Balakong Pan Mee

17 07 2008

Sorry, I’ve been missing in action. And I haven’t been leaving comments in all the food blogs I came to know and love. I like what BSG said… it’s called eater’s block :P


Sometime ago, my friend and I went for breakfast at Balakong and this is served. :b~ Instantly my saliva gland malfunctioned and I couldn’t wait to dig in! But please be careful.. don’t be like me. I burned the roof of my mouth ^oo^


Hand-torn homemade noodle in a dark broth sweetened with pork bones and anchovies, lots of green spinach, a couple pieces of pork slices hidden underneath, then topped with dried anchovies and deep fried shallots. The pan mee just glides around the tongue as it was so smooth and the soup is so flavourful.


Their sui kow is wrapped with a filling of minced prawns, pork, carrots and water chestnut. Smooth exterior, tender interior. Yummy~


The tub of ferocious looking mixed red and green chillies is calling to me. Being the heat lover that I am, I grabbed two big spoonfuls ;D By the end of the meal, I was wiping my nose and eyes with hanky. Very spicy but it was good! Sour and packs a punch.


The rustic and simple kitchen.

A bowl of pan mee is RM3.80. Each sui kow is 80¢. If you are a small-eater, you’ll have a hard time finishing off as the portion is big!


It’s a house in the corner with no name. You won’t miss it when you see the row of shophouses along the main road. It is behind Ambank. (I don’t have the address, so I copy off BabeKL.. I hope she doesn’t mind :P)

Pan Mee Pekan Balakong

Jalan Indah 3/6
Taman Indah, Batu 11,
43200 Balakong, Selangor
Open from 8am – afternoon

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Taiping Steamed Chicken Rice & Cendol

23 05 2008

This post dates back to Labour’s Day, where I spent the day in Taiping. Folks here seem to enjoy the outdoor despite the heat. There were many people thronging Taiping Zoo and picnics set up at the Lake Garden. The most congested area are apparently places where family can spend time together. When we drove to town in search of food to fulfill lunch-time calling, the roads were almost empty and it was extremely easy to find a parking space :D


Along Barrack Road, a coffeeshop located at the corner block housed a steamed chicken rice stall. There are a number of patrons tucking away happily.. so, food must be good :)


Hot steamy rice with the fragrance of chicken fat and pandan leaves wafted to our table :3~ I started drooling already.

steamed chicken

The chicken is wonderfully smooth and tender. Pretty good. Some parts of the chicken can be fatty though.

Chinese rice dumpling #2

Most tables have a plate of Chinese rice dumplings (bak zhang/zhong zhi) on their table. It might turn out to be a regret if we didn’t try. The portion is quite big too. They are served with a bottle of Kampung Koh chilli sauce, made in Sitiawan, Perak.

Chinese rice dumpling #1

A substantial amount of chinese mushroom and pork embedded in glutinous rice which can be easily picked up with a chopstick, and a dab into the sweet sour chilli sauce.. couldn’t have been more perfect ^.^

The price came to about RM28 for 4. The dumpling is about RM5.


By Jian‘s recommendation, dessert is the famous Bismillah Cendol also at Barrack Road. It’s located further up from the chicken rice stall. Business is very good here. Two families arrived in their cars at the same time as us. Luckily we still manage to find a table to sit.


There are also a pasembor stall in the shop and a laksa cart just outside. A good place for brunch, afternoon snacks and tea-time. Since we have had lunch, we went straight for the stripped version cendol. I think it would be so good with pulut. Unfortunately we couldn’t stomach any more starch :P



The strips of cendol is fragrant with distinctive pure pandan flavour. Jian said that the cendol is made fresh at the back of the stall. Overall, I find it not as good as Penang’s Teochew cendol though. The taste of coconut milk is more prominent. I prefer cendol with more gula melaka taste :>

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice

12 05 2008

Manchester United Premier League Champion!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! Moms shouldn’t be allowed to cook in the kitchen yesterday :P Where did you bring the special one for a good treat? My mom always wanted simplicity and nothing extravagant. I baked the same cheesecake for her and dad brought us downtown for lunch. Since mom doesn’t want to eat in restaurant ;o we drove around aimlessly for 1/2 hour because a lot of coffeeshops are closed that day -_-;


Finally we found a parking lot, and headed for the ang chew mee suah (red wine rice noodle) stall I spotted last week. Again we came face to face with a closed stall.. the owner is away on vacation :(


Next door, Fatty Boy chicken rice looks pretty decent ^.^ We decided to have a try.


Besides chicken rice, they also have vinegar pork, which is one of mom’s favourite.


