain that flavour, that resistance to the bite and smooth texture! Looks cute as a button~

wan tan

We also ordered extra wan tan soup to share, it came with 5 pieces of wan tan. The wan tan are disappointing though. The skin wrap has an odd flavour and the pork filling is rather bland and not well seasoned. But the soup makes up for it. Somehow all the flavour is in the soup!

I think I have to make a revisit since there are many more things to eat around here :)

Lam Kee wantan mee
Jln Bunga Tanjung 10, Taman Muda
Open from 6.30am

Taman Muda location




11 responses

12 04 2008

And you have been equally lucky because you can access it. We don’t have that luxury here :)

13 04 2008
Simon Seow

Taman Muda is in where?

13 04 2008
Sugar Bean

Wow, can’t believe they serve so many mushrooms! Would love to try that. How much is it by the way?

14 04 2008

Taman Muda is in Cheras ah??

15 04 2008

I don’t usually get mushrooms when eating wanton mee..
This looks delicious! :) lotsa mushrooms ;)

15 04 2008

the mushrooms look yummy and juicy enough. Vege wantan mee also nvm. hehe …

16 04 2008
little inbox

Here in Penang, we can hardly find wantan mee with mushrooms.

17 04 2008

Cynthia – True I guess.. there are lots of eateries in KL! ;)

Simon Seow – In Cheras. I’ve addded a map :)

Sugar Bean – I don’t quite remember. RM3 something for the usual with char siew and RM4 something for chicken feet & mushroom

Jason – Yup! But Cheras very big hor. Is it near your place?

Christine – I love mushrooms! Sadly not all stalls can request to add them

J2Kfm – Haha yup!

little inbox – Yalor.. I can’t recall where to get these in Pg. Probably none. Will hunt for it around Pg if got chance :P

27 04 2008

OMG…. this LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO YUMMY!!! tortureeeeeee………… sob sob sob….

15 05 2008

this stall is more famous with its pai kuat mee than his mushroom mee :)

23 05 2008

Dr.Carolyn – Hehe. When will you come to peninsular? Then can makan-makan around here :)

cnigel – Oh really? Thanks. No wonder left so little pai kuat when we were there. Wish we have had that although it didn’t look very appetising at that time

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