KL Eat & Shop: Day 3

10 05 2008

On the last day I was with them, we went to the famed ‘nostalgic dining place’, Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi. At first glance, the coffeeshop is tiled and complete with marbled table top and wooden chairs. Wah~ My favourite kind of ambience ;D



Antique objects, old picture frames and multitudes of newspaper interviews on this place adorned the length of this longish coffeeshop. My grandpa used to own that kind of fan until a few years ago before it went kaputt.


To see the pricing, click on pic to view larger size.

pork chop #1

We had the recommended Hainan pork chop, looking like it had trudged through a hurricane before arriving at our table. That poor piece of pork appears to have drowned in the gravy.

pork chop #2

A better presentation, thanks to Jian’s friend :) Jian thinks the pork has been tenderized by meat tenderizer, thus leading to a tough and coarse texture. Paired with the watery thin and tasteless gravy, even Worcestershire sauce cannot save this disaster before our eyes :o

Lea & Perrins

chicken chop

The chicken chop fare no better. Another victim of banjir kilat. The eggy skin felt like chewing a soggy piece of french toast. The sauce does not have enough flavour to complement the chicken.

roti babi #1

Roti babi was slightly more acceptable. A bun filled with shredded pork and caramelized onion that is fried.

roti babi #2

Some of the pork shreds are so smooth we almost believe it could fish meat. If it is accidental that pieces of fish fell into the pork mixture, blame it on earthquake?


Thank goodness for this kow and arromatic coffee to comb up the messed left on my palate.

We agreed that the Hainan western food at Yut Kee is perhaps, overrated. If there is a next time, maybe we should give the lam mee and fried rice a try.

There’s gov tax?! #@*&^%$^!@*&




13 responses

10 05 2008
Tax » KL Eat & Shop: Day 3

[…] The Gastronomic Diary wrote an interesting post today on KL Eat & Shop: Day 3Here’s a quick excerptIf there is a next time, maybe we should give the lam mee and fried rice a try. There’s gov tax?! #@*&^%$^!@*&… […]

10 05 2008
Sugar Bean

Haha, seems like there’re lots of catastrophe in this restaurant, banjir, earthquake. Haha! We shall avoid this. Government tax in this restaurant seems a little unacceptable.

10 05 2008

Wow, and this restaurant had been getting rave reviews from TV shows, magazines and the like. The roti babi looks kinda small portion. Around RM6-7 right? OK, will probably avoid this place. Thanks …!

11 05 2008
ai wei

government tax is still ok for me but not service charges which cost 10percents out of the bill. aiks…

it has been really a long long time since my last visit… 12 to 14 yrs ago i think..

11 05 2008

their lam mee also not bad…

11 05 2008
New Kid On The Blog

Hainan Pork Chop can be found in Penang coffee shop too!

12 05 2008
Nic (KHKL)

oh, an interesting view on yut kee…cos everyone’s been raving about it…looks like i’ll be the last blogger to give it a try…lol!

nice pics, as usual :)

12 05 2008

Roti babi =S
lolx…1st time heard of it~

13 05 2008
Simon Seow

I just find their food normal only.

14 05 2008

Nic, you’re not the last cos I haven’t been here too!
Hmm… so many good reviews b4… maybe the quality dropped?

17 05 2008

Sadnly, food is normal but the memories are special. I came here a lot while my dad was still around. Food tasted better then, maybe it was because my dad was there with me. I have yet to blog…will do so soon.

17 05 2008

oops, meant sadly!

18 05 2008

Sugar Bean – My principle – coffeeshop should not charge any tax :P

J2Kfm – Yup RM7 for the roti babi. Sadly when we try it quality isn’t as good as before

ai wei – I bet everything is super yummy back then :)

squall – Oh maybe should’ve try lam mee

New Kid On The Blog – Yes I prefer Pg’s much much more!

Nic (KHKL) – Perhaps the quality is no longer the same over the years

JeromeFo – Hehe it’s good to learn about a new dish :)

Simon Seow – Same opinion then.. yeah

jason – Yup quality must have dropped! I wonder how the food tasted like years ago

wmw – Maybe the dining experience for us if we had good old fond memories ;)

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