The roast chicken is de-boned and has lots of meat. It is so tender and smooth too. This is the most delicious chicken I have had! I’ve changed my favourite chicken rice stall from Goh Thew Chik to Fatty Boy :P


The vinegar pork came with a heap of lean meat (which dad requested). The pork is not as tender as lak tiau lor’s, which literally falls off the bone. Nonetheless, this gravy with a tinge of sourness is better and really delicious! Yummy~ I drench my rice with it because it’s soooo good. (A tastier version of pork trotter is in Butterworth).

tau kua & egg

Braised egg and tau kua

choy sum

Choy sum

Dad was a bit skeptical after the lady owner said everything cost RM24.90. With the portions served, we thought it would’ve cost more. Before leaving, they carried out a tray of freshly roast chickens. Business must be good :)

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice
98 Restaurant
Along Burmah Road, just after the junction to Kedah Road
(slightly further down from New World)
Open until 4pm

KL Eat & Shop: Day 3

10 05 2008

On the last day I was with them, we went to the famed ‘nostalgic dining place’, Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi. At first glance, the coffeeshop is tiled and complete with marbled table top and wooden chairs. Wah~ My favourite kind of ambience ;D



Antique objects, old picture frames and multitudes of newspaper interviews on this place adorned the length of this longish coffeeshop. My grandpa used to own that kind of fan until a few years ago before it went kaputt.


To see the pricing, click on pic to view larger size.

pork chop #1

We had the recommended Hainan pork chop, looking like it had trudged through a hurricane before arriving at our table. That poor piece of pork appears to have drowned in the gravy.

pork chop #2

A better presentation, thanks to Jian’s friend :) Jian thinks the pork has been tenderized by meat tenderizer, thus leading to a tough and coarse texture. Paired with the watery thin and tasteless gravy, even Worcestershire sauce cannot save this disaster before our eyes :o

Lea & Perrins

chicken chop

The chicken chop fare no better. Another victim of banjir kilat. The eggy skin felt like chewing a soggy piece of french toast. The sauce does not have enough flavour to complement the chicken.

roti babi #1

Roti babi was slightly more acceptable. A bun filled with shredded pork and caramelized onion that is fried.

roti babi #2

Some of the pork shreds are so smooth we almost believe it could fish meat. If it is accidental that pieces of fish fell into the pork mixture, blame it on earthquake?


Thank goodness for this kow and arromatic coffee to comb up the messed left on my palate.

We agreed that the Hainan western food at Yut Kee is perhaps, overrated. If there is a next time, maybe we should give the lam mee and fried rice a try.

There’s gov tax?! #@*&^%$^!@*&

KL Eat & Shop: Night 2

7 05 2008

After our visit to Aquaria KLCC, we took a 10 minutes walk from KL Convention Centre to The Pavilion. That signals for a tummy refuel!

J. Co

Not a single day at J Co. without queing ;D When we reach the counter with the vast display of yummy donuts, our order is none other than Al Capone. Then Jian wanted Miss Green T to test the authenticness of the green tea used. Both passed her expectation. Hehe.


With John King just across the corner, the temptation of an ongoing promo is too much to resist. 12 tarts consisting all flavours and a few packs of biscuits later, the *kaching* of the cashier machine is heard. (You can click on the pic for a larger version to view the pricing).

egg tarts

This is how freshly baked egg tart looks like :D The curd is like a beautiful golden sun.


A selection of pies we didn’t try…

We hung around The Pavilion while waiting for the temu janji with Jason and the other secret floggers which Jason has invited along. Then coincidently we bumped into him, looking all smart in collared long-sleeve. Me and Jian – in tshirt. Ekks~ n_n; Eventually we learned that the other secret floggers are the pretty CityGal and funny tankiasu

bbq chicken wings

Finally all of us met up at Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. I’ve never been here before despite many reviews from bloggers and the media alike. The most famous dish here, barbecue chicken wings. Juicy and succulent meat with crispy skin. Nicely caramelized to give sweetness to the chicken. Ahh so good!

roast pork noodle

Stir fried roast pork and wantan mee. A tad bit oily to my liking. Nevertheless the roast pork is pretty delicious.


Yummy hot satay! Tender and not very fatty. The peanut sauce is rather bland though. But as Jason said, it is good eaten on its own :)

Man Sok

After the satisfying and filling meal, still, we proceed to Tengkat Tong Shin for more! Hehe ^.^ Another stall I’ve been waiting ages to try… Man Sok @ Slow Uncle. Not easy to find his stall open. Pretty amazing he can stir fry with high heat yet doesn’t burn the food. I think it’s kung-fu ;D


Simple table set up of his stall.

chopstick & bowl

We were given this traditional and classic looking chopstick and bowl :)

Many many minutes later… *tada*! Our dishes arrived, and we started snapping pics. Lighting became a big concern but CityGal came to the rescue with her handphone’s torchlight.

stir fried hor fun

See how the food looks like it’s sent from heaven with the light? n_n

Stir fried hor fun in dark sauce. A bit oily and I felt that the seasoning fell short. Jian thinks it’s too salty. On the other hand, Jason finds it ok. Too many minds and conclusion was not reached :P

stir fried min sin

I love the texture of this stir fried meen sin with lots of cabbage, bean sprouts, prawns and egg bits but it lacks wok hei. The meen sin is really nice with some resistance to the bite.

