Malaysia Boleh!

31 08 2008

midvalley ktm line

Tunggu KTM? Kita boleh! Sebab tiap hari pun alami dilema ini. Kalau tak boleh pun, apa yang kerajaan boleh buat? KTM Berhad boleh bagi macam-macam alasan.

Yesterday morning I waited 1hr for the bloody KTM. The train was delayed at the Nilai station and the announcer said it will be a 15mins delay. Then it prolongs to 20mins. Then the announcer got nothing better to do & promote KTM’s longer operating hours that day in anticipation of the Merdeka countdown. Then silence. Then much much later than the promised 20mins, the train arrived packed full of load people.

Malaysian International Fireworks Competition 2008

Nebermind… it’s Malaysia’s 51st burfday today. *respect*. Happy Merdeka!




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1 09 2008

One fine day and night You & We shall celebrate together our affectionate Bolehland with cups of teh tarik/longuns and some beers , say in a high class Mamak shop ?

say yes and semua Bolih !

1 09 2008

wah … the sea of people waiting for KTM is really daunting!
wonder if PM waits for an hour, he’ll start to get pissed off and swear ….
Just wondering …

1 09 2008
CK Lam @what2see

Hope to see the transportation system gearing up for the better in the coming months…

1 09 2008
ai wei


that’s really lots of ppl!!!!

the fireworks u captured are amazing! good job!

2 09 2008

OMG, all those people!
Shame on KTM….

2 09 2008

whoa..that’s SCARY..*sigh* pak lah should experience this instead of taking a leisure ride with few bodyguards around

3 09 2008
Nic (KHKL)

i think 2 trains also cannot fit that much of people, aiyoh….

the solution is not difficult. either add more trains at peak hours or speed up. but bolehkah kita? hmmm….

nice pics of the fireworks, btw! :D

3 09 2008

Haha here semua pun BOLEH…so what can we do???
I used to experience the “waiting” times in KL last time. Really frustrating.

But *respect* to this 51 year old country!! Happy Merdeka!! (belated) Hahaha

8 09 2008
Simon Seow

And we’re ask to take public transport because the fuel price is high wtf.

12 09 2008

wow….u think things will improve after PM went for a ride on train? That was only when he knew how hard everyone was and the kesusahan people went thru.

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