Blue Moon

13 09 2008

Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long. There’s been loads of tests and assignments, plus the dorm internet connection is just lousy. Sites like google, yahoo and flickr wouldn’t load at all (DNS server problem??). Then I resort to using proxies which solves the problem temporary but it’s kinda slow. uSpot (our uni’s wifi provider) really sucks.


I had the opportunity to try this Blue Moon snow skin mooncake by Chyna, Hilton KL. The lotus and Amaretto paste enclosing the Blueberry Cheese Fenillantine in the center is wrapped with a layer of blue snow skin.


The outer layer was simply soft yet gives a very slight chewy sensation. The combination layers of blueberry filling, cream cheese and amaretto paste simply shouts cheesecake! but the additional layer of lotus paste brings you back to hey, it’s mooncake ^.^ The flavour and texture of the snow skin is excellent. The tangy cheese and sweet lotus is well balanced. Unfortunately I couldn’t really taste the amaretto. For the price RM13.60 per piece (and the size is smaller than regular mooncakes), it’s really satisfaction fulfilled. Yum~


Station Kopitiam @ Berjaya Times Square

7 08 2008

Holding 2 food promo flyers shoved into our hands earlier, with one eye closed we picked one to lunch at. We found ourselves at Station Kopitiam because a) we can’t find a nice and affordable place to eat at BJT and b) it’s near to the cinema where we were going to watch The X-Files.


I never trust these type of outlets which serve food that is good enough to look but fails miserably taste-wise. The drawing factor would be that most dishes are under RM15. The drinks we ordered (from left) are Galaxy fruit juice (looks more like a-go-go-ish polka dress), ice lemon tea (which comes with my set) and citron tea. The lemon tea is kinda like the Thai tea sans the milk.. it has a pretty nice flavour. The citron tea tastes like chan pei (the dried orange peel we eat as asam), quite interesting and refreshing.

crispy chicken

My friend’s bbq sauce chicken chop served with sides of fries, par-boiled greens and fried rice. RM11.90. He claimed that the chicken is yummy :)

sweet and sour chicken

My other friend’s sweet and sour chicken with rice and pappadum. RM6.30.

fried koey teow set

My set of fried koey teow with two pieces of chicken (hidden underneath) topped with egg and pappadum. Included in the set are ice lemon tea, 2 tiny slices of watermelon, and MSG laden soup. RM7.90. After trying the fried koey teow, I throw my preconception aside. It is actually not bad. My only complain is the oiliness of the dish.

The serving size is reasonably large to make us feel very full and satisfied :)


After the movie, at Sg Wang Plaza, we saw this geeky guy playing piano. I didn’t recognise him but I thought he look familiar. Then my friend pointed out that he’s Vick from Malaysian Idol 1 <- I don’t watch this stuff. He was to perform a non-stop 24-hour piano recital to accomplish a Malaysia Book Of Records feat. Lucky he choose piano, not guitar. The Colonel KFC bow tie looks good on him.


Then I spotted something more interesting. A big red SUV loaded with goodies *smiles to self*. A crowd was already surrounding the two staffs from 98.8fm.


Heehee.. true enough, they started passing out Pepsi MAX just about the time we got near them. Freebies! Woohoo!

Weekend in Malacca #1

25 07 2008


Last weekend I spent the time with a bunch of couchsurfer‘s in Malacca. Couch surfing is a project where the member offer his/her couch (@ a place to overnight) to another member traveller. This way, as a budget traveller, you can experience the culture through the local host and make friends along the way :)

fish paste noodle stall

We departed from KL at 7am. When we arrived in Melaka, the rain was pouring mercilessly on us. We waited, and waited, before the rain subside a little. Then head for breakfast with a grumbling stomach.

fish paste noodle

Dried style fish paste noodle I ordered. Seems like fish paste noodle can be found everywhere in Melaka.


Mr. Ken “Chairman” was our organizer. He brought us to Mr. Yee’s teahouse for a demonstration of traditional Chinese tea preparation. His teahouse may not be as glamour as Boh’s in Cameron Highlands, but it is stocked with teapots of all kinds and tea leaves ranging from RM20/100g to RM80/100g. Then, Mr. Yee kindly became our guide for the day ;D

The Eight Immortals House
22, Jalan Laksamana,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia


We just walk around in the town.. jumping in and out between food shops, free museums and souvenir shops.

street snacks #2

Some snacks and dried food stuff

street snacks #1

More snacks – dodol and nyonya kuih

Indian food

At around 3pm, we stopped at an Indian restaurant for banana leaf rice.

