Autumn Hokkaido Fair

31 10 2008


The Autumn Hokkaido Fair is ongoing from 29 Oct – 12 Nov at Isetan, Suria KLCC. There are lots of Japanese products featured, fresh and processed. Needless to say, most of the items are so expensive ;(





Palm sized daifuku! Sadly I hope to see them shaped into nice intricate motifs like I’ve seen on tv.

frozen dessert

Some frozen dessert. I think you just have whack it into the microwave to get a nice treat after work :)

Autumn Hokkaido Fair

grilled squid section

One of the reason I was dragged here is the aroma that drifted from this station! Oh my.. smells so good.. I could detect it 2 floors down! ;D

grilling squid

grliing scallops

Frozen scallops thrown directly onto the grill :o That didn’t stop me from buying though. It costs RM8 for 3 pieces of big scallops about the size of 2 50¢ coins, and I’ve never tried scallops with this size ever. So it’s worth a try for me ^.^


Scallops in teriyaki sauce or they call it hotate kushi. I didn’t like the fact that they dump the freshly grilled and sizzling hot scallops into a plastic container. I recommend immediately open it, find the nearest food court and indulge!




Puchong Escapade

20 08 2007

Wed, two weeks ago, my parents drove me from Penang back to my uni as they are also coming to KL for holiday. We set off at 4am because I had to sit for my Microprocessor quiz at 9am. Hehe. After that, I skipped tutorial and Seminar lecture and drove out with my parents to Puchong. Mom has written down a few respectable places for food in KL

Yong Sheng Confectionery IOI Mall

We went to IOI Mall and I stopped by this Yong Sheng Sdn. Bhd. booth to try out mooncake samples. Hehe. Eventually, I had to try their Japanese mochi too as they look so cute and soft.

Yong Sheng Confectionery Japanese mochi

My parents ended up buying 4 packets and we get 2 packets free. They give a very nice box to contain the mochi (6 in each packet), perfect as gifts or souvenirs. They are having a buy 2 free 1 promotion for a price of RM10. There are red bean, peanuts and green tea flavour. The green tea lacks flavour, I hardly taste it unless I concentrate when chewing :P
Mom intended to try the spinach pan mee stall at Jalan Kenari 2. By the time we found the coffeeshop which house the pan mee stall, it was already closed :( The banks which congregate around the area made it really difficult to find a parking space. The traffic flow was a nightmare and we were stucked in a one lane road.

It was already 3pm and we were hungry. Most of the coffeeshops were done for the day, so we just dropped by one in the next block which is still opened. We ordered Hokkien char (or Tai Luk Meen) and Ying yong wat tan hor from a fried noodle stall.

Hokkien fried noodle

The food was pretty good. Hokkien char (Hokkien fried noodle) is lightly stir fried and the least oily I’ve had anywhere. The ingredients are a bit on the skimpy side but overall quite tasty.

Cantonese noodle

Ying yong wat tan hor (Cantonese fried noodle) was delicious. Crispy noodle and soft flat noodle in a thick eggy gravy topped with two fresh prawns. More eggy bits will be nice :)

Pork noodle

Pork noodle is not bad but rather ordinary only.

Yau Kwang Restaurant
Jalan Kenari 3 (I think), shophouse row opposite IOI Mall

Teppanyaki & Burger King

26 07 2006

On the weekend (15 July) of our second week in university, we were already desperate to run off and have a goodilicious meal :3~ We made it to Midvalley after an hour’s wait for the UPM-Komuter bus ¬_¬ and 30 minutes commuter ride. We arrived at 4pm with an empty stomach and ready to storm into Teppanyaki even if it was full. Akeke. But lucky for Teppanyaki, there were nicely three seats, enough to accommodate us. I ordered Chicken Teppanyaki, the cheapest amongst the Teppanyaki sets :P It was so-so, but the grilled chicken was exceptionally tasty when dipped in their special soy soyce which was mixed with some sort of herbs.

Price: Chicken Teppanyaki RM 8.90

After some serious walking in this gigantous Midvalley, we literally ran to Burger King as we were afraid that it would close soon because it was already 10pm. Being Penangites that never have seen, touched or tasted Burger King, we were next to nothing but small kids in a room filled with Mamee and Rota. We ordered the heavily advertised Threelicious Black Pepper Beef Burger but it should’ve been Twolicious since we only asked for double patty in order to save 99¢ each. We had one set of Value Meal (soft drink + fries) and one a la Carte, totalled to about RM18. The Burger King outlet has this soft drink refilling machine where you can refill as much and as often as you like. DIY – so fun! Coke + 7Up is darn good :>

Price: Burger King Threelicious (Double Beef) RM 9.60