Leong Ya Restaurant

24 10 2008


There are 3 Leong Ya Restaurants in the vicinity, all operated by the same family. One on the first row with air-conditioning, and the other two have bigger space sans the comfort of air-cond. They are at the corner in the second row and at the far end. Why so many eh? Doesn’t matter, as long as they serve their signature yummy ji pao gai ^oo^

yong tau foo

Their yong tau foo is pretty good too. They come drenched in a sweet thickly sauce. We ordered a mix and each reasonably sized piece is RM1.

paper wrapped chicken

Hi, who’s in there?

paper wrapped chicken

Paper wrapped chicken! Oh oh.. yummyliciousness unfolds! Despite the glue-ey mess I captured in picture here, the gravy is excellent in flavour and makes me drool when the aroma hits the nose. It has a hint of chinese rice wine and tastes slightly of ginger. The chicken is slowly cooked in the package, absorbing all the flavour and keeping the meat tender. Well worth the price of RM 2.60 per parcel.

mix veg

Mix stir fried vegetables. Again they use chinese rice wine which works wonder with this kind of dish.

3 treasures egg

Three-treasured steamed egg. I’m not sure what it’s called, I’m simply naming it :P. It’s a super smooth steamed egg with salted duck egg and century-egg mixed in. Very delicious but the soy sauce is too salty.

For the location, check out KYSpeaks


Sri Serdang curry chee cheong fun

27 03 2008


I love coming here for breakfast :) It’s about 7 minutes walk from my residential college. The two friendly ah poh who operate this stall will surely make your day with their smiles and greetings… “leng chai, leng lui, you sek meh ye“? ^o^ (handsome boy, pretty girl, what would like to have?)

chee cheong fun

Their curry chee cheong fun is the best in my opinion! It’s very tasty and full of flavour, not too spicy either. It is like grandma’s homecook curry – with a touch of love and care put in n.n Top off with a sprinkle of crunchy dried shrimp and white sesame. Yummy yummy~ You can add fried beancurd sheets and a few types of fishballs to the chee cheong fun, with each piece costing 50¢.

red bean tong sui

Roomie says *yeah! sedap ohh*

I love their red bean tong sui too! And I never eat hong tou tong unless I’m forced to :P They add in just the right amount of coconut milk to my liking.

Jalan 18/32
Sri Serdang
43400 Seri Kembangan
Open from 7am to 12pm-ish (until sold out)
Close on Sunday

Ramadan Bazaar Taman Sri Serdang

4 10 2007

10 minutes walk from my student’s residential, Taman Sri Serdang’s ramadan bazaar boasts a great number of about 200 stalls (according to the list published by The Star). There are 2 lanes with stalls on each side, so in total, 4 rows to browse for your favourite food :>

Kuih #1

Walking in from Boo Long coffeeshop’s side, this stall caught my eye. The common kuih like onde-onde, pillow-shaped karipap and kuih ketayap are sold along side the less common one, like the red and cyan coloured lap chup as well as watermelon shaped agar-agar. Similarly, boolicious saw nicer ones at ramadan bazaar Taman Melawati.

Skewered chicken

This stall sells ayam percik of various parts which you can choose. There are drumsticks, wings, breast and liver. Then they take your picks and smother them with spicy chili sauce.

Beef parts

Sup tulang lembu, very flavourful. I’m not sure how you eat it, probably with just a squeze of calamansi juice, some fresh beansprout and a few dash of cili padi and shallots, as seen on her stall.

Briyani stall

I bought from this nasi briyani/tomato stall once. For RM3, it comes with a big piece of grilled chicken in sweet chilli sauce with peanut fragrance, a packet of acar and a packet of dhal curry. Acar which is a salad of cucumber, pineapple slices and julienned carrot is good; sweet and sour making the meal very appetising. The potato and french beans in dhal curry is very tasty with nasi briyani too. However the chicken is quite hard while the briyani rice is not very fragrant.


