KL Eat & Shop: Night 3

18 05 2008

We parted way with Jian’s friend and took the KTM to Midvalley. From all the walkings in the afternoon, our time at The Garden’s was much more leisurely. What else to eat.. but a few licks of Italian gelato to cool off ^.^




A selection of gelati which you can kindly request to try until you find the right flavour. Being intrigued, I tried some figs gelato, honey toffee malt gelato and a bright Ferrari red raspberry gelato. They did’t taste that good, so ultimately..

tri gelato

We ordered lychee, strawberry and green tea. 3 scoops in a cup is approximately RM15. The best of the trio is lychee flavour. Definitive strong lychee taste that isn’t too sweet and very refreshing, almost like a sorbet minus the graininess. The strawberry gelato was a bit too sweet.

butter mount

We actually polished off the gelato at SBread (got place to sit mah :P), which is just around the corner. There is a small counter which you can sample 3 types of their bread (plain, sesame or charcoal) and jam (pandan, vanilla or yam).

thai iced tea

We ordered their set inclusive of Iced Thai Milk Tea and yam topped charcoal bread for RM10. The Thai tea has very good flavour! Best milk tea ever :3~

charcoal bread with yam jam

Their soft charcoal bread is deemed to be healthy. It tastes just like ordinary bread. The edible charcoal powder used to make the bread is grounded from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. The yam jam with chunks of yam was sweet, perhaps they should go easy on the over-generous topping.

I was told of this little shack by a reader, Jocelyn Mah sometime ago and regretted I didn’t come here sooner ;D The staffs are helpful but we had a little problem understanding their Thai accented English.

Jian’s review




11 responses

18 05 2008

So many variety!
Good snap of those pictures =)
ohya, you are MU fan also ?

18 05 2008

the SBread concept does resemble Thai type of toasts, lots of sweet jams, served with fragrant milk tea. Lovely … However I wonder how long can SBread withstand the lack of patronage, I’ve seen most of the customers visit Nyonya Colors directly opposite.

19 05 2008
CK Lam @what2see

Wow…very nice. wish we have it here in Penang lo.

19 05 2008

Hahaha acutally in Penang there is a place selling Thai Milk Tea. forgot to mention in blog. The bamboo is naturally black? Thought they used that bamboo and bakar become charcoal and then oni grind them into powder? Hahaha could never forget that episode in Pantasia….Now I have officially seen 3 breads from Pantasia in real life…Honeydew bread (tasted), Charcoal bread (tasted) and Rice cooker bread (baked by Lazy Chef from Spore).

20 05 2008
team bsg

passionate thai gelato ?
must be gelly sexy for sure

21 05 2008
ai wei

yam topped charcoal bread ?!?!?! interesting! but for RM 10… is it a worth to try out?!

21 05 2008

i love their charcoal bread…and the chili jam are special and nice…

21 05 2008
New Kid On The Blog

:) we were here before… but then still prefer lekka-lekka.

23 05 2008

JeromeFo – MU fan since primary school! Heehee

J2Kfm – Ya ya I forgot to mention that SBread’s idea originate from a couple who went to Thailand, and decided to bring back this concept to set up a shop in M’sia :)

CK Lam – I think Penangite will prefer their banggali toast with kaya. Haha

Jian – According to an article in The Star where the couple behind Sbread is interviewed, they use that type of bamboo which is already black. If bakar until black, we must be eating carbon, no? Hehe. Wah I wanna try honeydew bread too

team bsg – Mmm how about enjoying passionate Thai gelato under a coconut tree with Krabi sea breeze blowing in the face ^.^

ai wei – The Thai Tea is very fragrant and yummy. Personally I think the jam too sweet and charcoal bread tastes like plain white bread only

squall_czk – We got to try the chili jam.. HOT! I dunno about the charcoal bread.. tastes like ordinary sandwich loaf, only much much softer

New Kid On The Blog – It’s been 2 years since I tried Lekka-Lekka! I should try again and compare :)

27 05 2008

Aiya, I still haven’t been to sBread…. selalu terlupa. = =”

1 07 2008
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