durianberry experiments: playing with food

3 08 2008

I’m loaded with assignments. This usually happens 3 to 4 weeks into Uni. Blehhh. And one of our lecturers was offended by our attitude (I think he is just too short-tempered). The consequence – lacklustre lectures from him, a cancelled excursion and a difficult test to be thrown upon us. Sigh. The other day I went ahead with a bowl of tomyam although I was already feeling slightly unwell. Now I’m slapped with a week of drippy runny noise and cough ;P

Oh well, nevermind. I can reminisce about the food I enjoyed experimenting with last month… while I was at home – healthy and shaking legs with all the free time I had.


Some South African avocados I picked out at a supermarket. You can tell they were still unripe if it is relatively hard and does not yield to gentle pressure when held in the palm of the hand and squeezed. To get avocados to ripe faster, I simply wrap them in newspaper and leave in a cool, dry place.


When they are ready, I used them to make yummy guacamole. Once you do cut into an avocado you want to eat it as quickly as possible. Or they will turn brown when oxidised. My favourite recipe for an authentic guacamole is from Simply Recipes. It has to have garlic, lime juice and cilantro! Then open up a bag of Chachos to go with it.

bullseye pizza

This is a thin crust version pizza. The recipe is versatile enough even I succeeded in making it! I used to buy premix from bakery shop because if I make from scratch, I always end up with pizza bread :( I spread some homemade tomato sauce and throw on some sausages. 5 minutes from done, I crack an egg on top and pop back into the oven. . Easy meal!


This is a low fat healthy biscotti recipe which I substituted with almonds and my failed meringue (not so healthy anymore!). See what I mean by playing with food? Hehe. I like the recipe because it uses oil instead of butter. The biscotti didn’t turn out as crispy as I wanted. Maybe I messed with the ingredients too much. Nonetheless it was so good to dip into a cup of foamy coffee!

channa #1

When I saw Cynthia‘s post on channa (sautéed chickpeas), I had to ask her for the recipe. I only know about steamed chickpeas, which is one of my favourite Indian snacks besides muruku. And I am so happy to have attempted this version of cooking the chickpeas.

channa #2

I had to substitute and improvise some ingredients with what I had at home. This my sautéed chickpeas with red onions, paprika, freshly ground cumin and a stalk of spring onions at the end. So scrumptious! I love the balance of earthiness from the cumin and sweetness of spring onions. Thanks for the recipe, Cynthia.




12 responses

3 08 2008

wow you are a great cook or should I say a great “experimentalist” !!!!
Do share with us some of your nice recipes yea… :)

3 08 2008

wah … looks and sounds yummy. you can even make your own guacamole???
and pizza? and chickpea dish? hey, fusion at its best! :)

3 08 2008
Criz Lai

I love your tagline but the food displayed here looked more like over the budget. LOL! Anyway, I do not know if you are adventurous enough to try blending avocado and aloe vera (both take out the skin) and mix with flake tuna in mayonnaise, some pepper and herbs. It’s a healthy spread for breads as well as biscuits. Do try it out since you love to play with food.. haha.


4 08 2008
ck lam

Wow…sure looks good. Would be nice if you could join us in the coming potluck gathering and share with us these delicious food experiments of yours :)

5 08 2008

wah… me likey your food experiments… they all look so tasty!
and those chickpeas look really yummy! i love chickpeas and have been wanting to make my own hummus for ages… time to dig out that recipe. :)

5 08 2008

You have made me so very hungry with this post. Everything you’ve made looks fantastic. I’m inspired so here’s what I am going to do. I am going out in the yard to pick some avocadoes and then I am soaking some chick peas to make channa tomorrow! Thank you!!!

6 08 2008
Simon Seow

I don’t use Chachos because too salty, I buy those unsalted imported corn chips. More expensive but won’t over power the dip.

6 08 2008

looks like you had fun and success playing around with food! thanks fot mentioning my biscotti recipe; looking at your pic, I’m tempted to try your non-healthy version now:) and the chickpeas look great too!:)

6 08 2008

Wah… the chickpea dish looks delish~ But where to buy chickpea?

7 08 2008

buzzingbee – I browse the web for recipes and I have fun experimenting with them. Hehe. I really am glad for all the foodies who kindly put their recipes up :)

J2Kfm – Ya believe it or not.. can replicate those food you find at restaurant at home!

Criz Lai – Cheaper than eating out! Thanks for the tips. Sounds really good. Will try it out in the future :)

ck lam – Yes I’m looking forward to it. I wanna try other floggers’ homemade too!

Lingzie – I tried making hummus once. It is so delish to eat with capathi. Dig out that recipe!

Cynthia – Wow avocados and chickpea? I have to have that recipe from you!

Simon Seow – I see! I’m too used to buying cheap stuff :P

Mansi – Thank you so much for the recipe! I didn’t do too good by substituting too much :( I will try the recipe again… properly!

Jason – Pasar malam (for ready to eat chickpea). Heh. Raw ones – any Indian shop selling lentils. But for lazy ones like me, I use straight from canned ones :P They are usually put together with the canned peas/corns/mushroom

11 08 2008

Ooo.. thanks for the tips! ^^

31 12 2008

I love the egg/pizza combo! I saw it on every pizza menu while I was in Australia!

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