Balakong Pan Mee

17 07 2008

Sorry, I’ve been missing in action. And I haven’t been leaving comments in all the food blogs I came to know and love. I like what BSG said… it’s called eater’s block :P


Sometime ago, my friend and I went for breakfast at Balakong and this is served. :b~ Instantly my saliva gland malfunctioned and I couldn’t wait to dig in! But please be careful.. don’t be like me. I burned the roof of my mouth ^oo^


Hand-torn homemade noodle in a dark broth sweetened with pork bones and anchovies, lots of green spinach, a couple pieces of pork slices hidden underneath, then topped with dried anchovies and deep fried shallots. The pan mee just glides around the tongue as it was so smooth and the soup is so flavourful.


Their sui kow is wrapped with a filling of minced prawns, pork, carrots and water chestnut. Smooth exterior, tender interior. Yummy~


The tub of ferocious looking mixed red and green chillies is calling to me. Being the heat lover that I am, I grabbed two big spoonfuls ;D By the end of the meal, I was wiping my nose and eyes with hanky. Very spicy but it was good! Sour and packs a punch.


The rustic and simple kitchen.

A bowl of pan mee is RM3.80. Each sui kow is 80¢. If you are a small-eater, you’ll have a hard time finishing off as the portion is big!


It’s a house in the corner with no name. You won’t miss it when you see the row of shophouses along the main road. It is behind Ambank. (I don’t have the address, so I copy off BabeKL.. I hope she doesn’t mind :P)

Pan Mee Pekan Balakong

Jalan Indah 3/6
Taman Indah, Batu 11,
43200 Balakong, Selangor
Open from 8am – afternoon

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