Spoil yourself silly with the choices of drinks ;D Yam, honeydew, mata kucing, coconut water, cendol, bandung cincau, lychee, watermelon, soy bean, soy bean cincau… They sell a huge packet fit for 3 to drink for RM2. Some drink stalls also sell tau fu fah (soy bean curd).


This is the kebab stall I like. The slab of chicken meat on this metal pole is slowly grilled until crisp. Then it is sliced and thrown on the flat plate grill and tossed with vege mixture of cabbage, lettuce, carrots, etc and a dash of pepper sauce. They are generously filled into either pita pockets or normal hotdog buns before adding a squirt of mayonnaise and ketchup. Delicious! Besides chicken, there is beef but it’s processed minced beef which tasted artificial.

Chicken wings

Barbecued chicken wings with honey.

Roti John

Roti John.. the cheaper version of foot-long subs ;D Brushed with egg and meat mixture before being grilled face down. Some stalls are selling Roti John berempah, adding some spices into the mixture for a change.

Kuih cara berlauk

Kuih cara

Kuih cara berlauk and kuih cara manis. Very nice and slightly creamy inside. Jian, you still keep the kuih cara recipe we had to prepare in Form 2 KH? Can sell RM1 for 3.. untung manyak oh~

Chicken rice

Chicken rice ala Malay style. The chicken is marinated with spices and deep-fried. This stall and another one opposite the lap chup stall fries them at the spot, ensuring fresh and sizzling hot chicken.


The only lemang stall here and he sells beef rendang that goes along sumptiously. The lemang he brings is still intact in the bamboo tube. Upon order, he splits open the bamboo to reveal a cylindrical leaf wrapped glutinous rice and cuts it into smaller portions. Each portion is sold for RM2.

Roti jala #1

Roti jala #2

Roti jala #3

Roti jala. I love it! It goes so uber-deliciously good with the tangy curry. The curry has bits of candied nutmeg in it.

Ikan bakar

Ikan bakar. Banana leaf is used as the base to prevent burning the flesh of seafood while giving a nice aroma and flavour to it.

Kuih #2

Assorted kuih which I never fail to buy :3 Sedap, sedap! I always end up choosing onde-onde and kuih ketayap.

Nasi kerabu stall

This is my ultimate favourite, nasi kerabu Cikgu Zanie! They have two stalls, one on each lane. A pack of blue tinged nasi kerabu with all the fresh greens and some crispy keropok ikan cost RM2. Once I added beef slices (+RM1) which is very hard to bite. They’re marinated in satay marinate and grilled, so tastewise kinda like satay.

Nasi kerabu #1

Solok (grated coconut and fish paste stuffed in green chili +50¢) is a must for this dish. There is also a whitish chicken cooked in coconut milk. If you add that, they drizzle a spoonful of coconut cream into your rice. Nice :)

Nasi kerabu #2

There are two sauces, one is this thick peanuty sauce that I can’t get enough of. But the true sauce which gives that kick is the sweet cili padi infused sauce with bunga kantan. Your mouth is a wonderful explosion of flavours from the beansprouts, corriander, long beans, kerisik and the sweet sauce. If you are to ta pau for later, ask to separate the keropok ikan else it turns soggy.

Ayam percik

Ah, another glistening ayam percik.

Ayam golek

Ayam golek. There is one stall at the far end, opposite the lemang stall, is doing very brisk business. My friend recommended that their sauce is very good.

Kuih akok #1

Kuih akok #2

Kuih akok, a custardy kuih that’s very delicious! Outside it’s baked but inside is oozing with eggy custard. This stall wasn’t open that day, so I took the photo from last year.

Tonight I’ll be heading back to Penang for my raya break! *happy happy 123* Dunno why this University Penuh Muslihat decide that the holiday falls one week earlier. Probably to ease balik kampung traffic congestion which may be caused by Universiti Penuh Manusia. Anyway also, it’s a win-win situation for me :] This means I’m in time to visit Penang’s ramadan bazaar! Posts will continue from home sweet home.

