Taiping Steamed Chicken Rice & Cendol

23 05 2008

This post dates back to Labour’s Day, where I spent the day in Taiping. Folks here seem to enjoy the outdoor despite the heat. There were many people thronging Taiping Zoo and picnics set up at the Lake Garden. The most congested area are apparently places where family can spend time together. When we drove to town in search of food to fulfill lunch-time calling, the roads were almost empty and it was extremely easy to find a parking space :D


Along Barrack Road, a coffeeshop located at the corner block housed a steamed chicken rice stall. There are a number of patrons tucking away happily.. so, food must be good :)


Hot steamy rice with the fragrance of chicken fat and pandan leaves wafted to our table :3~ I started drooling already.

steamed chicken

The chicken is wonderfully smooth and tender. Pretty good. Some parts of the chicken can be fatty though.

Chinese rice dumpling #2

Most tables have a plate of Chinese rice dumplings (bak zhang/zhong zhi) on their table. It might turn out to be a regret if we didn’t try. The portion is quite big too. They are served with a bottle of Kampung Koh chilli sauce, made in Sitiawan, Perak.

Chinese rice dumpling #1

A substantial amount of chinese mushroom and pork embedded in glutinous rice which can be easily picked up with a chopstick, and a dab into the sweet sour chilli sauce.. couldn’t have been more perfect ^.^

The price came to about RM28 for 4. The dumpling is about RM5.


By Jian‘s recommendation, dessert is the famous Bismillah Cendol also at Barrack Road. It’s located further up from the chicken rice stall. Business is very good here. Two families arrived in their cars at the same time as us. Luckily we still manage to find a table to sit.


There are also a pasembor stall in the shop and a laksa cart just outside. A good place for brunch, afternoon snacks and tea-time. Since we have had lunch, we went straight for the stripped version cendol. I think it would be so good with pulut. Unfortunately we couldn’t stomach any more starch :P



The strips of cendol is fragrant with distinctive pure pandan flavour. Jian said that the cendol is made fresh at the back of the stall. Overall, I find it not as good as Penang’s Teochew cendol though. The taste of coconut milk is more prominent. I prefer cendol with more gula melaka taste :>




11 responses

23 05 2008
team bsg

thoz you would have taken some panaromic landscapes of the lake gardens ?
or maybe the Hill the other side ? yes, Taiping tho Hokkian Land is a whimper of Big Brother Penang !

but it has its terrific small charms with the right kakis, esp up that hill
with Canon blazing

23 05 2008

great shots you have there!!!
The plate of chicken looks delicious.

23 05 2008

the cendol has a long long history behind it right? still yet to try it, but will definitely do so come June/July. thanks for your recommendation

24 05 2008
ck lam @what2see

Visited this coffeeshop during the ‘Cheng Beng’ trip…bought some dumplings back to Pg and it was good.

24 05 2008
Penang Tua Pui

makan dumplings with Kampung Koh chilli sauce, hmm.. never though of that….

the cendol look tasty to me…… thanks for the info…

cendol taiping.. I am on my way… yohoo ~!!!!!1

25 05 2008
Timothy Low

Taiping. Now that’s one place i haven’t visited. Sad, but true. And I call myself a Malaysian. Anyway, I too have a whole basketful of Penang food photos that I plan to write but haven’t come around to do it.

Oh, did I tell you how much I love your food shots! Impressive. Two thumbs and two toe up !!!!

25 05 2008

waaaaaa Prominent santan taste….I like!!! Must go there ady…milky santan…i prefer cendol with more santan….they don’t just prepare the cendol fresh…they made everything from scratch and even perah the santan themselves XD

27 05 2008

Ehhh… then Jian, you can pass me the gula melaka coated shaved ice and I pass you the santan :P

28 05 2008
Simon Seow

And we thought only Ipoh got chicken rice.

31 08 2009

Nice… More taiping food here lah. It will take you few days just nice to finish off the food and visiting.

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