65°C Water-roux buns

26 09 2008

So I’ve been a little occupied lately. And I’m at home in Pg now for a week of mid semester break. Hehe, technically I’ve not posted anything eat-worthy from KL. Sowwy :P Now that I’m home, I’m so eager to use mess up my mom’s kitchen and the lovely oven!

water roux bun #1

Shaped dough ready to be baked in the oven!

water roux bun #2

This is a little while back when I experimented with the 65°C water-roux (TangZhong) technique to make bread that stays fresh and soft without using bread improver. With the help of bread kneading function built-in the oven, it was relatively easy to prepare the dough. That is until I had to shape them, because I’m still a novice and I wasn’t able to get the desired shape.

water roux bun #3

I top the buns with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds. You see, I was trying to emulate those healthy buns sold in bakery that are packed with grains and nuts, but they keep falling off ^.^; So I only manage to stick some on top of the buns. Haha~

water roux bun #4

Yummy and healthy buns.. worth the extra work put in making from scratch :) I gave some to my grandparents while the remaining were wiped off in 2 days. Inside were soft and fluffy while the outside is slightly crusty on the first day. Is that supposed to happen? :P Well it may be due to my oven settings.

I gathered quite a few recipes and here are some good sites:
Pure-Enjoyment (clear instructions on the water-roux starter)
Do What I Like – 65°C Bread Loaf
Café of the East – Japanese-Style Bun Dough


Merdeka Open House 2008: Mee & Malaysia

27 08 2008

This entry is for Merdeka Open House 2008: Mee & Malaysia event hosted by Babe in the City. Growing up I think the only mee I can really relate to is maggi mee. My mom is the contemporary type and doesn’t cook much traditional food at home. I thought hard but couldn’t come up with a noodle dish which represents my origin. I decided to cook from the recipe of the mee I grow to love and enjoy – lemak laksa or fondly known as Siam laksa in Penang.

I hope this qualifies although the recipe is adapted from the cookbook – Food From The Heart. The amount in brackets are my guestimation because who weighs everything, right? :P

lemak laksa

Lemak Laksa
adapted from Food From The Heart, recipe by Puan Sri Siew Yong Gnanalingam

3 stalks lemongrass/serai, slice the fleshy section.
30g garlic (4 cloves)
150g shallots (3-4)
15g galangal/lengkuas, slice (1 thumb-sized knob)
10g candle nut/buah keras (3-4)
10g fresh turmeric/kunyit, slice
15g dried shrimp paste/belacan
15g dried chillies, soaked in hot water and blended fine
2 stalks ginger flower/bunga kantan, finely sliced
5 pcs kaffir lime leaves/daun limau purut, finely sliced
250ml coconut milk/santan
Cooking oil
350g fish, preferably wolf herring/ikan parang
1L water
Laksa noodle or rice vermicelli/bee hoon, scalded and drained

200g bean sprouts/taugeh, quickly scalded, drained and keep aside
Mint leaves, clean and pluck out each leaf for use
Cucumber, julienned

1.    Steam fish and de-bone. Break up the fish meat and keep aside. Keep the fish stock.
2.    Blend lemongrass, garlic, candle nut, shallots, galangal, turmeric and belacan. Keep aside.
3.    Heat oil in a large wok and fry blended spices and blended chilli till fragrant and remove.
4.    Boil water in a pot. When boiling, add ginger flower slices, kaffir lime leaves, fried chilli spices, mashed dish meat and fish stock. Add salt to taste.
5.    Boil for 15 minutes. Add coconut milk, bring it back to boil and put aside.

To serve
1.    Put laksa noodle in each bowl.
2.    Pour hot soup over noodles and top with bean sprouts, cucumber and add the tofu.

