Teacher, I Was Absent

23 06 2008

BRB with posts after I’ve straightened out and reorganize my lazy lifestyle at the moment.

* Update


I dunno why, but I’m not as enthusiastic about food as much as I used to. Weirdest thing is.. I kinda grow to hate the sight of meat and eating it. My mom still forces me to eat them and eventually I fell out of interest with food. I enjoy cooking vegetable dishes at home now more than going out to eat. I like the shades of green more than brown or red. Geez this is psychologically incomprehensible.. I don’t understand what’s going on.




7 responses

24 06 2008
ck lam @what2see

Wow….nice to see you back with us again after a long rest….waiting for you to share with us all that has happened during that time.

26 06 2008
Simon Seow


30 06 2008
New Kid On The Blog

ai yo…. hv been waiting for your posts la!!!

6 07 2008

Take your time in getting back.

11 07 2008
ai wei

cheer up cheer up! it’s good to hear that u love vege but never neglect meat too as they are the major sources of protein

eat healthy eat balance!

13 07 2008

its called he eaters block. hits you bad when you have 2 much
of the

same thing …
same place…
same ppl.

looks like another job for the ultra fresh backstreetgluttons…

14 07 2008

It’s good to go for vege. You’re something like at my stage now. I don’t like to eat meat anymore. I’ll go for green leafy food. I only buys vege and stuffs that are non-meat or sea-food. It’s healthy… but I am very tired now cas I don’t know what to cook anymore. Looking forward to see your vegetarian’s recipe ! :-)

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