KL Eat & Shop: Night 2

7 05 2008

After our visit to Aquaria KLCC, we took a 10 minutes walk from KL Convention Centre to The Pavilion. That signals for a tummy refuel!

J. Co

Not a single day at J Co. without queing ;D When we reach the counter with the vast display of yummy donuts, our order is none other than Al Capone. Then Jian wanted Miss Green T to test the authenticness of the green tea used. Both passed her expectation. Hehe.


With John King just across the corner, the temptation of an ongoing promo is too much to resist. 12 tarts consisting all flavours and a few packs of biscuits later, the *kaching* of the cashier machine is heard. (You can click on the pic for a larger version to view the pricing).

egg tarts

This is how freshly baked egg tart looks like :D The curd is like a beautiful golden sun.


A selection of pies we didn’t try…

We hung around The Pavilion while waiting for the temu janji with Jason and the other secret floggers which Jason has invited along. Then coincidently we bumped into him, looking all smart in collared long-sleeve. Me and Jian – in tshirt. Ekks~ n_n; Eventually we learned that the other secret floggers are the pretty CityGal and funny tankiasu

bbq chicken wings

Finally all of us met up at Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. I’ve never been here before despite many reviews from bloggers and the media alike. The most famous dish here, barbecue chicken wings. Juicy and succulent meat with crispy skin. Nicely caramelized to give sweetness to the chicken. Ahh so good!

roast pork noodle

Stir fried roast pork and wantan mee. A tad bit oily to my liking. Nevertheless the roast pork is pretty delicious.


Yummy hot satay! Tender and not very fatty. The peanut sauce is rather bland though. But as Jason said, it is good eaten on its own :)

Man Sok

After the satisfying and filling meal, still, we proceed to Tengkat Tong Shin for more! Hehe ^.^ Another stall I’ve been waiting ages to try… Man Sok @ Slow Uncle. Not easy to find his stall open. Pretty amazing he can stir fry with high heat yet doesn’t burn the food. I think it’s kung-fu ;D


Simple table set up of his stall.

chopstick & bowl

We were given this traditional and classic looking chopstick and bowl :)

Many many minutes later… *tada*! Our dishes arrived, and we started snapping pics. Lighting became a big concern but CityGal came to the rescue with her handphone’s torchlight.

stir fried hor fun

See how the food looks like it’s sent from heaven with the light? n_n

Stir fried hor fun in dark sauce. A bit oily and I felt that the seasoning fell short. Jian thinks it’s too salty. On the other hand, Jason finds it ok. Too many minds and conclusion was not reached :P

stir fried min sin

I love the texture of this stir fried meen sin with lots of cabbage, bean sprouts, prawns and egg bits but it lacks wok hei. The meen sin is really nice with some resistance to the bite.

I have to say how much of a good time we had with you guys. A big thank you for the treats and picking the best dishes from the menu (I wouldn’t be sure of what to order ^o^ Hehe)

Jason’s review
Jian’s review




17 responses

7 05 2008
Timothy Low

Gosh … another foodie who puts effort on photo quality. Hats off to you! By the way, forgot to introduce myself… Timothy from 3-meals.com. Love your site.

7 05 2008

hey, pity the uncle..so many calling him SLOW, might as well imagine him carrying a tortoise shell on his back in the photo … =P
oh miss John King’s tarts … pray for Ipoh branch … pray pray hard …

7 05 2008
Nic (KHKL)

aiyoh!!! smashing pics!!! especially the wanton mee one!

i’ve lived in kl all my life (well, until i moved out) and as far as i can recall, I’ve never tried the chicken wing and the slow uncle’s fried noodles…sigh…

7 05 2008
ai wei

aiks… there are a lot i have yet to try.

7 05 2008

wow, yr photographs here are cool. and the food! yummy! :)

7 05 2008

omg…lot of yummy food…

7 05 2008
Big Boys Oven

Gosh this look so so so so so awesome!

7 05 2008
New Kid On The Blog

Oh my, you make me want to drive all the way down to KL just to hv that stir fried roast pork wanton mee…. it looks tempting!

7 05 2008

i read this on jason before urs..i’ve never been there also..ur pic are certainly beautiful..sure serdang food hunting..lets sort it out for hakka food..i only tried a little there..many more to go..

8 05 2008
Penang Tua Pui

hi… ur photo is talking to me…. how a?…. what happen a?

can some one tell me a.. but hor…..

I hate u……..

ur blog make me hungry…… especially at NIGHT….!!!!!!!


ur photo’s shoot is great…… but for us… we always forgot to bring camera to the stalls….. as our brain only got food…. hahaha

8 05 2008
team bsg

slowly and surely the KL gourmands ( who blog ) are ravenously blending and soon we hope someone can come up with a compilation of the

best of the best of KL hits

as a kind of genuine soak it to us Top 40 lists ( just for fun ) , other than those usually dubious dishings out on some sundays in some well read papers…

we are particularly pissed off when a reader says the nasi lemak stall beside his house is the best in Malaysia

8 05 2008

there’s something for you at jugalbandi. congrats!!!

8 05 2008
little inbox

Oh oh, I’m hungry now. Looking at the photos already make me drooling. I want to have my supper now…

9 05 2008

Timothy Low – Hi Timothy.. nice having you here. Thanks for the compliment :)

J2Kfm – Haha like ninja turtle!

Nic – When you come to KL, you can try both at once since they’re just a stone’s throw away. Tar pao the chicken wings to Slow Uncle’s stall while waiting makes a great appetizer ;D

ai wei – Can always drop by after shopping at Sg Wang ^.^

QuaChee – Tq!

squall_czk – Wah your blog also a lot!

Big Boys Oven – Yup I filled my tummy with so much delicious food that night

New Kid On The Blog – Hehe only 4 hours drive!

christine – Yah actually I also haven’t try lots of food in Serdang besides yong tau foo and pan mee ;) Can drop by for Wong Ah Wah and Slow Uncle after shop shop at Sg Wang, heehee

Penang Tua Pui – Alamak, make you hungry ar? Nevermind Pg many 24 hrs mamak!

team bsg – Yup agree! Blogger’s food hunt posts can be more reliable than some media :) A Top 40 lists sound good! Then I can attempt a 40 eats in 40 days

bee – Thanks I’ve seen it :)

little inbox – Oops ;) Supper at mamak is good~

10 05 2008
Jackson Kah

i bet u enjoy a lot….too bad i do not hv time to join..

12 05 2008

How come citygal is described as “pretty” and I am only described as “funny” but not “handsome”!? Grrrrrr….. :P

14 05 2008

“looking all smart in collared long-sleeve”
Wah, so flattered :p

It’s my first time to try Slow Uncle also… too bad it doesn’t up to expectation that night.

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