Sup Pedas Ayam Kampong, Seri Kembangan

21 08 2007

I’ve packed all for my holiday in KL and 3 days in Malacca. After my 7pm class which I couldn’t concentrate at all due to my excitement, my parents came to pick me up and went straight for dinner… a hearty meal of Lat thong *slurp*

Sup Pedas Ayam Kampung stall


The all time necessary Chinese condiments of garlic and cili padi. Mix both in a saucer and drizzle with soy sauce… wah! Spicy and pungent!

Sup pedas

Sup pedas ayam kampung – brought to a boil in a claypot full of white peppercorns and sliced ginger with kampung chicken and pig’s innards for flavour. The broth is absolutely tasty and spicy, I couldn’t stop drinking :D However the chicken is too dry and has many bones to remove.

Shaoxing wine chicken

Fah Tiu chicken – kampung chicken simmered in a mixture of shaoxing chinese wine and dark soy sauce. A bit too salty but the chicken is much more tender than the sup pedas. The fragrance of wine is missing from the dish, unfortunately.

Choy sam

For the sides, we ordered choy sam and tofu. Choy sam topped with fried shallots is very fresh and cooked to perfection. It’s actually my favourite dish among all :P


Tofu topped with fragrant and crispy dried shrimps, minced pork and scallions. They use a rich dark soy sauce, making it simply irresistible even it’s just a poor man’s dish. Very yummy!

All that including 4 plates of rice and 3 ice tea cost only RM27. Pretty cheap!

Sup Pedas Ayam Kampong
D-1, Jalan 10/3,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
(Located behind the POS office along Jln Besar)
Tel : 012 – 350 9900

Other reviews:


Sign in Tengkat Tong Shin

After that, I left my dorm for nights of air-conditioned room, cozy bed and hot shower! Cam whore in front of LV store in The Pavillion Starhill Gallery and walked around Tengkat Tong Shin. This sign is so European :)

KL Gastro Adventure: Day 4 – Morning Market Delight

26 05 2007

HK chee cheong fun stall

Even a dead squirrel and mushy turtle couldn’t kill our appetite for more food the next day! Again I dragged Jian to a new eating place. The coffeeshop is located in the corner before the second entrace to Seri Kembangan market in Jalan Besar. It is easy to spot especially when this man removes sheets of steamed rice flour from the steamer like an art :)

To Jian’s relief, no more shocking dishes ^_^ Only a humble plate of plain good HK chee cheong fun. Jian ordered the ones with shrimps, while I had the mix of shrimps and char siew. I have not eaten this version of ccf since I left primary school and they’re quite hard to come by, so I thought we’d better record a video of the process!

HK chee cheong fun

Tada! When it was served, I couldn’t wait to dig my chopstick into it. It took a lot of perseverence to wait and snap. I only took 2 pictures before the mouth-watering dish called out to me. I still remember the softness of the steamed rice flour rolled around the fillings. I’m drooling already! :3~ Oh yeah. I’d be satisfied without any soy sauce but the saltiness gives a wonderful kick with each morsel.

According to Wikipedia, this version of ccf with fillings is called laicheong.

Before leaving, Jian had to buy kai tan ko (egg cake) from the savoury bakery stall we sit next to. She exclaimed joyfully when she saw it because she was searching for this. Haha. Then we went into the market to.. buy more food, of course! Keke n.n

Wun chai ko stall

We came to this stall and Jian gave that same exclamation again. I was like, what?

She told me this is wun chai ko (literally translated – baby bowl pudding/kuih?) or also known as put chai ko (claypot pudding). She has only seen people eating this savoury dessert in HK drama. Then I remembered! In the drama, it’s sold like lollipop where you can hold it by the satay stick.