I have to say how much of a good time we had with you guys. A big thank you for the treats and picking the best dishes from the menu (I wouldn’t be sure of what to order ^o^ Hehe)

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Puchong Escapade

20 08 2007

Wed, two weeks ago, my parents drove me from Penang back to my uni as they are also coming to KL for holiday. We set off at 4am because I had to sit for my Microprocessor quiz at 9am. Hehe. After that, I skipped tutorial and Seminar lecture and drove out with my parents to Puchong. Mom has written down a few respectable places for food in KL

Yong Sheng Confectionery IOI Mall

We went to IOI Mall and I stopped by this Yong Sheng Sdn. Bhd. booth to try out mooncake samples. Hehe. Eventually, I had to try their Japanese mochi too as they look so cute and soft.

Yong Sheng Confectionery Japanese mochi

My parents ended up buying 4 packets and we get 2 packets free. They give a very nice box to contain the mochi (6 in each packet), perfect as gifts or souvenirs. They are having a buy 2 free 1 promotion for a price of RM10. There are red bean, peanuts and green tea flavour. The green tea lacks flavour, I hardly taste it unless I concentrate when chewing :P
Mom intended to try the spinach pan mee stall at Jalan Kenari 2. By the time we found the coffeeshop which house the pan mee stall, it was already closed :( The banks which congregate around the area made it really difficult to find a parking space. The traffic flow was a nightmare and we were stucked in a one lane road.

It was already 3pm and we were hungry. Most of the coffeeshops were done for the day, so we just dropped by one in the next block which is still opened. We ordered Hokkien char (or Tai Luk Meen) and Ying yong wat tan hor from a fried noodle stall.

Hokkien fried noodle

The food was pretty good. Hokkien char (Hokkien fried noodle) is lightly stir fried and the least oily I’ve had anywhere. The ingredients are a bit on the skimpy side but overall quite tasty.

Cantonese noodle

Ying yong wat tan hor (Cantonese fried noodle) was delicious. Crispy noodle and soft flat noodle in a thick eggy gravy topped with two fresh prawns. More eggy bits will be nice :)

Pork noodle

Pork noodle is not bad but rather ordinary only.

Yau Kwang Restaurant
Jalan Kenari 3 (I think), shophouse row opposite IOI Mall

KL Gastro Adventure: Day 5 – Brickfields and Bangsar

2 07 2007

Two of us are unrestless when there’s no food surrounding us. We were overnighting in my dorm room where the only thing edible is sadly, dispenser water ;( The next day, we targetted Little India that captivated our tummies with their amazing array of foods before moving on to posh Bangsar ^_^

Indian food in my opinion, is the most flavourful cuisine. Richly characterised by layers of herbs and spices used in their cooking, I love everything Indian food could offer. Even something as simple as this currypuff


Dhal vadai

to this dhal vadai.. made from dhal pulp and bits of lentils and spices like cardamom seeds, cumin seeds, then fried until crispy golden brown. It is so delicious! Interestingly, most of the Indian eateries have a stall selling these snacks set up in front along the pathway. 70¢ each.

Sweets display

Unresistable Indian sweets are sold at specialty stores and also restaurants. Colourful stacks of vadai, ladoo, halway and burfi in a display case is like naked eyes drawn to diamonds.

Milk cookie

Jian had to had their milk cookie! Hehe. 70¢ per piece. Suitable for milk-lover as the flavour of milk is so evident!

Halwa cake

I tried their halwa cake which is simply flour and lots of sugar! For a mere 50¢ a piece, it was extremely fulfilling. The texture is very crumbly and hard, nothing like cake :P Do not attempt with denture!

While waiting for a bus to Bangsar, we learned about the newly changed bus system from a lady who’s uncontented with the changes. Apparently, the busses are servicing a wider area now and it takes a much longer time to wait. All the bus numbers have been revised as well. Nonetheless, we made it to Nam Chuan coffeeshop for Sarawak laksa and abacus seeds.

Abacus plate

Abacus seeds

I’ve never tried this Hakka dish before. It’s quite tasteless to me. While Jian thinks the Sarawak laksa is close to Penang curry mee minus the oomph. Haha! RM 3.00 for the abacus seeds dish.

Cendol stall

On the way to Bangsar Village, we passed a cendol stall manned by an Indian. We were already bloated, so we asked when he closes. Around 6pm. So, we just have to make sure that we come back here by 6 ;)

Putu piring stall

Putu piring

We had a bowl of not very satisfying cendol each (RM 1.20). It’s like drinking diluted coconut milk. Fortunately, the putu piring stall we spotted saved the day. By the look of people patronising this stall, we knew it must be good. Standing there watching the mother and daughter team working non-stop, they gotta be churning out 20 pieces a minute. 40¢ a piece.

A road block due to Wesak Day procession led to a longer than usual trip back to KL Sentral. But it was blessing in disguise, as the bus driver dropped the passengers in front of the drop-off/pick-up gate. Just in time, we maneuvered our way passed devotees with candles in their palms and snap away at these beautiful floats!

Wesak Day float - the reclining buddha

Wesak Day procession

Wesak Day float - monk & buddha

It was a fantastic day! ^_^

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