MAHA 2008

17 08 2008

Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show 2008
Malaysia Agro-Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS)
10am – 9pm (time extended for school holiday period!)
11-23 August 2008

MAHA 2008

Free shuttle bus service:
Departing from
Stadium Bukit Jalil, Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station and Serdang KTM Commuter station
from 9.30am to 10pm (every 15 minutes)

street post

square fruit

carnivore plant

Carnivore plant in a terrarium (1st prize winner in the terrarium competition)

asam gelugor

ceri terengganu


ubi keledek


pili nut

belimbing buluh

oil palm fruits

Palm oil fruits

oil palm fruit

tomato garden

Green house tomatoes

essential oils

Essential oil extracts


Seaweed has various health properties. They are for sale in dried form and as extracts.

dolphin skull

Used to be a dolphin

processed foods

Extra unhealthy processed roti bom and murtabak!

sarawak pepper

Sarawak black or white pepper are available for sale. I bought one 100gm bottle for RM2.80

tropical fruit chips

These are tropical fruit chips with flavours such as mango, papaya and pineapple. Pretty expensive, RM5 for a pack. They are fried, air dried and vacuumed packed… all by machines.


In Hall D2 is where all the food sampling actions happen. I grabbed so many tiny pieces of sample karipap, chicken nuggets, fish burger patties, kek batik sarawak, and baby cups of seaweed juice, roselle, dragon fruit enzyme, etc. Aah I was happy ;D

fruits sale

bees wax

dead bees
Bees drowned in their own honey.. lol

cultivated mushrooms
Cultivated mushrooms

fresh mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms for sale



In Hall D1 there are various Malaysian dishes you can buy, sit down and enjoy. Everything is priced like food carnival price.

Making lemang with technology

sup tulang

Sup tulang

camel's milk nuggets
Nuggets made from camel’s milk




13 responses

17 08 2008
ck lam

Wow…our country can produce so many unusual types of fruits and technology. All of us stand to benefit If only they market it properly. I love those cherries.

17 08 2008

huh? why would they kill a dolphin?
and do you eat the bees with the honey? =P

haha, so colorful pics and so much yummy food to try!

17 08 2008

everything looks so interesting. free samples are always a welcoming sight :P
but the poor bees….what a pity.

17 08 2008

this kind of gomen/gomen sponsored projects invariably attract more of a certain kind of people ( or a certain target group) , which we think is absurdly bad strategy ( or issit intentional ? ) , considering the no of national treasures you have just uncovered , and which few know exist
( including yours truly)


17 08 2008
Precious Pea

Cool pics! I would love to go too and hope I will have time to pop by next weekend. Didn’t know we have cherries here too. If only they can produce enuff for the market hor?

18 08 2008

i went there today..the weather and my walking distance is..urgh..blister for me..there are so many things there to see..i even saw out TNC and my lecturer there..and there is even a fight there…my weather jus freak me out..haha..

18 08 2008

ck lam – Ya I was surprised by the various types of fruits that can grow here. If we tap into the market with these produce we can surely benefit from it

J2Kfm – The dolphin is at the marine section. Maybe they dug it from the sea bed ;D The dead bees are for display purposes.. DO NOT EAT

buzzingbee – Yes free samples can be my lunch & dinner :P

BSG – The exhibitors mainly consist of the certain group target but it was quite informative and a lot of opportunities in farming are introduced to the public who are interested! It’s a bi-annual event so it’s nice to give a visit once :)

Precious Pea – The traffic can be quite bad. Cars need to queue up to go in especially weekend. Try to go early or take the shuttle bus :) Yalor.. if only the cherries are marketed then we don’t have to pay exorbitant price for imported ones

christine – Wah your visit so happening! I went for 2nd time yesterday. The heat was skin-burning but I took tram anyway and visit the farm animals area

18 08 2008

Nice exhibition… can see so many stuff we never heard or see before. But I guess the best part is the free food area ^^

20 08 2008

congulation to maha 2008 tahniah utk yg menjayakannya.

22 08 2008
Poh Poh

so nice… I will visit in this Saturday…

22 08 2008

Wow!MAHA 2008 itu yang dapat dikatakan…i hope next time lebih hebat…spare your RM…..hahahaha…

24 08 2008

enjoy it very much! there are so many thing that i can learn..:)

6 09 2008

Your pictures are very well taken. I wonder if you had taken more shots of the carnivorous terrarium. Took some shots of it but didn’t turn out as nice as yours.

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