The Much Anticipated Semester Break

19 04 2008

Finally over ^.^ Didn’t do well this time :( Exam can certainly make me eat and add on calories I don’t need. These are snacks I have snacked on

London roll

London roll from Lonbisco! They are very soft and the cream filling is not too sweet. I can eat all 6 pieces in a box while doing revision :P My fav is the blueberry.

Pocky sticks

Pocky chocolate banana sticks. The artificial banana flavouring smells like antibiotic when I open the package! Yuck.

Pocky Choco Banana

I was sold by the cute monkey on the packaging and I thought eating this helps me tackle cheeky questions.


Reese’s peanut butter caramel chocolate bar. Yummy! I got this from Bangsar’s Village Grocer. Anyone knows where I can get Reese’s besides Bangsar?

Reese's Nutrageous

This pretty much sums up exam week.. Nutrageous!




7 responses

19 04 2008

Something about Reese’s chocs dont taste right when you are used to British chocolates. Cant put my finger on it…. do they use sugar, or corn syrup like many american confectionery?

19 04 2008
ai wei

haha, that’s what i always do when studying! snack n study n snack. ended up gaining waistline

good luck in ur exam!

19 04 2008
team bsg

congratulations on reaching the finish line , and now let the real show begin…

beginning with your new much improved very fine feminine goodie food pixs

21 04 2008

Wuahaha, i munch on a lot of titbits this time round too~
Gosh, talk about Calories, i have lost count of it =p

25 04 2008
Precious Pea

Reese is not available everywhere..spotted them in boxes at Carrefour.

25 04 2008
Precious Pea

Oppss..sorry, i mean it is ‘now’ available everywhere.

29 04 2008

Yeah I just noticed Reese is in most supermarkets now! Even Giant and Tesco. Haha I wasted energy and effort going all the way to Bangsar ;)

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