KL Eat & Shop: Night 3

18 05 2008

We parted way with Jian’s friend and took the KTM to Midvalley. From all the walkings in the afternoon, our time at The Garden’s was much more leisurely. What else to eat.. but a few licks of Italian gelato to cool off ^.^




A selection of gelati which you can kindly request to try until you find the right flavour. Being intrigued, I tried some figs gelato, honey toffee malt gelato and a bright Ferrari red raspberry gelato. They did’t taste that good, so ultimately..

tri gelato

We ordered lychee, strawberry and green tea. 3 scoops in a cup is approximately RM15. The best of the trio is lychee flavour. Definitive strong lychee taste that isn’t too sweet and very refreshing, almost like a sorbet minus the graininess. The strawberry gelato was a bit too sweet.

butter mount

We actually polished off the gelato at SBread (got place to sit mah :P), which is just around the corner. There is a small counter which you can sample 3 types of their bread (plain, sesame or charcoal) and jam (pandan, vanilla or yam).

thai iced tea

We ordered their set inclusive of Iced Thai Milk Tea and yam topped charcoal bread for RM10. The Thai tea has very good flavour! Best milk tea ever :3~

charcoal bread with yam jam

Their soft charcoal bread is deemed to be healthy. It tastes just like ordinary bread. The edible charcoal powder used to make the bread is grounded from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. The yam jam with chunks of yam was sweet, perhaps they should go easy on the over-generous topping.

I was told of this little shack by a reader, Jocelyn Mah sometime ago and regretted I didn’t come here sooner ;D The staffs are helpful but we had a little problem understanding their Thai accented English.

Jian’s review


KL Gastro Adventure: Day 4 – Icy Genting & Fire-y Satay

26 06 2007

A back dated series post which should’ve been finished by now. I’ve 15 days left in my holiday before moving back to a junk room, getting a new roommate, and lots of cleaning, unpacking to do.

After our market exploration, we rode the commuter to KL Sentral. I was amazed at how cheap it is to get to Genting! I bought the ticket 2 weeks ahead which cost only RM26 inclusive of:

Return bus transfer
Return Genting Skyway transfer
Genting Outdoor Theme Park Day Ride Pass

Genting #1

1 1/2 hours later, we were already standing in line to board the Skyway. We didn’t have to queue to buy tickets. Heehee. The weather was superb when we reached the top. Actually it was extremely cold! But for a change from the stuffy humid weather down there, the freezing windy air feels damn good. Until 2 hours later, when the fog began to thicken and 90% of the rides had to shut their operation.. we waited in line huddled together like 2 lost penguins. We were shivering mad as the cold wind keeps hitting us. Thank God we came out of there alive to catch this beautiful sunset…

Genting #2

Genting bakery

Ah, borrowing the warmth from the bakery. They have a sumptious looking selection of pastries. Cost at least RM3 above.

Muar chee #2

Muar chee #1

Muar chee #3

We stopped and bought a pack of RM5 muar chee with assorted flavours – pandan, peanut, original and black sesame. We chose to have only the black sesame. The presence of black sesame flavour was almost undetectable. Moreover, it has this shell of black glutinous flour surrounding a core of white glutinuous flour instead of entirely a ball of glutinous flour made from black sesame paste.

After a frightening bus ride with a puny brained driver who thinks he’s handling a low gravity vehicle, we arrived at KL Sentral in one piece. To soothe our nerves, more food required =D

Gopala satay #1

Jian heard about Gopala’s vegetarian satay from Ho Chiak and we went in search of it along Jln Tun Sambanthan. We had to ask for direction because it was located behind the row of shophouses after walking from the interconnecting walkway to Sentral monorail. We walked through to the back of the monorail station, turn right and found a shop with a satay griller. Bingo!

Gopala satay #2

One taste of the mock meat is all that’s needed to convert me into a vegetarian food lover ;) It tastes so damn good! Even yummier than real thing and satay kajang for that matter. The peanut sauce has curry powder in it which makes it different from the Malay version. Orgasmic stuff, I tell you. However, you gotto eat it fast or the soy bean flavour begins to emerge once cool. RM5 for 5 sticks.

Gopala - fresh milk

I had a glass of fresh milk which curdles and form a layer of plasticky thing after leaving it untouched for awhile. The milk is so delicious and smells outrageously good. I kept sniffing from the cup after I emptied it. Hehe :P OMG, I have to come back to this place ^_^

Gopala Vegetarian Restaurant
No. 59, Jalan Thambipillai,

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Cinnamon Ice Blended

1 06 2006

Price: RM 12.08 (Regular + cream)

Location: Belissa Row Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Today being the last day at my job, I went to Coffee Bean to splurge my hard earned money on that Banana Caramel Ice Blended because I’m a sucker for any banana based drink. I was told that the promo period has ended and I can opt for the Mucho Mango. Aah! Why do you have to be a, heartbreaker? I saw the ad only two weeks ago and it is a summer drink and summer hasn’t even begin in the north hemisphere and you tell me it’s over? I wanted to walk out of there, drive to Burmah Road and get 30 pieces of apom with banana filling for RM 12 but I ended up ordering a Cinnamon Ice Blended as my skin is not thick enough to do that. Three words to describe this sinful indulgence, I’ve been converted. I can’t tolerate the smell and taste of cinnamon, particularly from cinnamon rolls and cinnamon buns. This drink throws all my dislikings towards cinnamon out the window.

I have a second-hand paperback Michael Crichton for company :)

I know I’ve read a blog somewhere which mentioned this. Is C for Chinese? Cannot be Chindian or Cik Cantik eh?

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Coffee + Tea

26 05 2006

Price: RM 1
Location: Pulau Tikus

When I can’t decide on tea or coffee, I go for a cup of cham peng (1 part coffee, 1 part tea). It’s 2 in 1 for a price of one!

The notepad is from Berjaya Hotel and pencil is borrowed from my office’s stationery.