2nd Penang Flogger Gathering

17 10 2008


A delayed post from the 2nd Penang Flogger gathering at Edelweiss Cafe! (Sorry to all who were expecting this post like.. um almost 3 weeks ago >.<) We have to thank Lingzie for making the event happen. Also to the other sponsors of goodies – CK Lam, Criz Lai (lucky draw) and Gill & Jason :) It was truly a night centered on food and mingling among bloggers, getting to know each other at a more personal level. The best moment is when everyone started clicking away their camera when a plate arrives at a table!

Edelweiss signs

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Fatty Boy Chicken Rice

12 05 2008

Manchester United Premier League Champion!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! Moms shouldn’t be allowed to cook in the kitchen yesterday :P Where did you bring the special one for a good treat? My mom always wanted simplicity and nothing extravagant. I baked the same cheesecake for her and dad brought us downtown for lunch. Since mom doesn’t want to eat in restaurant ;o we drove around aimlessly for 1/2 hour because a lot of coffeeshops are closed that day -_-;


Finally we found a parking lot, and headed for the ang chew mee suah (red wine rice noodle) stall I spotted last week. Again we came face to face with a closed stall.. the owner is away on vacation :(


Next door, Fatty Boy chicken rice looks pretty decent ^.^ We decided to have a try.


Besides chicken rice, they also have vinegar pork, which is one of mom’s favourite.


The roast chicken is de-boned and has lots of meat. It is so tender and smooth too. This is the most delicious chicken I have had! I’ve changed my favourite chicken rice stall from Goh Thew Chik to Fatty Boy :P


The vinegar pork came with a heap of lean meat (which dad requested). The pork is not as tender as lak tiau lor’s, which literally falls off the bone. Nonetheless, this gravy with a tinge of sourness is better and really delicious! Yummy~ I drench my rice with it because it’s soooo good. (A tastier version of pork trotter is in Butterworth).

tau kua & egg

Braised egg and tau kua

choy sum

Choy sum

Dad was a bit skeptical after the lady owner said everything cost RM24.90. With the portions served, we thought it would’ve cost more. Before leaving, they carried out a tray of freshly roast chickens. Business must be good :)

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice
98 Restaurant
Along Burmah Road, just after the junction to Kedah Road
(slightly further down from New World)
Open until 4pm

Chinese New Year ’08

12 02 2008

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I was caught up in a lot of school work and tests before balik kampung for CNY :)

I hope everyone had a good Chinese New Year, celebrating the festive season with your family, distant relatives and friends. Chinese New Year is also a celebration of delicious food together with loved ones! Here are the foods I enjoyed throughout this week of indulgence :b

Reunion 1 - Song Tam

Som tham – Thai salad of green papaya. One of the dishes I had at reunion dinner with my godpa and godmom. Rice Restaurant, 1926 Heritage Hotel, Burmah Road.

Reunion 2 - Cod fish

Steamed cod fish in soy sauce. Reunion dinner with grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins at Starview Restaurant, Burmah Road.



Lunch at home with mom, dad and sis.

Lunch - abalone & mushroom

Canned abalone (blek) and thick mushroom (yummy!). Mom made the stock one day earlier before adding other ingredients. The stock had dried scallops and mussels. Then mom added star anise to follow restaurant style. Great job! I must say it is very delicious.

Dinner - curry chicken

Curry chicken and

Dinner - meat dumpling

Sui kow which dad ordered. Mom par boiled it in clear soup, for dinner.

CNY Day 1

This is my most look-forward-to meal every Chinese New Year. My close aunts and uncles, and cousins get together for dinner at grandpa’s house after visiting extended families in the afternoon.

Reunion 3 - sea cucumber

My fav – sea cucumber and mushroom with broccoli

Reunion 3 - prawns

My fav but lazy to peel – big prawns coated in sweet & sour sauce

Reunion 3 - steamed chicken

My least fav – steamed chicken ;D

Reunion 3 - soup

Grandpa’s must have – soup with mussels, pak ko (lotus seeds) and beancurd sheets. No fatt choy (dried black sea moss) this year because grandpa was too late to buy. Hehe.

Reunion 3

I had a wonderful Chinese New Year with family. Loads of cookies, angpow and laughter. Sadly all has to come to an end. I have to head back to uni tomorrow and I have skipped two days of classes. Heehee

I wish everyone happy feasting and may the new year be a prosperous one with plenty of joy and happiness!

2008 New Year Countdown, Sungai Wang

2 01 2008

I apologize I haven’t been updating. I have returned to my uni from semester break. My parents drove me down to KL and with my well equipped knowledge thanks to all the blogging foodies, I brought them hunting for all the good foods here :P Food posts coming up.

Yesterday my coursemates and I hit the street party countdown at Sungai Wang. People were spraying snow confetti all over each other. There was a concert too but I’m not familiar with Chinese artistes. My friends were there hoping to catch Justin (singer from HK) but all we get is the big lcd screen. The only artiste I recognize is the Malaysian Idol Danielle lor ;) 20 seconds to the new year, the countdown began and at the stroke of midnight, we were presented with an amazing display of fireworks.

New year 2008 countdown #1

Digi yellowman not missing out! Unfortunately the line was pretty crappy that night.

New year 2008 countdown #2

New year 2008 countdown #3

New year 2008 countdown #4

Happy New Year to all floggers! May 2008 bring plenty of happiness to you and family, and numerous more food adventures that satisfies your tummy ;D


My greatest new year gift is a newly installed hotspot at my dorm! I can access it from my room because I live right above and well within the signal coverage ^_^ *peace sign* Now I can easily blog whenever I like. Akekeke~

Merry Christmas

25 12 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas!

and Happy New Year 2008 :)

Mid-Autumn Festival Green Tea Obsession

6 09 2007

With this 1 week holiday, I will not let it pass quickly by revising for test 2… um, I mean lazying around at home. I am experimenting with recipes I found in the internet. Yesterday, I made ping pei (snow skin) mooncake :D

snow skin mooncake

The steps are easy to follow but sometimes I doubt the outcome because I’ve never seen the process. I made a number of mistakes but thankfully they can be overcome. I don’t have mooncake mould so I used muffin tins :P

snow skin mooncake cut

Strictly for own consumption because they don’t look nice, has uneven thickness and quality is debatable. Hehe *paiseh* The skin is green tea flavoured, inside is red bean paste. The green tea powder I bought at a bakery store has an intense flavour. Thus, the result of the snow skin tastes like real green tea, nice :)

Flawed snow skin mooncake

Broken money bag filled with ground peanuts, and a bruised mooncake. Keke

HYT mooncakes

Last Sunday, we also bought “rea”‘ mooncakes from Hei Yue Thong. Jusco card holders receive 10% discount and on that day, they have additional 5% discount for a few selected mooncakes.

HYT green tea with milk mooncake

We chose non-traditional flavours though, like this Japanese Green Tea with Milk mooncake. Very very yummy! ^.^ Also bought Chocolate Cream Cheese, Tiramisu, Pu Er Tea and Pandan Lotus flavour. Everything cost approximately RM39 only, and they give really nice boxes.

Happy 50th Merdeka

30 08 2007

I am Chinese…


Dim sum

but I am Malaysian…

I love…

Roti canai
Mamak roti canai

Indian tandoori

Indian-Muslim murtabak

Banana leaf rice
Indian banana leaf rice

Ayam percik
Malay ayam percik

Nasi lemak
Malaysian nasi lemak

This is me…

Like a plate of pasembor…

Or a bowl of ice kacang…
Ais kacang

I’m rojak and proud of it :)

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!