Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant, Tambun

25 05 2008

I’m going for holiday in 4 hours so this will be short and cincai :D

walk way

Tambun is a small fishing village for good inexpensive seafood. Whenever we come here, we always patronise this restaurant at the end of the narrow road. A platform built on top of the water became sitting area for customers. The view and the slushing sound from below are just the right ambience for some serious hand-dirtying, shellfish digging.

fishing boats

The serene surrounding is very relaxing.

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant


On Labour’s Day, cars mostly from outstation already filled up the parking lots. When we got into the restaurant, every table was occupied and we had to sit near to the entrance. There is a makeshift stall selling agar-agar and konnyaku jelly.

Gee Seng kitchen

The kitchen. Can’t expect it to be hygienic. A few cooks had no shirts on and one was smoking while working the wok.


Live crabs


Fresh seafood


Hot and spicy condiments

stir fried bee hoon

Stir fried mee sua with fresh prawns and bean sprouts. The prawns are sweet and tastewise, the dish is delicious, albeit lacking in wok hei. RM 6.


Sweet vegetable (I forgot what it’s called) with a dash of oyster sauce. RM 5.

mantis prawns

Mantis prawns. We had them plain and they were sweet, but has a bit of muddy taste. RM 12.


Steamed stingray in ginger soy sauce. Although it looks plain but this is the best way to eat it. The flesh is so smooth and tastes absolutely fresh. Best dish of out of the bunch. RM 14.

thorn snail

Thorny, spiky snail (siput duri). Toothpicks are given to pierce the flesh out of the shell, then dip into chili sauce and chew away! RM 6.. woh, cheap cheap!

snail flesh

Nude snail


This delectable satay is from a stall nearby. It’s parked beside the restaurant, near to the jetty. Since the stir fried noodle disappoints in the wok hei aspect, this satay totally makes up for it. It’s chunky with meat and a few slices of fat inserted in between (which can be easily removed) to give that umph flavour.

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant
860, Bagan Bukit Tambun
14110 Simpang Ampat




16 responses

25 05 2008

haha my favourite type of satay…chicken fat in between…yumz…

25 05 2008

haha, can REPLACE the wok hei one ah? with satay? ;)
simpang ampat … so familiar…. nearby to parit buntar?taiping?

25 05 2008

great place for seafood… ..

don’t u reliaze one thing for food hunting…. never look at how it is cooked…..

hahaha…….. just kidding…

we like the Thorny, spiky snail (siput duri). the best… and satay too..

nice shot…… SLR?

26 05 2008
team bsg

This shop is our vote for Best Seafood restaurant in Malaysia.
3 for 2 against
Our top dishes here
teo chew steamed tigerfish
roast crab
kerabu king crab

tops in price / performance ratio

26 05 2008

so miss the sea food there…i like siput…

26 05 2008
New Kid On The Blog

hahaha… came here last year… their fried mee not bad… good taste. and their bbq crabs too.

26 05 2008

This post is great, where got chin chai??? Or are you talking about some vegetables? Hee hee…

26 05 2008
CK Lam @what2see

Been there many years ago…. it looks like the prices didn’t increase much.

27 05 2008
Precious Pea

Waahh…slurps!! Every dish looks really good. Steamed stingray? I never try this version as I usually have it either grilled or in curry gravy.

28 05 2008
Simon Seow

Mantis prawn make my day.

1 06 2008

Omgz. So awesome! ><
Will go check it out when i come back…

4 06 2008

I am glad that you made the time to feed us before you leave :)

8 06 2008
little inbox

There were once in few years back, my bf (my hubby now) and I went to Tambun for seafood. But at that time, both of us not sure which restaurant to dine in, so we just follow the crowd, and went to Gee Seng finally. We enjoyed the food, and the sea breeze.

20 10 2008

I went to Gee Seng in Year 2005, and the food then was superb! I went there again last weekend (Oct 18, 2008) but somehow the food there has deteriorate. Fried squid/sotong which is supposed to be crispy isn’t crispy as previously. Price has increased tremendously (ie 1kg of mantis prawn is RM100 nowadays) unlike Year2005 size M mantis prawn is RM6-RM7 each!! Phew.. luckily the steam-sweet-sour-fish made up to the disappointment! But irritated by the house-flys nowadays!!

25 03 2010
Sun H

Nice info. I was wondering how to go there from GeorgeTown? I did not hire a vehicle as I know taxi will have ridiculous price. Any advise?

8 01 2012

Hi there, is there any landmark to spot this restaurant if using the highway to jalan bukit tambun? Thanks.

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