Indian food - puri

It is opposite Discovery Cafe where we were staying. For affordable yet comfortable accommodation, this place is it. I only paid RM15 for air-conditioned dorm :D

Discovery Cafe & Guest House
Mr. Teng Kim Sia
No. 3, Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka

street - fried radish cake

After we have checked-in, the walk continues in and around Jonker Walk. Because of that refillable banana leaf rice, I was too full to try the fried radish cake ^.^;

trolley of pineapple tarts

A trolley of pineapple tarts left in the street.. keke. *evil instincts to cart it away*

street - cendol

I accompanied a couple from Mumbai, India and we had 2 bowls of cendol and a bowl of ABC. They’ve travelled East Malaysia, got a tattoo from the Iban, conquered Mount Kinabalu, hiked a couple of mountains, flew to Penang before meeting us in Malacca. Amazing! I’m so inspired after hearing so much travel stories. I want to travel and conquer each country’s food!

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant, Tambun

25 05 2008

I’m going for holiday in 4 hours so this will be short and cincai :D

walk way

Tambun is a small fishing village for good inexpensive seafood. Whenever we come here, we always patronise this restaurant at the end of the narrow road. A platform built on top of the water became sitting area for customers. The view and the slushing sound from below are just the right ambience for some serious hand-dirtying, shellfish digging.

fishing boats

The serene surrounding is very relaxing.

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant


On Labour’s Day, cars mostly from outstation already filled up the parking lots. When we got into the restaurant, every table was occupied and we had to sit near to the entrance. There is a makeshift stall selling agar-agar and konnyaku jelly.

Gee Seng kitchen

The kitchen. Can’t expect it to be hygienic. A few cooks had no shirts on and one was smoking while working the wok.


Live crabs


Fresh seafood


Hot and spicy condiments

stir fried bee hoon

Stir fried mee sua with fresh prawns and bean sprouts. The prawns are sweet and tastewise, the dish is delicious, albeit lacking in wok hei. RM 6.


Sweet vegetable (I forgot what it’s called) with a dash of oyster sauce. RM 5.

mantis prawns

Mantis prawns. We had them plain and they were sweet, but has a bit of muddy taste. RM 12.


Steamed stingray in ginger soy sauce. Although it looks plain but this is the best way to eat it. The flesh is so smooth and tastes absolutely fresh. Best dish of out of the bunch. RM 14.

thorn snail

Thorny, spiky snail (siput duri). Toothpicks are given to pierce the flesh out of the shell, then dip into chili sauce and chew away! RM 6.. woh, cheap cheap!

snail flesh

Nude snail


This delectable satay is from a stall nearby. It’s parked beside the restaurant, near to the jetty. Since the stir fried noodle disappoints in the wok hei aspect, this satay totally makes up for it. It’s chunky with meat and a few slices of fat inserted in between (which can be easily removed) to give that umph flavour.

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant
860, Bagan Bukit Tambun
14110 Simpang Ampat

Taman Connaught pasar malam

6 01 2008

Last week my parents were in KL with me for a holiday. But it ended up to be more like a gastronomic holiday. I introduced them to foods they never tried in KL and made them reconsider their belief that KL does not have good food :D Before I started reading food blogs to make good makan place decisions, we would always patronize food courts in mall. Not that they are bad, but there are so much unusual and delicious foods to explore out at the streets.

On Wednesday, I knew we had to make it to the Taman Connaught pasar malam even the sky was showing signs of rain. With the help of Jason (I sms-ed him, but he called and explained the direction. Thank you so much!) we found the night market with ease. The sky has turned a deep grey when we got out of the car but we persisted.

First, 6 Tokyo pancakes for RM2 to start. This stall sells Bangkok biscuit as well, which is the crispy version with coconut, and Tokyo crepe with many flavours to choose.

Tokyo pancake #1

Tokyo pancake #2

We also pass by a stall promoting hairy crabs, which is left steaming in a bamboo basket set on top of a wok. Sadly nobody is buying from him.

Lok lok

I saw a couple of Fatman Steamboat vans. I think it’s a franchise business, because there is one behind Sg Wang and some other places.

Grilled cuttlefish

This man is preparing dried cuttlefish to be grilled. We bought grilled tofu from him which is really yummy.

