Pau Bantal – A Twist On Traditional Steamed Buns

17 04 2008

Further down from Lam Kee wantan mee is a shop called Pau Bantal. I find the name quite cute so I went in to check it out. Whee~ Assorted type of pau with an interesting twist of flavours!

pau #2

Pau bantal (pillow steamed bun) is not for you to sleep on or hug at night ^o^ The dough is rolled out flat and the paste is slathered on, then rolled back into a log shape and steamed in bamboo steamer. There are chocolate, corn, coffee, etc flavours to choose.

pau #3

They also have the regular pau containing savoury fillings. If you like petai (stink beans) or nam yue (fermented bean), they have it too :P

Pau Bantal

Click on the pic to have a larger view. You can buy the pau bantal in a whole baguette shape or individual smaller piece.


The pau dough in kneaded in this big mean machine. Everything is handmade and fresh from this kitchen. *ting!* *extra point*


This leng chai kept teasing me why take pics of pau and not his good-looking face ^.^ Alamak~ *shy* So I bought 4 paus from him. Green tea (I must have this flavour!), pumpkin, peanut and tai pau (big bun).

I gave 2 away to my college mates and I had the delicous green tea. The paste tastes a lot like those green tea fillings in mooncake. Quite good as the bun is soft even when I ate it the next day. Unlike some that make you choke on it because it sticks to the roof of your mouth. The tai pau I cut into half and snap a few pics then kept for dinner. Hehe. The filling is quite dissapointing. I was expecting an egg but none to be found. However there are tender chicken slices in there and the sauce is tasty.

pau #1

Pau Bantal
Jln Bunga Tanjung 10, Taman Muda
Open from 7am – 8pm daily

Taman Muda location




15 responses

17 04 2008

pau bantal?… at first i tot is pau bantai… hahahha…

we love pau also… but haven’t see this type at Penang…

but ho…… “Yip Ci Mei” tai pao…. got a lot here la….

I still like Ipoh one… that one nicer….

17 04 2008
team bsg

we remember the pasar malam SS2 PJ also got pillow pau with groundnut paste.
but hard to find elsewhere maybe most prefer them round & small ( can throw straight into mouth )

17 04 2008
Big Boys Oven

this pau pau pau looks so awesomely good! A must buy!

17 04 2008
little inbox

The pau makes me feel hungry now….but can’t find this kind of shop in Penang. :(

17 04 2008

How i miss M’sia’s bao….
Sg’s bao Cannot Make It~ and is factory made, very generic @@”

17 04 2008

eh, so ngam just bought some pau from Langkap Pau stall. they have chain stalls around Ipoh. lots choices, and all also pretty nice.
I’ve added you in my blogroll,ok?
nice blog.

17 04 2008
CK Lam

hahaha.. see leng chai already kelam kabut, end up buying more pau. rugi la

18 04 2008
wenching & esiong

Petai pau? I can’t imagine myself eating that! Haha! But it’s a good thing that they have such variety. Reminded me of Paoz.

18 04 2008

I would give anything to be able to try these.

18 04 2008

wah! i love paus!! must go ask my friend who stays in cheras to bring me there next time! :)

19 04 2008

goodness..luckily I went around reading people’s blog. Abo..i won’t know you have one too. and with so many saliva-dripping delicacies.

19 04 2008

penangtuapui – Hehe not “poh chim”? Where to get the nicer pau in Ipoh? I also want leh

team bsg – Wah even the smallest pau I cannot fit in 1 bite n_n;

Big Boys Oven – They are ok but, no match to other famous ones

little inbox – Can try sapu nutella or strawberry jam on empty pau :P

Jojo – Maybe someday you will one handmade pau stall hiding in a corner :)

J2Kfm – Thanks for adding n.n Langkap Pau ah, I wonder if it’s same as penangtuapui mentioned. Will keep note of that.

CK Lam – Yalor ^_^;

wenching & esiong – Yeah like Baoz! Only this comes in a pillow shape and cheaper ;)

Cynthia – A visit to M’sia perhaps? :)

Lingzie – Hehe. I seldom hear people love pau. If you want to try varieties they have it. Taste wise ok-ok only n.n

zephyrcj – Hey Chun Jie! Keke. Din know you got blog oso

22 04 2008
Simon Seow

Sure is a good place for pau but Taman Muda is kinda far for me that live in Segambut :P

25 04 2008

wei next time you come KL find me for food ma.. you are here in UPM for 2 years liao and we never even meet once in KL. apala..i also love to eat good food.. you come to setapak, i bring you go eat snow ice, very unique shaved ice with flavors.

14 07 2008

I like Tai Pau that comes with egg too. And, better still if it has radish inside. :-)

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