More MAHA 2008

22 08 2008

because I am an addict :P

Due to time constrain the previous day, we only manage to visit the technology, agencies and food products exhibition part. I went again the following day to visit the livestock part. Hey, when they say they have goat semen collection and cattle milk extraction demonstrations I want to see, ok!

To visit other parts, you will need to take a tram. The area covered by the expo is huge. Unless you intend to burn off the roti boom you ate in the morning, do not attempt to walk ;D

Other attractions:

  • Livestock exhibition
  • Petting zoo
  • Rodeo show
  • Pineapple farm
  • Paddy farm

Click here to see the list of events


The price for tram is RM1 for adult. It is free for children below 6yrs and senior citizens. You will be given a tag to wear on your wrist and you can hop on/off the tram at any of the 7 stations. Along the way in the tram, you will be briefed about plantations and facilities in Mardi and at each station, you will be informed about what you can see or buy at that particular area.

pulasan plant

At the main entrance area, besides the exhibition halls, there are nursery, bazaar, fruit stalls selling tropical fruits and drink stands dotting the area.


honey pumpkins

durian cempedak

durian drink

I was expecting some good food at the bazaar but everywhere I turn, they are selling pretty much the same thing.

dragon fruit cuts

Some worthy food items to try at Agrobazaar in Hall D2:

  • A cup of dragonfruit cuts (I believe they give a whole fruit) only cost RM1
  • Lemon lime seaweed drink
  • Dragonfruit enzyme… it tastes like red wine, nice! It cost RM4x for a bottle though.
  • Pumpkin chips

canned sup haruan

Our very own Campbell’s – ikan haruan canned soup. Haha

cooking demo

mali mali cuba…

On my second visit, I realize how much everything is focused on processed and instant food. Most booths are promoting chips, crackers, frozen food, deep fried stuff, instant mixes and sauces. Don’t get me wrong, there’s also a good selection of health food and frozen meats. But I was half expecting something like a farmer’s market… fresh ingredients promoting slow food movement and supporting local growers.


After getting what I need (2 bottles of dragonfruit concentrate and tropical fruit chips) I took the tram to breathe some fresh air. We passed by some plantation areas and really beautiful scenery.


durian plantation




At the 5th station, that is the livestocks exhibition part, visitors can learn a thing or two about farm animals. Children can enjoy looking at their cuteness and beg their parents to buy one as a pet.

feeding goats

Here is a modeled cage for goats rearing.


Someone is angry…


Heehee so berbulu… I’ve never seen this type of lamb. I was too engrossed in taking photos I didn’t take note of the species type. So I can only tell by goat/lamb/sheep/cow.



I wish my hair is curly like this… so cute!

nose ring cow

This guy is the size of a car! And I mean Persona/Vios that kind, not Kancil.

furry cow

Furry cow… I want to pet it but my hand can’t reach!



Pony! It’s so pretty :)

goat milk ice cream

Something caught my attention, alright!

goat milk

goat milk ice cream

Goat’s milk popsicle! Yummy! Okay, actually not that nice. It’s tasteless, less creamy than made from moo-moo’s. But it’s good for those lactose-intolerent.

food stall

Nearby there is a food court for the hungries…

roast chicken

A food stall is offering deer meat soup, mutton soup and roast chicken.

guava drink

Guava juice tinged with green colouring!

Las Vacas

Las Vacas

Las Vacas menu

cat judging

aaahh! Monk-head shaved kitty!


Sorry I don’t have many food pics in this post. Bet you are tired looking at all the animals. Well goodnight for now! :P

Tomorrow is the last day! Go if you haven’t. Don’t shun at the sound of agriculture!




2 responses

23 08 2008
Life for Beginners

What on earth is cemepedak durian? LOL

Fusion fruit, issit? :)

25 08 2008

You r such good companionship for this kind of things !

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