Wun chai ko

They come in 3 flavours:
Brown – sweet
Pinkish purple – savoury (which is yam)
White – sour (plain)

We bought the former 2. The yam one comes topped with dried shrimps and bits of onion, and a packet of sweet plum sauce. I totally love the sweet wun chai ko! I’m not sure if it used gula melaka. It’s nice to bite :)

I don’t remember what else we bought, memory has failed me :P I just fondly remember that the yam wun chai ko travelled with us up to Genting, survived the shivering cold and get preserved along the way before coming back down. It was still good to eat the day after. Heh.

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Mmm, a disappointing week in football… Man U gave away the FA Cup to Chelsea. Liverpool was edged by AC Milan, who dashed Man U’s European Cup dream. Man U coming to Malaysia anot leh? Still deciding ar? It’s in July leh. KNS punya AFC. Yeah, I need a much needed break to Cameron Highlands! Will be back by Wednesday ^_^

Seri Kembangan morning market to Wai Sek Kai

12 04 2007

Last Sunday, I dropped by Seri Kembangan morning market. I was on the way to pick up comfort food from Penang, which my uncle brought ^_^ My favourite mung bean karipap (no curry inside but shaped like currypuff with very crunchy skin) and beh teh saw :3

The market was huge! I need to get used to the bigger scale of everything in KL. Hehe. Some of the foods sold here are never seen back in hometown. I didn’t manage to take many photos as I had to dodge from bumping into people. I saw a ham chim peng like kuih, instead of deep fried, it is steamed. Nasi lemak kukus sold by a Chinese lady, where the fragrant rice is kept warm in a wooden bucket. I must try it, one of the days this week!

Phoenix's claw

So special! Phoenix’s claw, already cleaned and boiled in some dark sauce. And fried beancurd skin, some with stuffing. Yummy! I realise, fu pei can be found everywhere in KL ;)

Seri Kembangan market

Fishballs, meatballs, crabballs, and more fu pei. I want to eat some steamboat! Maybe I will buy a rice cooker next semester and enjoy it in the dorm. Haha. Jian, I get to stay in hostel in year 2 too, thank God :)

Steamed cake

With only a few days away from Qing Ming, there were many makeshift stalls selling this distinctive pink steamed cakes (fatt koh). They look very pretty and fluffy. Are they edible or solely for prayer purpose? Hehe, paiseh… I’m not very informed about Chinese culture.

Dough kneading

The reason I love this market – plenty of fresh handmade foods. The lady is rolling and kneading the dough before deep frying it to make crispy yau char kwai.

Lor mai chee

I was absolutely captivated by this lor mai chee. I cannot believe how cottony soft it was when I took the first bite! The reason was because it was freshly made on order. The man scoops up the steamed glutinous rice dough from a container like how it is done for tau fu fah. His wife proceeds to wrap grounded peanut in.

Black sesame soup

Torrendous rain poured down the moment I reach Hang Tuah. So I walked to the market to take cover before heading to ku por‘s home. I had the black sesame tong sui again. Ooh… exceptionally delicious on rainy day! This time, I took a picture. Due to bad lighting, it somehow turns out like a lomo photo.

Dan cha

I went to Wai Sek Kai at Jalan Sayur, Pudu. The steamed egg custard has sold out! *cries* I had dan cha (tea egg) instead. The soup is quite good, as it is not bitter. Slightly sweet in fact. I enjoyed the egg a lot (love eggs! n_n

Chee cheong fun stall

Chee cheong fun stack

A few more stalls open up after I licked the bowl clean. I past this stall with a stack of chee cheong fun and curiousity had the better of me. I asked for 1 small chee cheong fun with tim cheong (sweet sauce). You can have it with curry and yong tau foo as well, but the pot of curry has slices of fried beancurd with bubbly pork skin floating around. Not very appealing.

