Station Kopitiam @ Berjaya Times Square

7 08 2008

Holding 2 food promo flyers shoved into our hands earlier, with one eye closed we picked one to lunch at. We found ourselves at Station Kopitiam because a) we can’t find a nice and affordable place to eat at BJT and b) it’s near to the cinema where we were going to watch The X-Files.


I never trust these type of outlets which serve food that is good enough to look but fails miserably taste-wise. The drawing factor would be that most dishes are under RM15. The drinks we ordered (from left) are Galaxy fruit juice (looks more like a-go-go-ish polka dress), ice lemon tea (which comes with my set) and citron tea. The lemon tea is kinda like the Thai tea sans the milk.. it has a pretty nice flavour. The citron tea tastes like chan pei (the dried orange peel we eat as asam), quite interesting and refreshing.

crispy chicken

My friend’s bbq sauce chicken chop served with sides of fries, par-boiled greens and fried rice. RM11.90. He claimed that the chicken is yummy :)

sweet and sour chicken

My other friend’s sweet and sour chicken with rice and pappadum. RM6.30.

fried koey teow set

My set of fried koey teow with two pieces of chicken (hidden underneath) topped with egg and pappadum. Included in the set are ice lemon tea, 2 tiny slices of watermelon, and MSG laden soup. RM7.90. After trying the fried koey teow, I throw my preconception aside. It is actually not bad. My only complain is the oiliness of the dish.

The serving size is reasonably large to make us feel very full and satisfied :)


After the movie, at Sg Wang Plaza, we saw this geeky guy playing piano. I didn’t recognise him but I thought he look familiar. Then my friend pointed out that he’s Vick from Malaysian Idol 1 <- I don’t watch this stuff. He was to perform a non-stop 24-hour piano recital to accomplish a Malaysia Book Of Records feat. Lucky he choose piano, not guitar. The Colonel KFC bow tie looks good on him.


Then I spotted something more interesting. A big red SUV loaded with goodies *smiles to self*. A crowd was already surrounding the two staffs from 98.8fm.


Heehee.. true enough, they started passing out Pepsi MAX just about the time we got near them. Freebies! Woohoo!


KL Stroll: Day 1

2 04 2007

24 March, Saturday – Wasn’t much assignment that week and I just finished Test 2. I took the chance to stroll in KL, overnighting at a relative’s place then continuing with the exploration the next day :)

Sarawak laksa stall

I went to Bangsar to try the authentic Sarawak Laksa as claimed by many. Finding Nam Chuan coffeeshop at Lorong Ara Kiri 2 was surprisingly easy. It was the uphill walk from Bangsar LRT station that took every ounce of my strength :P Nonetheless, the moment I had a mouthful of the slightly santan tinged curry broth, I would do it again and again! The native Sarawak lady’s stall was easy to spot, with newspaper clippings featuring her famous laksa pasted on the stall front. It was 10am-ish, and I was half expecting a noisy crowd at the coffeeshop on a Saturday. On the contrary, the atmosphere was rather relaxing… the air filled with classic Chinese songs playing on the her radio ;)

Sarawak laksa

I like how she meticulously arrange the ingredients (shredded chicken, omelette strips, bean sprouts), then topped with prawns and Chinese celery to create this wonderful presentation. This is the first I’ve encountered in kopitiam food. I find the prawns to be tasteless. I guess the broth is what makes the whole difference to this bowl of laksa.

Place: Nam Chuan coffeeshop, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Bangsar.
Price: RM 4.00

The drinks here are unjustly expensive. I had a cup of badly prepared barley for RM1.30.

With a full stomach, I walk around Jln Telawi area to discover many fine dining restaurants on specific cuisine, probably to cater to the expatriates and rich folks.

Banana leaf rice #1

After I made my maiden visit to Bangsar Village I and II which I find nothing interesting of sort (cause can’t afford 3/4 of the things there :P), I find myself in a less classy environment at Jln Tun Sambathan. This place is like Little India… shops selling spices and kitchenwares used in Indian cooking dot every lot along the road. There are a few Indian restaurants there and amusingly, a Chinese coffeeshop (New Lay Sin) tucked away at the corner. I decide upon Sri Paandi (which I spotted a branch in Seri Kembangan) to try their banana leaf rice. The rice comes with papadum (unfortunately not crispy anymore), keropok twisties, tangy and spicy brinjal, curry bitter gourd and an additional plate of chicken curry I requested.

Banana leaf rice #2

Half way through my meal, the worker added more to my leaf – potato chips fried with curry powder, some sort of green chutney and mild long beans with lentils which I like very much ^_^ Then, he proceeded to put one salted fried chilli for me to try (pictured brown in colour beside the potato crisps) and smiled at me. Haha.

Place: Sri Paandi Restaurant, Jln Tun Sambathan, Brickfields.
Price: RM 4.00 + RM1.00 teh tarik

Aus lobster sign

Next place to hit was Jln Imbi. I wanted to try the mini egg tarts at Wing Hing coffeeshop but unbeknownst to me, they are already closed by 4pm. Along the way, there was a shop selling live lobsters imported from Australia as big as the size of a kitten!

Aus lobster


Beef noodle #1

I shopped for a while at Low Yat and Sungei Wang before wondering off to Jln Alor to search for Sarawak kampua mee which I’ve read in a newspaper. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find it. It gets more heart breaking when I notice there was nothing special to eat there :( With the day getting dark, I settled on a bowl of beef noodle at Meng Kee’s. The lou pan was such a friendly person! I enjoyed my meal there even though the food was just average. The broth tastes like what you get in fish head noodle – clear soup cooked with ginger. The beef slices were really tender though and quite nice.

Beef noodle #2

The noodle on the other hand, is worthy to be mentioned. It is al-dente and just the right amount of springy-ness. Absolutely delicious when paired with a slice of beef :3

Place: Meng Kee’s Grilled Fish Restaurant, Jln Alor, Bukit Bintang.
Price: RM 6.00