1.    Outer part of ginger flower and upper stalk of lemongrass can be added to boiling water for added aroma. Remove before adding the fish.
2.    I didn’t use fish when I prepared this. I added a cube of ikan bilis stock to the soup and reduced the amount of water to 750ml

Thanks for hosting this patriotic event, BabeKL! ^.^

durianberry experiments: playing with food

3 08 2008

I’m loaded with assignments. This usually happens 3 to 4 weeks into Uni. Blehhh. And one of our lecturers was offended by our attitude (I think he is just too short-tempered). The consequence – lacklustre lectures from him, a cancelled excursion and a difficult test to be thrown upon us. Sigh. The other day I went ahead with a bowl of tomyam although I was already feeling slightly unwell. Now I’m slapped with a week of drippy runny noise and cough ;P

Oh well, nevermind. I can reminisce about the food I enjoyed experimenting with last month… while I was at home – healthy and shaking legs with all the free time I had.


Some South African avocados I picked out at a supermarket. You can tell they were still unripe if it is relatively hard and does not yield to gentle pressure when held in the palm of the hand and squeezed. To get avocados to ripe faster, I simply wrap them in newspaper and leave in a cool, dry place.


When they are ready, I used them to make yummy guacamole. Once you do cut into an avocado you want to eat it as quickly as possible. Or they will turn brown when oxidised. My favourite recipe for an authentic guacamole is from Simply Recipes. It has to have garlic, lime juice and cilantro! Then open up a bag of Chachos to go with it.

bullseye pizza

This is a thin crust version pizza. The recipe is versatile enough even I succeeded in making it! I used to buy premix from bakery shop because if I make from scratch, I always end up with pizza bread :( I spread some homemade tomato sauce and throw on some sausages. 5 minutes from done, I crack an egg on top and pop back into the oven. . Easy meal!


This is a low fat healthy biscotti recipe which I substituted with almonds and my failed meringue (not so healthy anymore!). See what I mean by playing with food? Hehe. I like the recipe because it uses oil instead of butter. The biscotti didn’t turn out as crispy as I wanted. Maybe I messed with the ingredients too much. Nonetheless it was so good to dip into a cup of foamy coffee!

channa #1

When I saw Cynthia‘s post on channa (sautéed chickpeas), I had to ask her for the recipe. I only know about steamed chickpeas, which is one of my favourite Indian snacks besides muruku. And I am so happy to have attempted this version of cooking the chickpeas.

channa #2

I had to substitute and improvise some ingredients with what I had at home. This my sautéed chickpeas with red onions, paprika, freshly ground cumin and a stalk of spring onions at the end. So scrumptious! I love the balance of earthiness from the cumin and sweetness of spring onions. Thanks for the recipe, Cynthia.

durianberry bakes: Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Squares

18 07 2008


Love at first sight. My heart skipped at the sound of its name. I made the first move to click Save when I lay my eyes on the recipe in Smitten Kitchen



This recipe is simple and the result is yummy yummy ^.^ It’s basically a layer of cookie crumbs, a layer of condensed milk + cream cheese –> *squeeee!* then finished with chocolate glaze.

hershey dark

I only had a bar of expiry-date-in-danger Hershey Dark Chocolate, so I used that. I’m sure Valrhona or Callebaut will make a chocolaty-er, gourmet-er glaze ;D


Dulce de leche is condensed milk thickened to caramel consistency. Starbucks was promoting their beverage with the same name sometime ago. But I prefer having a bite than a sip! :P And a heart full of thanks to CK of What2See for this Friendship award! *hugs*


I also want to share this friendship with fellow food bloggers:

Jian: Cokeworld Citizen (my makan buddy with superb knowledge about food)
CK Lam: What2See (Thanks for your friendship in return! The couple who has covered an extensive list of eating places in Penang under their belt)
Jason: Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong (the first flogger I’ve met and a very nice person)
Christine: Eyeeing on Happiness (flogger from the same uni as me!)