Chee cheong fun side

I intentionally took a seat beside this beautiful view! I located no shops nor stalls selling buns, but this man is sweating out in front the antique fan kneading dough. I wanted to ask but then, suddenly this cranky man pushed away my stuff on the table and plopped down my plate of chee cheong fun O_o

Chee cheong fun

My uplifted spirit was reduced by half. At least the chee cheong fun in front of me looks good to eat. Unrolled rice dough chopped into the shape of koey teow, doused with tim cheong and garnished with lots of sesame before topping it with crispy dried shrimps. Simple yet effectively caused me to salivate. The chee cheong fun was tasty; soft and crunchy textures compliment well. Though, I would prefer it served warm. So yeah, no more open air chee cheong fun next time! Except one last try for this chee cheong fun roll stuffed with ingredients which I only spotted when I was paying. Jian — this will be part of our makan mission.

Diana in Seri Kembangan

27 01 2007

On Wednesday, my cg leader led us to this mamak famed for their roti Diana. It is located in Seri Kembangan, in the Chinese community housing estate with old type wooden houses. There’s a night market in that area every Monday night (which I shall blog about when I return for a second visit. My first visit has been fantastic!). After listening to him bragging about how good the roti Diana is, my expectation was high.

The car stopped in front of a coffeeshop. It reads Mui Lian Heong. At first, we were not sure. In front was a stall, unmistakenly run by four mamak with what looks like packets of yee mee suspended on a hanger. And then, we spotted red pineapple ornaments decorating the site. Chinese men in shorts and singlets stood in line for take-away curry. A group of old men with plates of mee goreng and nasi goreng chatting away, while a family of six was enjoying their curry rice. It was simply amusing the find this mamak stall tuck away in a Chinese community.

He did not provide us a menu in the beginning. So, we asked for his recommendation and description for each type of roti he mentioned. To our amazement, roti Michael Jackson comes topped with mata kerbau (bull’s eye!?). Our orders were taken, and we waited in great anticipation for the food to arrive.

First, roti Diana ayam and roti Diana kambing. Roti Diana ayam is roti goreng and ayam goreng wrapped in omelette. With chicken bones still intact. Geez. Taste wise, it was not up to expection. The portion was huge though.

Roti Diana kambing comes in the same form with mutton curry fillings. Definitely not up to par with jiggli kambing. It is a shame that the taste of mutton was covered by the overwhelming flavour of santan curry.

Roti Michael Jackson, fortunately came with a nicely fried eggs and not mata kerbau! It is like roti tisu with vegetables fillings and bits of chicken. We couldn’t identify the ingredients. They’ve been tossed and stir fried, mee goreng style.

Roti Michael Jackson at preparation stage.

Roti Titanic comes in triangular shape, with the same fillings as roti Michael Jackson. Only, this is wrapped in roti canai. The Titanic pictured terkoyak, as it has been devoured before I was able to take a photo ;)

We also ordered a plate of maggi goreng. Here shown Mr. Goreng (the man in charge of everything fried) in action, preparing our order, as he gleefully told me.

Finally, we were given a menu (here & here), when our food was served. I suppose all the hypes with mamak joint these days are the varieties of roti they have conjured and assigning them names that never fail to force a smile or chuckle on the patrons. Roti Jet Lee has red beans, maggi gunno is maggi konlo (dry in Cantonese), which TS figured out when we were leaving and we initially thought guano! We dare not think about roti Plaster.

Unfulfilled, we placed another order of roti nestum after scanning the menu. Everyone felt as though munching on breakfast.

Then, we tar pao yee mee goreng for a friend. As curiosity overtook us, we pried open the foam box to peek at the product of the mamak-ed noodle. Oh, the aroma was heaven! The wonder of living in such rojak country.Overall, the food is nothing extraordinary as proclaimed by my dear leader. He needs a reality taste check man.

Price: RM 24 for 6 people
Location: The name of the stall is Roshida but it is not displayed. We affectionately call it Diana. It is at one of the corners when turn in from along Jln Besar in Seri Kembangan. Opposite is brightly lit Restaurant 33.