Leong Ya Restaurant

24 10 2008


There are 3 Leong Ya Restaurants in the vicinity, all operated by the same family. One on the first row with air-conditioning, and the other two have bigger space sans the comfort of air-cond. They are at the corner in the second row and at the far end. Why so many eh? Doesn’t matter, as long as they serve their signature yummy ji pao gai ^oo^

yong tau foo

Their yong tau foo is pretty good too. They come drenched in a sweet thickly sauce. We ordered a mix and each reasonably sized piece is RM1.

paper wrapped chicken

Hi, who’s in there?

paper wrapped chicken

Paper wrapped chicken! Oh oh.. yummyliciousness unfolds! Despite the glue-ey mess I captured in picture here, the gravy is excellent in flavour and makes me drool when the aroma hits the nose. It has a hint of chinese rice wine and tastes slightly of ginger. The chicken is slowly cooked in the package, absorbing all the flavour and keeping the meat tender. Well worth the price of RM 2.60 per parcel.

mix veg

Mix stir fried vegetables. Again they use chinese rice wine which works wonder with this kind of dish.

3 treasures egg

Three-treasured steamed egg. I’m not sure what it’s called, I’m simply naming it :P. It’s a super smooth steamed egg with salted duck egg and century-egg mixed in. Very delicious but the soy sauce is too salty.

For the location, check out KYSpeaks




7 responses

24 10 2008

finally.. best food blogger awake form loong sleep… heehee

i love ji bao kai so much…. once go KL sure buggggg my sister to get me to the famous ji bao kai… yum yum….

Penang dun have great one.. sien lo

24 10 2008
550ml jar of faith

Looks wonderful, and not too far away from me either! Must must must go. Remember mom making this when we were kids.. of course she can’t be bothered anymore now that we’re not nasty little tykes anymore LOL

24 10 2008
ck lam

Long time didn’t eat the ji bao kai already…the gravy of the chicken is thick and tasty.

24 10 2008
Food Point Of Interest

It taste real good …… I went there after watch 8TV Hochak recommending them last time.


24 10 2008

its quite interesting when we go there..have to go eenie mini moh at the 3 stalls..

24 10 2008
Big Boys Oven

I am dying for the chicken parcel : chi pau kai”. there aew awesome delicious and not many places preprae such dish and also variant form each places! well spot on!

11 11 2008
Dr. C

Little did I check but everytime when I do… i will just go…. 1#@@#%$#&*%RT$%^&!!!! I shouldn’t have checked… made me HUNGRY AGAIN!!! RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! LOL.. but it’s good! Keeps me updated on new things that I’m not in touch with. :P

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