CLICK! – Au Naturel

20 04 2008

Sharks for sale 550px

Baby(?) sharks being sold in one of the wet markets in KL.

It was interesting to find a couple of stalls selling baby sharks openly. Sharks are killed for their prized fins but here, small sharks that have yet to mature ended up on the fishmonger’s table for buying. Although I felt this act of killing is politically incorrect, at the same time the charm of the market lies here. There are practically a lot of bizarre things you can find in markets elsewhere around the world and this is only a small part of it.

This is for a photography event, CLICK! hosted by Jai & Bee at Jugalbandi. My submission for April’s theme – Au Naturel.

Thanks for hosting, Jugalbandi!

*I have since posted a 550px width version because I got the size wrong initially. Click on the photo which will direct to Flickr to view the full size. I couldn’t fit it here :P




16 responses

20 04 2008

poor baby sharks..
by the way, your photo looks great!

20 04 2008
new kid on the blog

what can they do with these baby sharks?? they really cook it??

21 04 2008
Jian aka Cokeworld Citizen

baby shark meat so so ler…baby shark meat pieces with ginger soup…mom cook before…it’s tasty leh :P

can pinjam camera for that competition too? haha

21 04 2008

nice pictures!

21 04 2008
Nic (KHKL)

wonderful photography, as usual… :)

21 04 2008

Nice pic!!!

22 04 2008
team bsg

There is a hainanese restaurant in Kapar town famous for fried baby sharks , and one more curry baby shark in claypot in Tmn Sentosa Klang . Both are shop specialities and draw crowds from a far as PJ/KL.
Also in the Sri Muda ( shah alam ) wet market, baby sharks are available everyday !

22 04 2008
wenching & esiong

Omg, poor little baby sharks. I wonder if it’s illegal to do this. Hope they don’t continue to do this…

23 04 2008

I think I remember I eaten shark meat at a Thai restaurant in Ipoh before… the texture was slightly coarse, not smooth.

Eh… is the event over??

24 04 2008
Big Boys Oven

deep fried baby shark is delicious! Kapar, Klang is famous for this dish!

28 04 2008
little inbox

I eat sharks too, but the bigger size one lar of course. It taste great in curry.

29 04 2008

Christine – So sad right :( Thanks for the compliment.

new kid on the blog – I wonder too! But fefer to Jian, team bsg and Jason’s comments. Now I know shark meat is available as restaurant dishes and *ahem* in Jian’s case, at home.

Jian – Must be very exotic. Hoho ;D

kampungboycitygal, Nic and Jojo – Thanks ^_~

team bsg and Big Boys Oven – Thanks for the infos. I guess I’m quite naive ler.. hehe. Never see dead ones, only those swimming innocently in aquarium

Sugarbean – Quite sad to see this but IMO that’s the uniqueness of such a place. I’m split between whether they should continue this act or not :\

Jason – The meat is rough? Aiks.. probably that’s why most are served deep fried

little inbox – I never thought of eating sharks meat ;) How does it taste? *curious*

29 04 2008

thanks for an unusual and beautiful click.

8 05 2008
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8 05 2008

My favorite photo from Click. Congratulations on the win.

25 10 2008
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