At Home Making Homemade Ricotta

29 04 2008

I’m home! It was wonderful spending time with Jian eating around KL again and such a pleasure meeting Jason, CityGal and tankiasu ^.^ (posts coming up soon)


I apologize for not updating earlier. The transition from Nilai KTM station to LCCT suck. I should have followed my friend’s advise and take the Skybus (or is it Aerobus?) straight from KL Sentral. Well, all that doesn’t matter anymore after I arrived at the terminal. The staffs provide excellent service and the plane was on time. RM0.29 is a good bargain!

in plane

Look at the beautiful formation of the land! This part is my favourite view! I dunno where that is though. Probably Kedah?

ricotta curd

I have held on this recipe and waiting painfully each day all the time I stayed in uni to try it :P When I got all the ingredients on Sunday night, immediately the next day I had to start on this homemade ricotta cheese. This is the curd I obtain after simmering the milk mixture.

ricotta drip

Leaving it for the whey to drip.


My ricotta! Heehee. I was a bit rough while handling it, so it broke into ugly pieces >.< I added it to pasta and it provides extra creaminess. Yum! It’s tasteless though, so I’m wondering if salt should be added. I’m going to try with other milk variation and perhaps add lemon juice or some cream.

It doesn’t take long to make. You’d be surprised it’s so easy. Many thanks to Beck & Posh!




11 responses

29 04 2008

OMG! you made your own cheese? Respect!! …(i think i’ll just make cheese rot)

29 04 2008
little cottage

Wow! Home made cheese wor… Great job!

29 04 2008
CK Lam

wow… you are so “keng”. Care to share some with me.

29 04 2008

wah … can make own cheese one meh?
bought a box of ricotta cheese thought eat with toast, but realized
they expired pretty fast, and well, tasteless. Not sure how to serve them la, wasted more than half of the box. hehe …

29 04 2008

making own ricotta cheese?? so cool!! keep it up..thanks for dropping by my blog

29 04 2008

Waaa…. but how to simmer it?

30 04 2008

teckiee – It’s really simple to make and best eaten fresh. I dunno if it will turn mouldy like your blue cheese if left longer than 4 days. Hehe

little cottage – Hehe anyone can try it. Really. Just need milk and mild acid!

CK Lam – I’ll share with you when I perfected it. Paiseh want to give a tub of broken ricotta :P

J2Kfm – It has a short shelf life because it’s a type of fresh cheese. Can make your own next time. Save money and only takes about 20-30 minutes :) Add to pizza and pasta is yummy yummy

Christine – Thanks for dropping by too

Jason – If you google there are a few ways using different ingredients to make it. Simmer until you see the curd and whey separate, then can take off the heat. Quite fun to make ^.^

30 04 2008

nice meeting u time bring out some ya

30 04 2008

wow, very interesting….sounds so easy to make. But is it really so?

p/s: stumbled upon your blog after blog hopping. after reading your “about” I guess you are from mmu or utm? I was an ex-mmu btw.
don’t mind me linking to your blog eh… :)

2 05 2008
Big Boys Oven

this is so so good! wow!

4 05 2008

kampungboycitygal – Hehe sure! Let me perfect the technique during this sem break first ;D

buzzingbee – Yup it’s easy to make. You just have to keep your eyes while it’s on the stove. I’m in UPM :) Heehee thanks for linking ya

Big Boys Oven – Making food is fun hehe ^.^

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