durianberry bakes: Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Squares

18 07 2008


Love at first sight. My heart skipped at the sound of its name. I made the first move to click Save when I lay my eyes on the recipe in Smitten Kitchen



This recipe is simple and the result is yummy yummy ^.^ It’s basically a layer of cookie crumbs, a layer of condensed milk + cream cheese –> *squeeee!* then finished with chocolate glaze.

hershey dark

I only had a bar of expiry-date-in-danger Hershey Dark Chocolate, so I used that. I’m sure Valrhona or Callebaut will make a chocolaty-er, gourmet-er glaze ;D


Dulce de leche is condensed milk thickened to caramel consistency. Starbucks was promoting their beverage with the same name sometime ago. But I prefer having a bite than a sip! :P And a heart full of thanks to CK of What2See for this Friendship award! *hugs*


I also want to share this friendship with fellow food bloggers:

Jian: Cokeworld Citizen (my makan buddy with superb knowledge about food)
CK Lam: What2See (Thanks for your friendship in return! The couple who has covered an extensive list of eating places in Penang under their belt)
Jason: Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong (the first flogger I’ve met and a very nice person)
Christine: Eyeeing on Happiness (flogger from the same uni as me!)




12 responses

19 07 2008

im back in upm..hope u r too..recipe seems really simple and yummy delicious…and of coz certainly thanks for the sharing..happy with it..hope to meet you in person really soon for some foodie foodie..

19 07 2008
ck lam @what2see

Yummy creamy cheesecake…would love to try some… if only you are back here.

20 07 2008

Hershey’s for cheesecakes? interesting.

21 07 2008

Wow… you should take up culinary course. ;-p Beautiful done. How I wish I could have a bite. ;-)

21 07 2008


21 07 2008

*can I please have a piece??? pretty please?* :D

looks perfect….please teach me how to make it.

21 07 2008

~drools~~~~ looks really really yummy! must try the recipe one day! glad to see that you’re back to blogging. :)

21 07 2008

looks great! and thanks for sharing :)

22 07 2008

Thanks Durianberry~ :)
And my… such delish creation.

23 07 2008

This is wickedly good!

25 07 2008

christine – Yup sure! That’s what upm kids do and good at.. cari makan. Hehe

ck lam – Haha sorry.. I will bring for u next time ;D

J2Kfm – Improvising ^_~

24HrMom – Ahh I do intend to take up culinary course if I fail to find work with my boring degree I’m doing now

squall_czk – Glad u find it ~yum yum~ looking

buzzingbee – I’m not so good actually. I scrutinise the recipe and have my laptop sitting nearby as I bake, while checking comments from other bakers.. haha

Lingzie – I’m waiting for u to bake for us! :P

sc – No problem!

Jason & Cynthia – Tq. I’m glad to have found and tried the recipe too

27 07 2008

good to know you are now eating bigger than normal !

after da break with more guzzling power !

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