Put chai ko

After walking for what I felt like a long time, the end was still not to be seen. I could have rounded any Penang pasar malam twice already. Then I saw rows of cute red bean put chai ko (I learned about this snack’s name from Jian ^_^) at this stall, hygenically wrapped in plastic. There are also pandan and corn flavours. We had red bean and pandan but I personally prefer red bean, it’s not too sweet and melts in the mouth. So nice!

Nyonya kuih

I was attracted to the colourful nyonya kuih but decided to leave my stomach for something else. Looking back at the pic, I should have bought the kuih talam ;)

Taiwan pizza #1

Then I came to this pizza stall? It looked paper thin to me.

Taiwan pizza #2

Apparently it’s Taiwan pizza! My sis with the Taiwan fever had to buy it ;D It’s savoury, unbelievingly crunchy and I loved it to bits! Wished I can dial 7552525 to have them sent over any time n.n

Stinky tofu

Finally, the one and only chow tofu in KL. It stinks so bad, they proudly claim the title aroma across a thousand miles. Lol. It began to drizzle and we had to stand in line while waiting for the stall to start deep frying the fermented tofu. I cannot describe the smell, it is so not pleasant at all and I stood there inhaling it for 15 minutes @_@

Sorry I didn’t take picture of the tofu. Had to balance between pinching my nose and holding the camera :P It simply looks and tastes like deep fried tofu. IMHO, nothing special except its thousand miles smell. At least I can say I tried it.. hehe.

Penang Famous Street Food Fest Photos

19 12 2007

I intend to post this on Monday but Streamyx was pretty nasty to me :/ Jian and I went to check out the Penang Famous Street Food Fest at PISA held in conjunction with The Star’s Starwalk. There were at least 30 stalls offering local hawker’s delight. Here are the pics :)

Satay grill

Satay stall


Thumbs up for the satay! Juicy and tasty, but the peanut sauce was a slight let down.

Apom manis

Yummy apom manis


The famous pasembor Edgecumbe


The crowd

Line dance

Line dance performance in between session


The nyonya kuih talam was exceptionally delicious.. just the right amount of “bounce” and almost melts in the mouth. They gave out free samples which enticed us to buy :P

Chinese pancake

Ban chiang kuih (Chinese peanut pancake)

Fruit rojak

The aunty performing her shrimp paste pulling technique at the fruit rojak station. Wah ^_^


Long queue at the famous Penang Road cendol stall


Overall, some vendors retain their quality while some are just not up to expectation. But it’s a great event for tourists who can sample everything unique to Penang at one hot spot.

Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant

18 11 2007

The name Kampar fish jelly for certain doesn’t ring a bell. But this restaurant actually specializes in yong tau foo. It could be due to the origin that it’s named differently.

Stall front

The place is very tidy and hygenic. Cooking and plating are done in front of the restaurant.


A variety of yong tau foo you can choose or just tell the taukeh how many pieces you want, they’ll pick for you.


They also have herbal chicken in aluminum foil.


Chicken feet and tau eu bak (pork meat in soy sauce).

Full house

It’s usually full house during lunch hour. People will also queue up for takeaway. So, come early or you might have to wait a little while.

Yong tau foo

Their yong tau foo has a cleaner taste and less oily. Their fish paste stuffed vegetables and fish balls are delicious and come in big portion. The vegetables are mostly green veg, I have not seen aubergine or red chili ;D


The fried stuff are not very oily so you won’t feel guilty after eating :) Chui-chui pok (deep fried beancurd sheets) is highly recommended! Crispy and the slightest tinge of saltiness to spur your appetite.

Lou shue fun

To accompany your yong tau foo, you can order noodles or rice. This is dry lou shue fun drenched in a sweet salty soy sauce with plenty of bean sprouts and minced meat for topping. They don’t skimp on ingredients!

Yam rice

Yam rice is also good according to my dad.

Hakka mee

The hakka mee is recommended. Handmade egg noodles topped with minced meat. It’s not drenched with soy sauce like the lou shue fun, I prefer this.

For 4 persons, it only cost about RM28 including drinks. Definitely BCG – big, cheap and good. Their yee mai (barley) is homebrewed and concentrated. Do order as most 90% of the patrons do ;)

I didn’t get their address but the restaurant is in Pantai Jerjak, Sungai Nibong. Just before the overhead bridge to Queensbay Mall.

Operating hours:
Tue to Sun
Morning: 10.30am-2.30pm
Evening: 6.30-9.30pm