65°C Water-roux buns

26 09 2008

So I’ve been a little occupied lately. And I’m at home in Pg now for a week of mid semester break. Hehe, technically I’ve not posted anything eat-worthy from KL. Sowwy :P Now that I’m home, I’m so eager to use mess up my mom’s kitchen and the lovely oven!

water roux bun #1

Shaped dough ready to be baked in the oven!

water roux bun #2

This is a little while back when I experimented with the 65°C water-roux (TangZhong) technique to make bread that stays fresh and soft without using bread improver. With the help of bread kneading function built-in the oven, it was relatively easy to prepare the dough. That is until I had to shape them, because I’m still a novice and I wasn’t able to get the desired shape.

water roux bun #3

I top the buns with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds. You see, I was trying to emulate those healthy buns sold in bakery that are packed with grains and nuts, but they keep falling off ^.^; So I only manage to stick some on top of the buns. Haha~

water roux bun #4

Yummy and healthy buns.. worth the extra work put in making from scratch :) I gave some to my grandparents while the remaining were wiped off in 2 days. Inside were soft and fluffy while the outside is slightly crusty on the first day. Is that supposed to happen? :P Well it may be due to my oven settings.

I gathered quite a few recipes and here are some good sites:
Pure-Enjoyment (clear instructions on the water-roux starter)
Do What I Like – 65°C Bread Loaf
Café of the East – Japanese-Style Bun Dough




11 responses

26 09 2008

Looks good… I’ve to try to like baking… hehe

28 09 2008

wow… can open bakery shop liao lor like that….
hee hee….

hmm… one day must try,, may be make us some for next coming gathering.. hee hee…

hi… I am HUat Koay.. sorry for not spending some minutes to talk to u.. I am sorry.. i love your blog….hee hee

28 09 2008

wow!!! the bun looks so tempting!

Nice to meet you!!

28 09 2008
ai wei

this is cool! i wanna try this. but i dun understand how is this made… (after reading from those sites). mind to write up the recipe for me? :P

28 09 2008
ai wei

hihi, can u email me the portion, ingredients and the procedure u make for ur bun??? i just can’t wait to try it out. thank u!

to my email ya~ ^^

28 09 2008

Hey, from now onwards I’m gonna be a regular readers of your blog oh! You will bake & bring to the next gathering, won’t you? *wink*

29 09 2008

Hey, good job! They look wonderful!

29 09 2008

my salivar started to flow out. =]
by the way
nice to meet you last saturday. =]
keep in touch ya. xD

2 10 2008
Ah Shui

Hi, nice to meet u, if there is a chance, wish to bake together with u…

4 10 2008

You’re such a talented baker!~:)
Too bad I didn’t get to attend the gathering, else I would have meet you :D

Enjoy your week in Penang!!~ Happy Holidays, guess a bit too late to say that hor:p

8 10 2008

They looked like siew pow!

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