At Home Making Homemade Ricotta

29 04 2008

I’m home! It was wonderful spending time with Jian eating around KL again and such a pleasure meeting Jason, CityGal and tankiasu ^.^ (posts coming up soon)


I apologize for not updating earlier. The transition from Nilai KTM station to LCCT suck. I should have followed my friend’s advise and take the Skybus (or is it Aerobus?) straight from KL Sentral. Well, all that doesn’t matter anymore after I arrived at the terminal. The staffs provide excellent service and the plane was on time. RM0.29 is a good bargain!

in plane

Look at the beautiful formation of the land! This part is my favourite view! I dunno where that is though. Probably Kedah?

ricotta curd

I have held on this recipe and waiting painfully each day all the time I stayed in uni to try it :P When I got all the ingredients on Sunday night, immediately the next day I had to start on this homemade ricotta cheese. This is the curd I obtain after simmering the milk mixture.

ricotta drip

Leaving it for the whey to drip.


My ricotta! Heehee. I was a bit rough while handling it, so it broke into ugly pieces >.< I added it to pasta and it provides extra creaminess. Yum! It’s tasteless though, so I’m wondering if salt should be added. I’m going to try with other milk variation and perhaps add lemon juice or some cream.

It doesn’t take long to make. You’d be surprised it’s so easy. Many thanks to Beck & Posh!

Beef patties

14 11 2007

Beef patties in the making

This afternoon I was experimenting with making my own beef patties ;D

I didn’t have any recipe in hand, so I simply threw in whatever I can find in mom’s kitchen. I had 200g of beef bought the day before, half an onion, some corriander and about half a cup of breadcrumbs. I added Heinz bbq sauce to bind all the ingredients and a dash of salt and pepper.

After shaping them, the patties are grilled on each side until browned and thoroughly cooked. When the patties are almost done, I slice a burger bun into half and lightly toast it on the grill. When both are done, lunch is served!

Burger with beef patties

The patty is less compact, crunchier and you can flavour it with other herbs and spices as you like. You can make them in advance and store in freezer, pretty much like store-bought. On the health side, you know what goes into the patties and less calories laden :3 There aren’t much preparation involved. Took me less than half an hour ^_^ (after deducting the time for photography).


27 10 2007

Apology for the lack of update. I didn’t visit any ramadan bazaar back in Penang as daily routine is sleeping late into evening. Much time was spent watching AFC and Travels & Living (both are rocking channels!) as well as baking at night ;)

One of my baking experiment is tiramisu. Inspired by Bigboysoven, of course. Thank you for the detailed steps but I didn’t follow them thoroughly :P I skipped the sabayon step, something which I can’t even pronounce n.n;; For the first time I actually notice mascarpone cheese are easily available on supermarket shelves. But I substituted with cream cheese because it’s quite expensive. RM18/250g wor…

Tiramisu #1

I went to a baking supply store in Jelutong and guess what?! I found savoiardi sponge finger! n.n (Another term I can’t pronounce). The thought of being able to use the original classic ingredient makes me feel extremely happy~ Moreover I’ve never tried tiramisu that uses this Italian biscuit other than chocolate cake. Costs RM2/packet.

Tiramisu #2

Secondly, the liquid ingredient…

My short-cut version of tiramisu is simply:
1) Dip sponge fingers into coffee liquor & coffee mixture
2) Layer them on loaf tray

Tiramisu #3

3) Cover with a layer cream cheese & whipped cream mixture

Tiramisu #4

4) Sprinkle with chocolate shavings
5) Repeat for another layer

Tiramisu #5

5) Sprinkle with cocoa powder to finish off the top!

Instant yumminess in 20 minutes. How convenient! n.n Chill in the fridge overnight if you can keep your/family members’ hands away (didn’t work in my case).

Tiramisu #6

Hehe. Quite messy as you can see but it tastes soooo good when the alcohol hits in each bite. And the leftover coffee booze makes a delicious ice shake ^.^

Sorry, I don’t have time to look through all my beloved food blogs and leave a comment. During my break I had to do assignments. Final exam is next Thursday and panic mode has set in. 6 subjects yet so little progress in my revision :o Eeek~!!