2nd Penang Flogger Gathering

17 10 2008


A delayed post from the 2nd Penang Flogger gathering at Edelweiss Cafe! (Sorry to all who were expecting this post like.. um almost 3 weeks ago >.<) We have to thank Lingzie for making the event happen. Also to the other sponsors of goodies – CK Lam, Criz Lai (lucky draw) and Gill & Jason :) It was truly a night centered on food and mingling among bloggers, getting to know each other at a more personal level. The best moment is when everyone started clicking away their camera when a plate arrives at a table!

Edelweiss signs


iced lemon tea
Refreshing iced lemon tea.. much needed to quench our thirst after chit-chatting with all the bloggers :P

pumkin orange soup


Then comes our appetiser, pumpkin orange soup with garlic bread and toasted benggali bread with onion and cheese. The soup has a pretty thick consistency topped off with a swirl of cream and dried parsley(?). It was a nice starter with the fragrant toasts, though I wish the soup had at least a hint of orange.


The first dish to arrive at Nigel’s table and needless to say, all the floggers converge to take snapshots!

bbq ribs #1

bbq ribs #2

BBQ pork ribs with sides of french fries and garden salad. The sweet bbq smell really made me drool that time and I was really hungry… The serving portion is also very generous.

gammon ham

Gammon ham served with mash potato, salad and onion gravy :D~

roast leg of lamb #1

roast leg of lamb #2

I had the roast leg of lamb served with mashed potato and salad which comes with brown gravy and mint sauce. ahh what can I say. It tastes delicious ^.^ Cooked perfectly and the meat was tender. I liked it better with the brown sauce.

pork belly

Smoked pork belly with mashed potato and salad on the side. I think this is the raved and must have dish at Edelweiss. The smoked flavour is intense, so if you are put off by the fat… close your eyes and try it for your tastebud to remember :P

bill tray

The restaurant is also nicely decorated with interesting trinkets and antiques. This looks like a bill tray. Complete with mini lamp post. So you don’t misread your bill! How thoughtful.

fondue pots

Cheese fondue pots! I wanna try cheese fondue!


First aid Swiss flag lamp.


Lol… Boy, do they eat a lot last time! I forgot to count how many levels are the tiffins.

Toilet made attractive.

apple pies

After the break and some photo taking session, it’s dessert time! The waitress had to tell us to sit down because we were like excited little kids who were everywhere.

apple pie

Apple flan with vanilla ice-cream. Yummy! There were many pieces of sliced apple which lends a nice texture and it is not too sweet. Together with the cold ice-cream it was a perfect end to the meal.


Well, actually double good end to the meal. We also receive a delicious brownies each from the talented Ah Shui!

pineapple tart

Make that triple good end! Tasty tarts wtih strawberry and pineapple jam in a heart shaped container from CK Lam. Thank you!

Check the round up here.

Floggers, bloggers, photobloggers I met:
Ah Shui
Allen Ooi
Alvin Yang
Buzzing Bee
Chan Lilian
CK Lam
Criz Lai
Gill & Jason
Food POI
Nick Chan
Steven Goh
Yi Phing




13 responses

17 10 2008

Wah all your pictures are so nice ….. You are using Macro lens ka ?

18 10 2008
CK Lam

Your pictures says it all…clear and sharp…thanks for sharing. I am happy and glad that you managed to join this gathering although you miss out on the first one.

ck lam

18 10 2008

Really really LOVELy pics….I love them!! Boy, I still feel that it was such a great big miss for me!!:(

18 10 2008
Criz Lai

Wow.. very well taken indeed. I wished we could get to know each other better that night. Nice knowing how a “durian berry” look like that night.. haha :P


18 10 2008

OK, I book you odi for private photoshooting session! :)

18 10 2008
Ah Shui

Hi nice meeting u, feel happy that I met another new friend who is also interested in baking.

19 10 2008

amazing photos girl! i like the tiffins photo! i’ve never noticed them before although i’ve been to the place a few times! and yes that’s a bill tray. so cute right? i am still fascinated by it.

“The waitress had to tell us to sit down because we were like excited little kids who were everywhere.”
haha! yes this is so true! very happy to finally meet you. hopefully there’ll be more meets to come! :)

19 10 2008
Steven Goh

You pictures are clear. Pictures tell thousand words. Hope to meet up with you again.

19 10 2008

hahaha …. the waitress must be curious to know what you guys were up to.
runnin in circles and snapping the food, rather than the people.

great shots. fantastic gathering.

19 10 2008

………… speechless…. ur photo is very talkative… so we chose to remain silence….

great photo shooting skill….

23 10 2008

wow real sharp photos!!
glad to have met you and had a nice chat since we were sitting at the same table. Hope to have more meet-ups in the future ok?? :D

24 10 2008

email2me – No macro ($$??). I use the kit lens :D

CK Lam – It was really nice meeting you! Thanks for the yummy tart

Christy – Don’t feel miss out. There will be another gathering coming up :)

Criz Lai – I’m also glad to know how Criz looks like (dress so cool one!). Thanks for the lucky draw gift!

cariso – Ok it’s set! :P

Ah Shui – Me too! Hope to learn some baking tips from you ^.^

Lingzie – You were so busy and popular that night being the organizer :D all the deco they put up are so fascinating!

Steven Goh – More meets in the future!

J2Kfm – Hehe the atmosphere was turned upside down

PenangTuaPui – Tq! Haha your choice of words make me laugh :D Hope to see all 3 of you next time

buzzingbee – Hope to see you again too!

31 10 2008

This post (and the gathering) makes me think of the first floggers gathering in KL last year. All sorts of thoughts and feeling just came to me :)

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