I miss my food!

10 12 2010

Hi readers, I am planning to revive my blog. Please stay tuned.
Migrating to


See you! :)


I’m Full! *burps*

17 02 2009

Hey foodies! Sorry if you’ve been expecting photos or at least some words from me. But I haven’t touched this space for a long time. Sincere apology from me. I went through a tough time with family matters and I just didn’t have the heart to blog during that period. Sad to say I’m not resuming with new posts but I am happy to have formed friendships through this blog. It has been such a pleasure to have the occasions to meet some of you who shares the passion for food and all forms of food porn. Photography is still a big part of me, therefore I have a photoblog to continue with photo posting. It doesn’t revolve around food anymore but I still need to eat ;) so there will be some food related photos or wet market hunts (I like the commotion and fishy smell!). I’m glad to have been able to share my food journey with all you readers and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too!

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Malaysia Boleh!

31 08 2008

midvalley ktm line

Tunggu KTM? Kita boleh! Sebab tiap hari pun alami dilema ini. Kalau tak boleh pun, apa yang kerajaan boleh buat? KTM Berhad boleh bagi macam-macam alasan.

Yesterday morning I waited 1hr for the bloody KTM. The train was delayed at the Nilai station and the announcer said it will be a 15mins delay. Then it prolongs to 20mins. Then the announcer got nothing better to do & promote KTM’s longer operating hours that day in anticipation of the Merdeka countdown. Then silence. Then much much later than the promised 20mins, the train arrived packed full of load people.

Malaysian International Fireworks Competition 2008

Nebermind… it’s Malaysia’s 51st burfday today. *respect*. Happy Merdeka!

Teacher, I Was Absent

23 06 2008

BRB with posts after I’ve straightened out and reorganize my lazy lifestyle at the moment.

* Update


I dunno why, but I’m not as enthusiastic about food as much as I used to. Weirdest thing is.. I kinda grow to hate the sight of meat and eating it. My mom still forces me to eat them and eventually I fell out of interest with food. I enjoy cooking vegetable dishes at home now more than going out to eat. I like the shades of green more than brown or red. Geez this is psychologically incomprehensible.. I don’t understand what’s going on.

Dateline, Dateline, Deadline

6 04 2008

I have been so loaded with meeting projects dateline and presentations this final week of lecture. Next week is final exam oledi – 5 papers, 0 revision. Consequently I told Jason that I had to give a miss to Jackson‘s opening of Pick & Brew in 1Utama :(

DES cracker simulation

Wah! It worked le! Miracle ^.^

Cyclone II

Didn’t work in the FPGA implementation T.T

Another look at Digital System Design is going to make me sick. I spent 10 days looking at laptop screen writing modules that can crack DES (a form of data security encryption). In the beginning I thought is that even possible?! On the last day of submission, I finally did it and simulated it.. *phew*! I need that 25 marks.


Now it’s time study while burning the midnight oil but my heart is somewhere else wor…




16 09 2007

So many assignments and tests! eeeekkk!!*humphhh*

Will reply comments and put up new post next week

Ramadhan bazar rocks! ^_^ My tummy is over-satisfied

Sesuai Untuk Tontonan Umum

2 08 2007

*Note to Government: Selamat untuk ditonton bayi dan bebudak kecil. Tidak mengandungi is-isu sensitif. Ohohoho…

Yuppieee! Balik kampung tonight ^_^

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes. It means a lot to have encouraging messages in times like this. I have enjoyed myself greatly at the camp. I felt really blessed throughout the 3 days in the presence of the Almighty ^_^

Sorry! Food posts coming up. Promise :)