Fatty Boy Chicken Rice

12 05 2008

Manchester United Premier League Champion!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! Moms shouldn’t be allowed to cook in the kitchen yesterday :P Where did you bring the special one for a good treat? My mom always wanted simplicity and nothing extravagant. I baked the same cheesecake for her and dad brought us downtown for lunch. Since mom doesn’t want to eat in restaurant ;o we drove around aimlessly for 1/2 hour because a lot of coffeeshops are closed that day -_-;


Finally we found a parking lot, and headed for the ang chew mee suah (red wine rice noodle) stall I spotted last week. Again we came face to face with a closed stall.. the owner is away on vacation :(


Next door, Fatty Boy chicken rice looks pretty decent ^.^ We decided to have a try.


Besides chicken rice, they also have vinegar pork, which is one of mom’s favourite.


The roast chicken is de-boned and has lots of meat. It is so tender and smooth too. This is the most delicious chicken I have had! I’ve changed my favourite chicken rice stall from Goh Thew Chik to Fatty Boy :P


The vinegar pork came with a heap of lean meat (which dad requested). The pork is not as tender as lak tiau lor’s, which literally falls off the bone. Nonetheless, this gravy with a tinge of sourness is better and really delicious! Yummy~ I drench my rice with it because it’s soooo good. (A tastier version of pork trotter is in Butterworth).

tau kua & egg

Braised egg and tau kua

choy sum

Choy sum

Dad was a bit skeptical after the lady owner said everything cost RM24.90. With the portions served, we thought it would’ve cost more. Before leaving, they carried out a tray of freshly roast chickens. Business must be good :)

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice
98 Restaurant
Along Burmah Road, just after the junction to Kedah Road
(slightly further down from New World)
Open until 4pm




13 responses

12 05 2008

never mind cannot eat ang chew mee suah lo……
at least you still get to enjoy delicious chicken rice.

13 05 2008

Oh my… I am hungrrrryyyy,,,, the chicken looksssss sooo yummy…. I want…..

13 05 2008
New Kid On The Blog

so cheap??!!!

13 05 2008

the chicken look delicious…feel hungry now…

13 05 2008
team bsg

Looks like Hokkianlang chai . Good for dear Mom.
Got fatty girl ah ?

14 05 2008

hehe, REALLY kawaii ! =P
hope you din tell him that though ..
i LOVE vinegar pork trotters also … and braised stuff, be it egg,pork,duck etc

14 05 2008

wahhh looks yummy!!!

yeah *high-five* for MU fan. Hope they get a double in Moscow next week :P

14 05 2008
little inbox

Kawaii meh? CAn clearly see his face lah. The vinegar pork looks a bit watery. Overall, the price is reasonable.

14 05 2008
little inbox

Sorry, wrong spelling, I meant can’t clearly see his face.

18 05 2008

what2see – Yup but I’ll be back for the mee suah. No giving up

Carolyn – Hehe but you have S’wak laksa at your hometown. I want that! :P

New Kid On The Blog – Yes we didn’t believe the price too. Have to return 2nd time to confirm

squall_czk – The chicken is extra smooth, very yummy

team bsg – Haha no fatty girl insight

J2Kfm – Hehe maybe if I told him, can get extra portions for free. Mmm anything braised is soft and tender

buzzingbee – Yup hoping for a double title for MU! Sweet!

little inbox – Short and chubby.. kawaii mar :P The gravy looks watery but tastes very good

20 05 2008

wah this one better than goh teow chik?? means its a must try!
i’ve tried the ang chiew mee suah next door. its quite good! hope you’ll get to try it soon.

24 05 2008
Rasa Malaysia

The braised eggs and tau kua looks so yummylicious. This is the kind of food I miss most…homey and unpretentious.

24 05 2008
Penang Tua Pui

all look so delicious… pass there multiple time but never spot this…… so sia sui nia…

okok… this time will go and meet the fatty boy.. and ask him to join us….. haha….

emm… i think next time when we are hunting for food… definitely need to get the car window widely opened… and smell……………………………

else will miss out a lot of great food……

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