Station Kopitiam @ Berjaya Times Square

7 08 2008

Holding 2 food promo flyers shoved into our hands earlier, with one eye closed we picked one to lunch at. We found ourselves at Station Kopitiam because a) we can’t find a nice and affordable place to eat at BJT and b) it’s near to the cinema where we were going to watch The X-Files.


I never trust these type of outlets which serve food that is good enough to look but fails miserably taste-wise. The drawing factor would be that most dishes are under RM15. The drinks we ordered (from left) are Galaxy fruit juice (looks more like a-go-go-ish polka dress), ice lemon tea (which comes with my set) and citron tea. The lemon tea is kinda like the Thai tea sans the milk.. it has a pretty nice flavour. The citron tea tastes like chan pei (the dried orange peel we eat as asam), quite interesting and refreshing.

crispy chicken

My friend’s bbq sauce chicken chop served with sides of fries, par-boiled greens and fried rice. RM11.90. He claimed that the chicken is yummy :)

sweet and sour chicken

My other friend’s sweet and sour chicken with rice and pappadum. RM6.30.

fried koey teow set

My set of fried koey teow with two pieces of chicken (hidden underneath) topped with egg and pappadum. Included in the set are ice lemon tea, 2 tiny slices of watermelon, and MSG laden soup. RM7.90. After trying the fried koey teow, I throw my preconception aside. It is actually not bad. My only complain is the oiliness of the dish.

The serving size is reasonably large to make us feel very full and satisfied :)


After the movie, at Sg Wang Plaza, we saw this geeky guy playing piano. I didn’t recognise him but I thought he look familiar. Then my friend pointed out that he’s Vick from Malaysian Idol 1 <- I don’t watch this stuff. He was to perform a non-stop 24-hour piano recital to accomplish a Malaysia Book Of Records feat. Lucky he choose piano, not guitar. The Colonel KFC bow tie looks good on him.


Then I spotted something more interesting. A big red SUV loaded with goodies *smiles to self*. A crowd was already surrounding the two staffs from 98.8fm.


Heehee.. true enough, they started passing out Pepsi MAX just about the time we got near them. Freebies! Woohoo!




5 responses

7 08 2008

Station Kopitiam. still remember when it was firstly opened, the crowd thronged the place, for the reasonably priced food, and the vast variety. though the taste was moderate.

24 hours non stop piano recital?!!!! robotic fingers ah?

7 08 2008

Hahaha…Vick with KFC Colonel’s bow tie!

9 08 2008

wow 24 hours sure is some feat! :)

10 08 2008

J2Kfm – I guess people rather eat at more established outlets. Maybe he did have robotic fingers transplant we don’t know about :P

wmw – Hee ;D

QuaChee – Yes I wonder if he made it to the Book

5 09 2009

i got 50% discount voucher for Station Kopitiam Time Square, who wants?

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