KL Eat & Shop: Day 2

4 05 2008

Jian and two of her unimates came to KL last week. After a terrible start to get to Taman Connaught’s pasar malam by public transport, it was compromised by a good makan time trying all the street foods I missed out on my last time there.


The next day, we went up 41 floors to KLCC skybridge before lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We ended up around office hour lunch time and it was packed with patrons in suits and office wear.

salt & pepper

*whispers to Jian* Wah, I feel we are so out of place :P


The interior is nice and comfortable. There’s al fresco dining area overlooking the beautiful lake and fountain in front of Suria KLCC. But with the heat outside, it’s better to pass off the romantic sentiment and stay indoor.

Kung Pao pasta #1

Kung Pao Spaghetti with Chicken RM24.90

Kung Pao pasta #2

A spicy and slightly oily dish of al dente spaghetti, stir fried with dried chili, tender chicken, sweet spring onions, and finally a sprinkle of peanuts.

Santa Fe pizza #1

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza RM27.90

Santa Fe pizza #2

An 8′ (or is it 9′?) crusty pizza topped with chopped cilantro, grilled chicken breast and Mozzarela cheese. In the middle, a mount of tomato salsa, guacomole and sour cream. Perfect combination of taste ^.^

Santa Fe pizza #3


We were rather dissapointed with the serving size because other tables seem to get larger portion than us. But the waiter said that there is only one standard serving size. And a glass of water cost RM1 :(

The tube

After the meal, we headed to Aquaria KLCC. For MyCard holders, the entrance fee is RM28. When the operator asked if we were students and said that we are only required to pay RM20 if we are, we quickly showed our student cards. Hehe n_n


Piranhas! I didn’t know they could be that small yet so deadly. Really cili padi by nature.




Mega cool chameleon

sea creatures

Whee~~ food! I mean fish!


Ngaumm~ Mega cool shark.


Hahaha don’t you feel like laughing looking at the “face”? ^.^




15 responses

4 05 2008
Precious Pea

Great photos! Went to the California Pizza once and had the Peking Duck Pizza, wonder if it’s still in the menu. Have not been to the Aquaria yet..worth a trip eh?

4 05 2008

Wah haha luckily i havent post about aquaria…my pics are devastated…haih…hope photoshop can help :P

4 05 2008
New Kid On The Blog

great pics… you took it so nice and sharp on those aquarium pics…

4 05 2008

wow the Aquaria pics came out amazingly clear and crisp. hey, dun pick fun of the cute stingrays … :) they kill though.
the pizza looks crispy enough, and the sour cream/guacamole/salsa combination is a sure-hit right? but funny they serve it ON the pizza. then you guys smeared it all over? or dip the slices in? hmm …

5 05 2008

is it a worth to go to the aquaria?!
and… how n where to get the ticket up to skybridge?! i m so wanted to get there!!!

i hv yet to try the california pizza. it will be in my list :P

5 05 2008

Precious Pea – I didn’t notice if Peking Duck Pizza was on the menu. Sounds yummy! Would’ve tried that as well if we knew :) Yup it was quite fun at Aquaria, looking and laughing at oddly shaped sea creatures :P

Jian – Hehe mine also not that good. Grainy and blurry. I’ll pass you the CD I burn of the pics from my camera when I see you

New Kid On The Blog – Thanks! Had to do some sharpening and blurring to remove noise though

J2Kfm – Oops, yeah now I remember the Steve Irwin incident! Oh we simply smeared some on the pizza. Delectable and refreshing!

Ai Wei – IMO Aquaria KLCC is cheap compared to other places. Coincide your visit time with feeding time. The divers are really cool. You can take pictures with them ^.^ There aren’t as much to see as Langkawi’s Underwater World but it’s quite fun

For Skybridge visit, you just have to line up at the counter in the morning and get ticket for your designated visit time. We lined up at around 9am and it was a long queue. After we got our tickets (for 11.45pm visit) and hang around, the line almost cleared ;D

5 05 2008
ck lam

hv always hesitated to visit the Aquaria… but I will do so on my next trip after seeing all yr nice photos..


5 05 2008

but where is the counter for the skybridge?!

5 05 2008
little inbox

yak! The lizards…

5 05 2008

hi, so coincidence we are both from upm..i love to eat there..try their tortilla chips with artichoke dip..its addictive..love your pictures..so nice taken..shud meet up one day to makan since serdang got quite some nice food and learn from u how to take excellent pic..

6 05 2008
Simon Seow

Wah, it’s been a long time I never been to California Kitchen already. Nice photos.

6 05 2008

They no longer have the duck pizza :o(. Great photos!

6 05 2008

wah sharp pics..using a dslr?

7 05 2008

ck lam – Take nice photos for me to see also ya :)

aiwei – From the center court you have to walk to the base of the twin towers. Maybe can ask at the info counter :)

little inbox – Yak! I hope it didn’t spoil your appetite for today

christine – Serdang food hunt sounds fun! Hakka food we are going after? ^.^

Simon Seow – Tq! This my first time to CPK ;)

wmw – Ah no more? No chance to try…

lotsofcravings – Yup I’ve switched to dslr :)

14 05 2008

Oh cool! I used compact cam at Bangkok’s underwater world, all dark :(

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